SOG Prophet 33 Backpack: A Serious Winner for Backpacking, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Bug Out Bag

The SOG Prophet 33 backpack is a nicely made pack that has a lot to offer to people who are into backpacking, hiking, hunting, fishing, and much more. This thing – man! I mean I was looking for things to be critical about, but I can’t find a lot negative to say about it. It’s got solid construction, lots of organization, and can be used for a variety of applications including just general travel. I definitely look forward to checking out more of their bags.

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Trails Of The Smokies says:

Great review on a NICE backpack! I’ve now started looking into smaller day hike SOG packs! 🙂
I live in Gatlinburg TN, these would be perfect for day and overnight hikes in the Park.
Thanks for shooting your footage in the field…

Kovács István says:

his back totally flat!!!! there is not ventilation! this big mistake!

arrGjjj says:

Great bag but is too damn expensive. I prefer the Osprey Porter 46L instead

mars GIA says:

Its an awesome bag. I carry my Gorilla tripod, DSLR camera attach on the side of the bag

Kubi says:

Shout out to Dana Designs!

Sheepdog Survival says:

good review….good looking bag. but over 200 is pretty pricey.

Sparta TV says:


JollyGreenJ says:

can this bag be carried on a plane

Roy Fernbach says:

Cool but not $230+ cool.

Michael Roth says:

How does it handle rain? It doesn’t come with a raincover, does it?

Ed Wolford says:

Where’s the place to put water bottles?

papiofisher says:

for $230 you can get a better full suspsension  more padding on the waste belt. this pack is for more urban wanna be outdoors man

Jeremy says:

Show the pack with some more gear. Like put snow shoes on the pack and show how you’d carry them. So far, I wouldn’t buy that pack.

Unicorn Hunter says:

I really like this pack, but SOG puts their name and that stupid skull logo all over their products. I’d be embarrassed carrying that through the airport because of that giant skull and beret.

Matt Klapman says:

How well does the pack cinch down when partially filled? It doesn’t look like it would work well for this use case.

Mr Quark says:

I’m sold.

George Washington says:

Neat, however…. I called SOG today and they are out of stock until August 2017…..

William Parker says:

Great review

ModernCicero says:

It’s EXPENSIVE, no? Dang!

Charlie Bunn says:

Badlands hunting packs r much better and more sizes

Andrew Cheung says:

This backpack is perfect for hiking. It has so many pockets to carry everything and a lot of space. I don’t think it it that great for traveling because this pack is mostly used for hunting or hiking so keep that in mind. It’s more of like a one to two day backpack so if you’re trying to pack a lot clothes it will take up too much space other than that it’s a great pack. Worth the money

LuisFares Oros says:

Hey Tim.Great review. Question. What’s the capacity of this bag? Can it hold cloths for a 3-4 days travel? Maybe 4 changes of jeans, plus shirts, toiletries, etc? Also, can you compare this one with the Maxpedition Fliegerduffle? Do you know if it’s about the same size? This one looks like an awesome bag. I just need one that’s gonna give me enough room to carry 3-4 days worth of clothing.

Gilbert says:

I think you’re spot on with your comments on picking a hiking style pack. I chose the kelty redwing 50 for my bug out bag.

KungFuTweety1 says:

would love to see pockets on waist strap..

zhang slloop says:

amazon link : , we can give your for free reveiws the water shoes ,if you interest it ,please let me know it ,thanks

Holton Greene says:

Wish it was coyote tan

Prepared Survivalist says:

Looks like a really well thought out pack. I’ve used the day pack and the Op Ord pack and they are both good packs as well. So overall I am very impressed with SOG packs.

Easy E says:

I made the mistake of buying those “cool tactical” looking backpacks that turned out to be heavy and not suitable for long distance travel. This is a nice pack because it is a mid-weight hiking style backpack.

Cons: Needs airflow on the back padding. Price.

JBdrum Outdoors says:

What’s it made off

Yankee Tanker Outdoors says:

It is over priced..but Ill end up getting it in a few months..

Chris Abraham says:

I wish there was maybe a water bottle pouch on one side

Redbeard says:

Nice presentation showing the inside.

6666SUPERDEVIL says:

I was waiting so long to find a in depth review on this pack. THANK YOU MATE!
Hope SOG could help you do a review on the Seraphim 35.

Alex Weaver says:

Great review on the SOG Prophet 33! I will definitely check this one out, however, at nearly 70 I would like to see a little more capacity, say, 50 liters. Strangely enough I found a SOG at a Marshall’s that I’ve used on many hiking/backpacking trips and I love it. My Marpat ILBE is too much on weekenders but superb on long trips. My SOG is incredible and after adding three smaller matching Fieldline bags to the outer mollies, Brother, talk about organization and “attitude.” Being retired military SOG is at the forefront of my preferences in survival gear. Thanks again for a great video and I look forward to checking out all of other ones.

JBdrum Outdoors says:

The material looks flimsy, no different than all the other hiking packs out there, they just added a bit of tactical to it. I’m a cordura or ballistic nylon fan, like Vanquest or Maxpedition. I know light is what hikers want, but id rather have a little more weight, and a bomb proof pack. I saw the SOG video, and they also did not mention the material. In most videos that’s one thing of the first thing they talk about. They must not want you to know, also checked Amazon, no mention of the material, I’m assuming its regular nylon.

Mr Quark says:

OK… it is pricy but I like it so much that I went ahead and pulled the trigger and bought it.

adamantsea3 says:

This bag is, imo, not in any way optimized for actual hikes, like a few hundred kilometers(same in miles). In my experience, a bag such as this great for SAR, hunting, fishing, small trips of max 50 km(30 miles). Taking on a serious hike with this would in most climates be too hot since it would stick your back, it weighs you back since it’s very deep and it’s really bulky and not very light. For distance hikes or difficult trail hikes, i would go for an Osprey, Bergans, Lowe Alpine or something custom made instead.

The Jon Z Project says:

Good job. That is a really nice bag, out of my price range but never the less a nice bag.

Christian Stiltner says:

Great looking pack. But $230 bucks is just too pricey for me.


Very clever..

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Tim, Happy Thanksgiving. ,, .


Nice pack bud, congrats on 100,000 subs!!

Ender Bean says:

Good review. I wish it had side water bottle place holders. Also the outside of the pack has columns of 3 molle attachments, most the organizers attach by 2 molle strips so it will be off center if used (minor nit pick but I like things centered and I like pockets). Otherwise it is a slick backpack.

frosty13 says:

Thanks, I’ve been waiting on your review on this. Good video.

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