Something Truly Different! – Fjallraven Kajka 75 Backpack – Review

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Here’s a pack that has been in testing for a very long time; the Fjallraven Kajka 75 Backpack. It’s unique with a lot of great features but at the same time, it is heavy and expensive.
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Uriah Graves says:

For anyone wondering about whether or not to buy this pack that may be in the same position as I am…

I have been wondering whether or not to buy this pack because I have had people who backpack (who don’t own this pack) discourage me from buying it due to its weight. However, upon researching myself, this 75L Kajka pack is only 3.10 pounds heavier than the Baltoro 75 from Gregory. For three pounds of difference you’re getting an extremely durable pack that will last much longer than the competition, given its build quality. I’ve done the grams to ounces to pounds conversions and there isn’t enough of a difference in weight between the nylon competition and the Fjallraven g1000 for me to not consider this pack.

Aabeli says:

I don’t understand the point of counting grams on a super quality backpack. If the comfort and adjustability makes the inside feel 3/4 of the weight it feels like with a lighter backpack, 20 kg feels like 15 kg for example. Plus you have all the better quality and it will not break so soon.

Pontus Adolfi says:

The two buckles on the front are for having the top lid attached there. My friend used the top lid as a camera bag on his chest attached with those buckles on the front 🙂

skin Cha says:

sup luke, love ur channel. you have a lot of informational Info on a lot of outdoor gears. I wanted to know if you prefer the osprey atmos or falljraven packs?

Lory Mecx Allei says:

What is the difference between Kajka 65 for men model and Lajka 65W for women?

Stefan Paulsen says:

Hi Luke – Thanks for the kick-ass review! Just a heads up, those clicky buckles on the shoulder straps that you weren’t entirely sure about – they’re for attaching the detachable top to the front for weight distribution/easy access.

Dimitri9501 says:

Hey, nice review ! I have a question, I bought the osprey atmos ag 65 three months ago … I’m now looking for a winter backpack something durable I was wondering if there is a huge difference in comfort between the osprey and the kajka ? Basically what are the pros and cons between these two backpacks ? Which one has better outer materials ?
Thank you

silverspoon79gbg says:

Im not sure but if im not misstanken i think thoes two buckles onthe loadlifters are for attaching the top lid, or more smaller “bags” thnx for great vids as usually /thumbs up!

Chawn Crawley says:

+TheOutdoorGearReview Can you give a brief rundown on the basic differences between the Kajka and the Abisko lines?

Boyan Kyosev says:

hej Luke! Great video as usual, my friend! ! The two buckles in front are to hook the lid to for better weight distribution.

Shdwstep says:

Wait did you say 65L but the title said 75L…which one is it? Btw…love that pack.

Landon Wills says:

65 or 75? You keep saying 65

Gabriel Carranza says:

Look real Great. Here in chile we have the same brand too. But you know, we live far far away so is real expensive here. We live in the end of the world. Jejeje great review, great backpack. I allways see your videos. Great
Regards from Chile

FckMrkl999 says:

Just in the moment you touch the skin of this …..”Intelligen Lifeform” ;)….,
you know you have to get it !
Thanks & all the best

gringochucha says:

Good review, but I thought they’ve only had the wood instead of aluminum for about two years now. Maybe I’m wrong.

Cory Boyd says:

hey luke. love your professionally done reviews. I lived in Charlotte for seven years. where in the mountains do you live? Biltmore?

Robin Petersson says:

Great review! Rocking the 85L Kajka myself, such an awesome backpack! Keep up the good work

M M says:

WTF DUDE @Theoutdoorgearreview xD
you had this pack so long and don’t used the feature, that you can clip your topcover to your shoulder and use it as a chestcarry system ! you have to try this =)

Plenoi Varattha says:

Hi may I ask how tall you are? I’m deciding whether to go for a 75L or 85L. Thanks

Donovanhal says:

How do you feel about that access flap being closed with velcro and the flap facing up towards rain etc? I overload my Arcteryx Echo pack quite often so the lid is sitting up on top of the cinched part of the pack. It seems to me like in this situation if you get rain, it’s going to go right into the pack.

Uriah Graves says:

If you want to buy this pack and backpack with it, everything you buy has to be light as fuck. Period. I’ve had this for 2+ years and backpacked with it, and I have had loaded weights of 50 pounds, and loaded weights of 25 pounds. It’s a heavy pack, but a pack that is worth the weight. You will have the best experience ever with this pack, or you will hate your life and barely be able to walk after 2 days of backpacking with it.


– It’s heavy as fuck, yes. There’s no sugar coating it.
– It’s way more durable than anything out there.
– It’s way more comfortable than anything out there.
– It’s got incredible unique features.
– The G1000 will last forever.
– You can wax it.

Lokesh Devraj says:

I liked this intro the best!

Knugen says:

I recently had the chance to try the Kaika backpack for 2 days during a 5 day trek and I loved it! Despite that it is almost 2kgs heavier than my McKinley backpack, carrying all my gear with the Kaika it actually felt like I was carrying 4kg LESS. Incredible! It kind of sucked when I had to switch back to my McKinley. 😛

Dietr G. says:

Is this backpack waterproof? I mean, might be a dumb question as it comes with the raincover… ?

D W says:

I’ve used one of these for a couple of years now – actually the 65L. Before I purchased, I was able to get an extended test of an Osprey Atmos 65 to compare.
I realise this sounds crazy but even though the Kajka weighs more than a kilo (2.5lbs) more, with the same gear packed in, the Osprey felt like the heavier bag.
The range of adjustability on the Kajka is so wide that the carrying efficiency just seems to be much better optimised. Every trekker I’ve passed who is carrying a Kajka says the same. After two years owning the bag, I’m still amazed at the way it carries.
For me, there are other two features that mark this bag out as the best of the best.
Its definitely robust – very. VERY.
Its also very practical. Use it like a regular top loader OR, unzip the front . When the pack is loaded, there are two bracing bars that run down alongside the long zips and the compression straps connect to them. This means that you compress the whole back very evenly rather than pulling hard on two areas of the bag where the compression straps run – like on lesser bags. The bag holds its shape beautifully but it also gets a great effect without having to put ridiculous amounts of tension on the components.
In Sweden, where they originate, these bags are hardly ever sold as 65L variants. A lot of people are carrying bags in the 100L range. Personally, I think when you have the volume, you fill it and that eventually means extra weight. However, the frame and the adjustment of the carry position are so good, if I really had to carry 100L, I’d be doing it with one of these and not an Osprey or Gregory. Those packs will never match the quality of materials or construction of a Kajka. To me, two things are almost always true… “you get what you pay for” and “buy cheap, buy twice”

plumbingoni says:

Hi. Would you say this pack has enough space for 2 days camping inc food etc or would you go for the 100 ltr? Also i like the colour, is that the green or is the gray colour? Thanks

Steve Barker says:

It is true – Fjallraven makes top notch stuff that lasts and lasts and lasts. I love my Rucksack n. 21 in medium for day hikes and around town. The G1000 fabric, while it is heavier than nylon, it is bullet proof!

If you are frugal like me, just be patient and watch for sales or specials on the web. If you are lucky to be part of the inheritance class, then by all means buy their gear and you will not be disappointed.

Jesper Bevensee says:

Hi, I own the Kajka 85 L for some years, love it. You forgot to mention a couple of details about it. The shoulder straps can be adjusted from S-M-L , I use L because I´m a little wide over the shoulders. And the mesh net in the bottom have a job to keep air flowing in when you store wet close in there. Check out the video from Fjällräven (in Swedish) can´t link to it, it´s 2.21 min.

Emelie says:

I have had this for a year and I LOVE it! Sure, it has some more base-weight than the crappy backpacks but it is totally fine because of its stability.
One year I carried 12kg in another pack and it felt super heavy. Last year I carried 18kg in this one and it felt so incrediby light! No soreness anywhere and it was incredibly well balanced!

Tero Stråfors says:

Those two buckles is for the top that you can use as a small bag. You can also fasten it on the front to balance the weight.

Rev Wolf says:

Great review of a superb pack. It looks bigger than you are. I also liked your surprise overnight loadout video also reviewing this pack. Thank you for the great reviews.

Rupert Wilson says:

Also the mesh in the sleeping bag compartment can be used to dry clothes whilst on the move with the outer layer left open.

Jozef Kapicak says:

Hi Luke. I like your channel. Good job! Just have a question. You mentioned 2 times at the beginning that this Kajka has 65 liter. In the title is written 75 liters. Which number is correct? Thank you for your answer.

Sanel R. says:

What brand would you recommend for shoes ? Since Fjallraven doesn´t make shoes?

Dan Ney says:

Thanks for showing this pack! Im thinking about to buy one! By the way, I like the sound of that zippers and of the fabric, sounds robust! Im a long time Fjallraven user and their stuff worth its price, it mostly holds a lifetime!

Erik George Hangrad says:

Hi Jozef, the two buckles what you mentioned you don’t know for what it is, is simple you can buckle the top lead of the rucksack in case you want to use it as a map bag when you are tracking.

Jackson Shaver says:

Would yousuggest this pack for someones first pack over a gregory baltro 75

Kasino80 says:

Never noticed the Knight Rider sound effect in the intro before.

Bamboo says:

the mesh inside the sleeping bag compartment is also for carrying a wet sleeping bag as you walk to let it dry out a bit

veandreas says:

8:00, the buggles on the shoulder straps are used to connect to the top of the bag (Fannypack).
So that you can have the top part in front of you.

JourneytoAdventure says:

I have been watching you for a while now. Awesome reviews. I am looking for an Expedition backpack for Hunting/Hiking where I can easily carry lots of gear like an Axe, Saw, sleeping bag/tent/shelter. Preferably something that is waterproof. Looking at Fjallraven Kajka 100L Expedition Backpack but still looking. With your current experience what would you recommend? Or what would anyone recommend I look at? If you have time to respond that would be awesome. If not keep up the cool reviews!

RUSH YT says:

Галина Викторовна сука

TheCaptainBondo says:

Hey Luke any chance you could post your thoughts comparing this pack to the Arcteryx echo? I guess this is a fair amount larger capacity wise but seems like they do have some similarities as well? Thanks!

Oğuz Han Gülmez says:

Great rev 🙂 Your logo reminds me the turkish greywolfs 🙂

Per Andersson says:

Fjäll (mountain) räv (fox) = arctic fox………Fjällräven

Pavol Masarovič says:

What is the color of this backpack please ? Forest green ? Thanks

Jan Bresan says:

Fjallraven obviously makes high quality products but is it really worth the money? It costs a fortune!

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