The Best Adventure Photography Backpack? — f-stop Gear Tilopa Review

This is a two month review of the f-stop Gear Tilopa adventure / hiking style camera backpack. This photography pack is designed to handle a lot of gear, abuse, and bad weather. Through the ICU system, it can be configured to carry a full pro equipment camera gear kit, or a two light setup of Profoto B1s. Leave questions in the comments and I’ll address them.


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ZackPlaysMagic says:

Hi, just wondering what the thing you attached to your MacBook Pro was called?

Kelly Duong says:

Instant like for that crossfit shirt.

Kurt Gremer says:

Is this bag carry on friendly with most Airlines in the US?

Michael Rafferseder says:

Hi, great review, thx. Just wondering how it looks like, when use it with a medium icu? When I open the back opening – I not only will have access to the icu, but also to the other compartment with my additional stuff. True? Can you share a photo of such a set up?

Tommy Hiemenz says:

For a person with less than 300 subs, you are a very good YouTuber with success ahead of you. Keep up the good work.

Simon Owens says:

Having used one for over a year in the mountains I have to disagree. This pack is great for a days photography on easy going terain. Once you start to use it for anything technical it’s faults begin to show. The back material causes overheating on the back, poor ventilation and not that sturdy with protruding parts causing uneven surface to back causing hotspots for chaffing. Everything else is good. But for serious hard work on the hills. Nope. F-stop is trendy right now, very good marketing but I still prefer dedicated mountain pack with an icu.

MightiestArm says:

how is it for Carry on?

Fabian Strasser says:

Orange (called “Nasturium” or alike :-D) is also a nice color !
I´ve bought the little bit bigger modell “Satori EXP” with 60 liter compartment and i´m also quite satisfied with it. My only complaint is that it´s to expensive. They even didn´t added a rain cover ! You have to buy it separatly 🙁 That´s a feature LowePro always includes in it´s backpacks. Andy they now have a good alternative: The “Whistler”-Series with two different sizes.
I´m using the XL ICU too but due to the fact that my Satori is a little bit larger i can pack on top a bit more…
Unfortunatly my Satori has been replaced by the “Sukha” with 70 liter.

Michael Vanarey says:

What was that thing you screwed in around your laptop before you put it in the bag? Interested 🙂

Scott Rae says:

Hey, thanks for the review, just what I was looking for! 🙂 Have you tried using it as carry on, and did you consider the Ajna? Not sure if the Ajna is big enough for me, but not convinced airlines would take this in the cabin… However also worried I just want the bigger bag because…. big bag! and wouldn’t actually use it!

Tommy Hiemenz says:

Does anyone know what type of tripod he used in that video? It looks nice.

Joonas Laipio says:

Jääkarhu!! Torilla tavataan. #onlyfinnishthings

black paw says:

question – given the company’s nightmares last year about fulfilling paid orders several months past order date, issues with giving back refunds and overall responsiveness….how was your purchase experience and how long did it take for you to get yours?

Travis Nickolaus says:

best part of the video was packing the pack haha

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