Whether it be an EDC (Everyday Carry) bag, backpacking, a survival kit, camping bag, a tech backpack, or a pack with a tactical purpose: having the best backpack is as important as the tools for the job. Check out my multi backpack review and see the Amazon links below!

5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack ►

Maxpedition RIFTCORE ►

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack ►

LAPG Atlas 24 Hour Tactical Backpack ►

Camelbak BFM 72 Hour Backpack ►

Condor 3 Day Assault Backpack ►

Camelbak Thermobak Backpack ►

Osprey Packs Talon 11 Backpack ►

Osprey Men’s Aether 60 Backpack ►

Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack ►

Outdoor Vitals Rhyolite 60L ►

KLYMIT Motion 60 Backpack ►

Aosta Weatherproof Messenger Bag ►

National Geographic Explorer Backpack ►

Vanquest MOBIUS 2.0 Messenger Bag ►

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Budget EDC Folding Pocket Knife ►
Budget EDC Pocket Flashlight ►
Budget Fixed Blade w/Fire Starter ►
Budget Neck Knife w/Fire Starter ►

Budget Emergency Fire Tinder ►
Budget Ferrocerium Fire Starter ►
Budget Personal Water Filter ►

Budget Keychain Multi Tool ►
Budget Keychain Light ►
Budget Keychain Tool ►
Budget Survival Tin Mini Knife ►

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3174 jordan says:

good stuff bro very nice bags thanks bro be safe big buddy

amgolfer says:

Hmmm–how about a video on your “top” 72 hours, EDC, 60L pack, etc. a little overwhelming–LA police, 5.11, Condor, Camelback, Kelty. Wow! Just a thought. Thanks.


That Rush 72 pack is EXACTLY like my SOG pack!!!

B. Hudgens says:

nice video. I use direct action dragon egg. perfect for edc

Zombie Survival vlogs says:

Those are some awesome backpacks

Poison The Rapper says:

hello I just made my own bug out bag and you were a huge help with me deciding on what to put in it thank you so much

Danny Devito says:

hi bugetbugout are opinel knifes good for edc

RMKOutDoors says:

I noticed in the video you used the Riftcore, and underneath it said the Tiburon. Just a head up =)

Joe Hagman says:

Jus watched you backpack video wow that’s a lot , um I have a few must haves in my backpack but not sure witch one to consider. I’m putting a four season down sleeping bag and a Bivy Sack and not sure what size backpack to use , I’ve shopped locally and online could you recommend one .
Thanks for your time sir

Zombie Survival vlogs says:

Please do a Zombie apocalypse bag

Anthony Gomez says:

great video… I only use maxpedition monsoon sling pack, and maxpedition sabercat, that’s it….

Aj 001 Bm says:

You’re voice is so fucking annoying

Chris Harpster says:

I use a LAPolice Gear back daily on duty, both in my patrol vehicle and the ambulance when I work PT. I bought it last year when I was in school for my ACT120 and absolutely love it! I have to say my favorite part of the bag is the admin pouch. When I’m at work, I simply keep that small part open, and I keep extra pens, extra note pads, a Leatherman Wingman to back up my rebar, a Spyderco Tenacious to back my Griptilian, and an extra can of dip lol

Benjamin Lohrmann says:

I saw this on your Instagram lol good reason to follow I guess

Daryl White says:

Highland tactical = junk

Derick DeRidder says:

Good video but invest in a microphone.

mrdre963 says:

This may sound silly because you did show a extended backpacking pack which were 60l (ofsprey) but was wondering can you do like a 4 day hike/camp with the 511 rush tactical? Or would you be compromising on space and weight?

Cass Camden says:

whats a good backpack for a 15.6 inch laptop?

Ty Irvin says:

great video. I have a pack addiction myself. if u have s good recommendation for 17 to 20 liter packs id love to here them. im a minimalist. the more u know the less u need right lol

Khoi Tran says:

this is one of your better video. thanks

Carcará Prepper says:

What an amazing video! Thanks for share!

DamionJR4923 says:

My wife needs to see you backpack collection so mine won’t look so bad

TAP. Studios says:

Any suggestion for a backpack that doesn’t look tactical?

WarSpork says:

Been carrying Rush 12 for over 5 years now. I haven’t seen anyone come up with anything new and significant.

Natasa Crowley says:

There are many of components to prepping.
One plan I found that succeeds in merging these is the Marla Survive System
(check it out on google) without a doubt the best survival website that I’ve heard of.
look at the amazing free video.

TheGUARDIAN™ says:

I have a 50L and 80L Kelty pack. Their packs and tents are very high value for weight to cost.

Marshall Customs says:

Please backpackers don’t waste your money on Osprey, so heavy! Go with Gossamer gear, ZPacks, Granite Gear, HMG etc.

Is That Nukes says:

Buying backpacks is honestly a drug, you start with a nice small cheap backpack then you see another you like you get that one and on and on it goes

b dog bru says:

Thank you

nbookie says:

5:00 that’s what I was issued about 6 years in. It replaced my large with frame.

Daniel Dinnell says:

Lots of good bags. . . missed budget in there. . . I have an ALICE medium with frame. . . inexpensive, durable, roomy, and quite comfortable. . . carried 38 lbs at start of 5 day, 25 mile coastal hike. . . was enjoyable the whole distance

WarGrrl3 says:

pretty good choices, thank you. yhis was an impt vid as it’s helpful to see them next to each other. thank you.

FoxHoundFilms says:

A bail out bag video would be awesome.

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