Tough! – Fjallraven Kaipak 28 Backpack Review

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Today Luke presents (finally) his review of the Fjallraven Kaipak 28 backpack! Trail Tested!

Simple, TOUGH, Comfortable!

Link :
Price : Retail price is $150 but these can be found for $120 on Amazon at the time of filming
Colors : Grey, Red, Blue and Green.
Sizes : 28L, 38L and a 58L
Weight : 2lb 5oz
Dimensions : 22 x 11 x 8in
Raincover Included : yes
Unisex Pack

Materials : G-1000 heavy duty fabric, making it immensely hard wearing and can be treated with Greenland wax if necessary.

Volume : 28L (1709cu in)
Waist Belt : yes
Access : top
Pockets : 2 lid, 1 zippered front, 2 side
Trekking Pole Carry : yes

Pros :
Very comfortable.
There aren’t a thousand straps hanging from everything; simple. No overly complicated with tons of pockets.
Includes a waist belt which can be used if you want or wrapped the other way around the pack if you don’t need it.
Durable : I’ve had this pack for over a year and it continues to live on. I have one seam that has started to come undone; no big deal. Considering the use that I have given this pack, it should be worse!

Cons :
The 28L doesn’t have a floating lid whereas the other sizes do.

Overall this is a great day pack which feels comfortable when heading into town as it does spending an afternoon bushcrafting. It’s well designed, is very comfortable and the price isn’t terrible for being a Fjallraven product.


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Dr.J says:

Great backpack, I own one (38L VERSION)for hunting, quiet, great durability, you need to replace rain cover for something green/brown, not blue – only con I found for hunting.

Mike f says:

Great review

David O'Connell says:

What’s the proper way to say FjallRaven? Heard it many different ways…is it like Worcestershire sauce?

Sean Dineen says:

This would make a great traveling backpack. It looks big enough for a laptop computer, but small enough to fit under an airplane seat. I’m currently using a Mountain Hardware Paladin from several years ago and have found lots of shortcomings with it over the years that have me looking for something more comfortable. Thanks Luke. Great review.

carmas54 says:

Not better than the little brother

Brandon Plank says:

I had the 58 liter, very decent for an overnight but I changed up to a Baltoro 75 for winter backpacking. I’d recommend the 58!

Aventura Vivac says:

Excellent review. I bought a Kajka 75 after waching one of your revisions, you are dangerous : )

Jay 'Ontario says:

I like the attached lid

Ib Erik Söderblom says:

Wondering if the internal frame pouch is actually big enough for a 2 – 3 liter hydration blatter ?

Ovidiu Kilingher says:

Some news when the final review to Fjallraven Abisko 2 tent will come? Thx.

Wildernessoutside says:

another alternative in the Fjallraven line up would be the abisko 35 if you were looking for a slightly bigger pack

Scherry vlB says:

I like my 58 liter version. Build quality is excellent. But for most of my trips its way to big. I prefer fast and light on long trips (long distance) in the wild. So I use him for bushcraft with Camp building (heavy load) and backpacking in cold climates.

Ben Schmeltz says:

You mentioned the expandable lid. Can we get a pic of this pack filled to max capacity(fully expanded)? I assume that it will look weird considering the lid(brain) is not a free floater.

Marc Grossetti says:

Nice. I just ordered the 38L in green. I like having a waist belt with pockets. Looks like a great pack. I only do one or two overnights and pack UL but love having a frame pack with lumbar support

J Ram says:

Lol, I think the increased availability and popularity can almost entirely be attributed to your channel and your reviews of their products.      Good balanced review, tough to be critical when dealing with such a quality product.

hockeyfreak043 says:

How much snow u have ..I’m in PA hr south of Pittsburgh..cold here but no snow thank

cpsmBud says:

This pack was actually an option out of two when I wanted to get a new daypack with enough space for also the Kids jackets aso. I love the material but in the end it lacked some Features. E.g. you cannot strap stuff on the lid or below the bottom. I ended up with a pack from osprey which is great but still like the look of the fjällräven..

jdcpac says:

Very informative, looks like something I would like for a day in the woods. Thanks.

Bob Joncas says:

.Good review of a basic affordable pack..does anyone make a good poncho, that isn’t military and is not a piece of blue tarp with a hood ?

Bobo says:

Unisex eh. Anatomy says different. Osprey win when it comes to packs, without doubt.

Mark C says:

I’ve got the 58 pack and it is awesome.Everything works well on it and real comfy.I might just get the 28 to see what it’s like…

AerialTraveler says:

Luke, can you tell us why pack manufacturers put an access panel in for the frame sheet?

M Joned says:

Quick question
I enjoy you you tube channel
When are you having your gear sale
I hope you and family safe with the winter snow this week

TheHonarable1 says:

Really love my 38L pack. Great review

Don Turnblade says:

Lokks good in most ways. A hydration bag sleeve is a must have for me, so I am out. Otherwise looks good.

bob esselstyn says:

thanks Luke

The Bearded Outdoorsman says:

Nice video. This is a nice pack. I have stuck with the more budget friendly packs and recently did a review on one. However, I have thought about going with a heavier duty pack to try out. For me, the size looks good, as I mostly do weekend hikes. And I will say, that your videos have helped encourage me with my channel. Keep up the good work.

SurvivalAustria says:

Great video, love that.


Dragon Roams says:

Nice pack I like the minimal design. Great review.

Dan Guddal says:

I got the fjall raven kajka 75L, pretty similar to this one, but with aloooooooooooooot of clever strapons, but i dont know what they do 😛

pretty good ^^ a bit heavy thou xD would be fun to see a Backpack Review

Chris Tenwalde says:

I been searching for a pack for a couple months now off and on (which is how I came across your channel) and I think this might be the one only in the larger size. Thanks for posting this. Although I wish it would have some Molle on the side I can get pass that.

Danny Baker says:

Nice pack.

James Harris says:

Excellent bag, I lived out of my Kaipack 38 for two weeks no problem…

John Galt says:

How about a review of the DD Hammocks “Bergen” pack?

Anselmi says:

i feel like you shoul just go for kajka 65 or bigger instead of 58L model of this bag

USMC 1019 says:

Love these bucket type of ruck sacks. Gonna buy one. Thanks for the review.

ThroatNotchingTrout ZZZ says:

Also a USA webshop now, if it is?:

zettle 234 says:

TOGR, I been watching a lot of your older vids, and you do a bunch of tent pitchin’. My suggestion to you, is to buy a nice variety of bungy cords! So that you can put up a tent and drop it 5 minutes later, never having to touch your cordage spool. You could probably even make some out of old bicycle inner tubes if you had to. Just a suggestion. Keep doing what your doing.

Broseph Russell says:

Great looking pack it would be great for day a d for a overnight hammock camping or tarp shelter set up .

Ken Snyder says:

Great video and good looking pack. Like the simple design but I like few pockets on the outside of the pack for easy access to some gear.

mark jaques says:

They have a brand store downtown Seattle WA great stuff.

panzerabwerkanone says:

Too much for me. I don’t hike that much. My go to day pack is a used REI Lookout 40. My fun pack is the Swedish LK 35 military surplus. Both combined cost less than this pack. I’m sure it is worth the cost to someone who hikes a lot.

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

I just got in from a Three Day Winter adventure and what a trip! Over 2ft of snow fell and the adventure is coming soon!
Now I bond with my best friend, the shovel! 😀
– Luke

Survival Mindset says:

Great price point on this Fjallraven pack.Excellent review. How does it work for bigger guys? Like shoulder straps and the way it sits.

George Wamser says:

For what it cost, too simple!

Liam Brown says:

Luke, have you ever tried a GoRuck pack?

James Kirk says:

at 4:47 it is a BIG issue for that expensive backpack !

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