Scandinavian Gear 65L Backpack Review

A full review of the Scandinavian Gear 65L backpack for backpacking, hiking and camping.

In this video we’ll take this low cost backpack out for a hike on the trail for some hiking and general discussion out in the field, as well as a full detailed table top review to go over the various features of the Scandinavian Gear 65L backpack – or as they like to call it the ’65l Multi-day Pack for Hiking, Backpacking with Rain Cover’. But that’s a bit of a mouthful, so… Oh and of course, there’s a healthy dose of my own personal experiences with the pack and some of my opinions on backpacking backpacks in general.

Amazon link to see this pack at it’s current price:

Full Specs, as Per the Manufacturer:

Capacity: 65 liters
Dimensions: 5 x 17 x 24 inches
Weight: 3.8 pounds
Water resistant & water repellent material main body (not water proof)
Main compartment opens from side, top, and bottom
Rain cover included (inside bottom compartment)
Hydration / water bladder ready, up to 4l (bladder not included)
Emergency whistle on chest strap
Reflective strips, front & back
Empty backpack weighs 3.8 lbs
Full backpack measures 26 x 18 x 17 inches
Adjustments & straps:
Adjustable straps allow the backpack to be expanded by an additional 5l
Adjustable shoulder, chest and waist/hip straps
Adjustable torso
Waist/hip strap with pockets

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Bryce Newbold says:

Nice job on the review. I just purchased a hyperlite mountain gear 2400. Although it will be too small for my winter load out im looking forward to making the switch to ultralight backpacking!. Thanks for all the cuben fiber talk that introduced me to the wonder fabric!

TarBreehan says:

How does this pack compare too the teton sports brand of packs? Almost looks like a direct copy in many ways.

kragseven says:

Sintax77 , Thanks for all the great videos . I hope you ,Sara and Denali have a great holiday .

Patrick Burkett says:

Thank You! for your hard work! Your videos are EPIC! All of us get texts SINTAX77! when you have new video. We winter camp too, not as hard core as you, and we are not doing video. You are killing it! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

HerrFinsternis says:

Curious to see how it will hold itself during your wintertrip. Because there’s one thing I missed in this video, a test with a proper load. A 65 liter pack should really be able to handle 45 pounds without effort. For 80 bucks and 3,5 poundsI wouldn’t expect much more from it and still be comfortable, but especially people just getting into this will meet those 45 pounds quickly ones you add fuel and food for a week and a fresh supply of water.

Alex House says:

Great video, man. Is that a USAF fleece?

hadd13 says:

seems like it is sitting a little low on your back ??????? that might be just the way it looks on the video

Madame Traffic Jam says:

Everything you said in your first minute here are things I soooo agree with, and it’s so hard for a beginner to find good tips on things that are maybe a little bit cheaper. I have a very small budget to spend on my hobbies and interest, and if I were to only get the “recommended” gear from youtubers and forums etc, I wouldn’t be able to start hiking for a whole year, because of how long it would take me to save up to buy just the basics. I don’t know if I’m still going to be hiking in a year (but I hope so, because I need a hobby that I can’t do sitting in my computer chair), and I don’t want to spend a small fortune on gear, I just want to start hiking. Great video and thank you for doing it!

Kaylynn Strain says:

bet denali could find the dog treats in that other waist belt pocket

PaleoHikerMD says:

I reviewed the same pack for Scandinavian Gear and used it to replace my prior Bug Out Bag Pack. Worked very well, well built, comfortable to carry. Love the Channel by the way!

Douglas Brundin says:

Excellent review! Just ordered mine on Amazon! Thanks so much. I’d love to hear more about your impressions after actual trips with the pack.

TheWeekendHiker says:

Nice review brother. They sent me the hydration pack to test out. So I will be doing a review of that after Christmas. The whistle on the hydration pack seemed a little weak. How was it on the 65L bag? -ATB Adam

Scott Cannon says:

So, did you actually take this on winter trips? If so, how would you amend your review?

Eakin-J says:

So, I think you have me sold on buying one of these as my new pack. At the very least if worst came to worst (like I didn’t find it comfortable) it could be a pretty nice sized get home/go back to put stuff to survive a night broken down on the side of the road. I’m just getting back to camping and backpacking so this might be a nice way to ease back into it. Thank you for the review

Waterhouse1016 says:

My wife purchased this pack for me for Christmas. Can’t wait to see you take this out on a trip.

Mickey B says:

Puppy is looking great…nice to see him again..

lifeisgood070 says:

good old white clay lol. I remember those days

KrawnKam says:

More color choices please.

Josh Statz says:

Great Review! I like the idea of videos like this to help out us newbies that would like to get into backpacking, but can’t afford the crazy prices that it can cost. Subbed.

Practical Outdoorist says:

Thanks ! Looks like a solid pack, I look forward to see it working.

Brewlee1 says:

Watched your review 3 times. Ordered my 65L Scandinavian Gear pack that same day. Got it in less than a week. Update on construction: the side mesh pockets are deeper on mine than yours. I can put a 1L bottle in it and it’s secure. Can’t wait to use the pack. Love your site. Keep up the good work.

In the Woods with Bigfoot says:

Great looking winter pack! Thanks!

Tyler Chapman says:

It would be cool to see how your full winter set up works with that rig.

TheBeatboxer00 says:

Just a heads up you should try to fix your white balance. I thought the backpack was a weird green blackish color. But great video the backpack looks awesome!

Andrew Sheehan says:

Good looking pack. Also, a good competitor to the teton 3400.

Wordsmyth8 says:

Good information, bud, but as for the pup, what would happen if he took off after a deer – especially with that leash on? It’s happened to friends and they never found their dogs. I know it’s tempting to let them run, but it’s really not a good idea.

ZombieHorror666 says:

I dont know, looks really weak and flimsy. Wont be able to support the weight over the years. Seems like a lousy try at a cashgrab if you ask me, especially considering the name of the brand. Only time will tell I guess.

BuildersUS says:

eerie music

David Kay says:

Great review as always. Looks like a backpack that would be good for a BOB. Thanks for actually trying it out before reviewing it. There are to many of those videos out there.

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