Teton Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack – Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the TETON Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack.

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Teton Web Site :


Price : 137.86

Weight : 5.25 lbs (with tarp poncho) 4 lbs (without tarp poncho)

Color : Black with Orange Accents : The black pack is sharp looking, with nice color trim

Stats :
Space : 4000 Cubic Inches / 66 Liters
Dimensions : 27” x 12” x 10”
Torso : Adjustable 15″ – 20″

7 total pockets

Includes a full size poncho : combo poncho/rain fly/emergency shelter

The pack is water resistant but not waterproof. Luckily they include a full poncho! One funny thing that I noticed with the amazon page; there is a picture of a hiker in the pouring rain with the pack getting soaked…even though this pack isn’t waterproof and a poncho is included.

Initial Thoughts :

If you are accustomed to how I do things, I regularly do what I call are previews. Essentially a preview is an overview of a product followed by micro-review. This micro-review includes my thoughts and feelings about the product while the T&E phase is on going.

So far, I have had this pack out for 4 overnight trips and I have roughly 35 trail miles with it. One of those outings was an Overnight Trip which you will find on this channel and it is called the Cliffside Hammock Camp. That is coming soon. When on this trip, I posted pictures of this pack on Facebook and I noticed a great deal of positive comments about Teton! They have a very good reputation, for many good reasons.

This pack is described by Teton as Ultralite; it is NOT ultralight, not even close but it is very comfortable.

One thing that I have noticed is that the waste belt rides a bit high. That’s not a negative, just an observation.

The waste belt is very comfortable and adjustable. My waste is 32” and it will go down it 28”

How does it handle weight : So far so good. The heaviest that I have carried in this pack was around 40lbs and it handled it all just fine.

Good size belt pocket. Just one though. That is rather interesting as two is common.

Very versatile pack; tons of ways to lash additional gear to the outside of the pack. To, above the lid and bottom.

Good size sleeping bag compartment but I have found that it’s difficult to access it. The zipper is very close to the zipper cover flap and that makes it difficult to open. Is this a deal killer? No, but improvements need to be made here. It will definitely slow you down.

Hydration compatible but you can carry bottles as well. The best of both worlds.

Overall I am impressed with this pack and again, I’m impressed with Teton Sports. Great quality for the money, tons of features.

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Daniel Libby says:

Hey want you to know your videos are well done, clean and honest. I (and I suspect many others) appreciate this. Well done sir! I will continue to respect your opinion when you review and enjoy your channel.

panzerabwerkanone says:

What is the pack material?  420D, 600D?  packcloth? Cordura?  ripstop?  Curious design for the sleeping bag compartment zipper to have it covered from the elements when the pack itself is not waterproofed and is intended to covered by the supplied poncho.  Yet the access zippers to the main body front and side are not covered?

JF aventure says:

on the weist belt the side without pocket it is for the rock climbing equipement.

EarthWalker says:

It definitely looks to be on the lower end of quality and durability, but for the price, it’s probably an excellent bag for someone on a budget who is hoping to get into backpacking. Thank you for the video review

Generation Outdoor - Alvo Hilbeck says:

Thank you for this Review 🙂

Ismael Gustav Jordan says:

This backpack is very similar to the Deuter ACT range. Good backpacks!

Mike K says:

Can a 1l Nalgene bottle easily fit in the mesh pockets? Some packs have very small mesh pockets making it almost impossible to get them in.

Ultima Raza says:

Hi. what pack do you think is better overall between this pack and the osprey atmos (65L) I’m having trouble deciding which one to buy. thanks

Luciano Nisi says:

Excellent review, one of the best gear reviews I have watched.

1970351C2V says:

Luke, you should try to get your hands on a Seek Outside pack to test. If you’re not familiar, it’s a hybrid of sorts between an internal and external frame pack. Lots of other interesting design features.

Heidi Evans says:

love those Teton packs!!! Great products!

Danny Baker says:

Nice pack for sure.

The life of Matt says:

we say “pouring rain” here in eastern canada

Hell Hound Outdoors says:

looks alot similiar to ilbe pack, just lighter i think other than that same pack

Bryan Resch says:

The price is great for this pack from what Luke showed.
I was going to buy a 65L Osprey , but now I might buy this. If anyone has an Osprey , please chime in , Thanks

SlyGuy says:

The zipper on the sleeping bag compartment looks so bad I’d say it necessitates a redesign. Big oversight on their part. Did they not test it?

Kelly Burdette says:

like your review on the pack I live in Utah were we have real mountains and we say poring rain to good job

BoilerRoomRadio says:

The outside flap pocket is a helmet carrier it looks like to me.

Sharon Marks says:

The addition of a poncho is actually a great idea.

Aaron says:

Not putting this bag down, but get the mountain 65l. Its the same thing with just few different features, half the price and comes in different colors. I personally own the mountain 65l and love it. Like if this helped 🙂

waterman308 says:

I prefer the use of a large poncho over me and the pack to promote air flow. Rain suits just get so soaked no matter how breathable they are. Plus, you can use the poncho as a tarp/vestibule etc. I like gear that has multiple uses. Seems like a very nice pack for the money. I would probably take off some of the neoprene sleve thingys to cut down on weight. not sure they are that useful. Nice review. Nice look on the video too. Very sharp!

Austin Michael says:

Would you review a Kelty backpack

Larry Kramer says:

Ha! I didn’t catch the “the”. That is weird. I believe that correct English is good, but I seem to be a dying breed.

Battlehymn63 says:

I was pretty much sold when you pulled the gear sling out of the bottom.
I have a Kelty that I have used exactly once that is going to be replaced by this or the 5500. Probably the 5500.
I figured I’d watched enough of your reviews that I needed to sub … thanks for all the work you put in to doing this for us.

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