ULA CDT Ultralight Backpack Review (Post Hike)


LeoYermo Adam says:

Best place to place the sleeping pad on the CDT? Top I take it?

Tom Messig says:

took it on my 5 day yosemite hike last year, looking forward to another 5 day in a few months. my total weight, with 3L water was probably about 28lbs, well above the advertised comfortable weight, but was still very enjoyable.

backpackinghealth says:

what backpack do you use now and what tripis next? pct again?

matanuska high says:

lol..its not to throw a bear canister in all willy nilly..

Random Button Pusher says:

Thanks for the insights, very clearly explained.

matanuska high says:

have you ever tried granite gear? i was lucky enough to have my mom work for them in Two Harbors MN for years so i got a lot of their packs and enjoyed the vapor series..i currently have the Alpine vapor which isnt made any more but caters to more winter sports that i do..but cut off a few of the ice pick, ski crampon straps and pads and its basically a vapor trail or what they now call the crown VC 60. anyway its real similar to this pack in weight and features and price.

Sinfonian Barelytone says:

First off, thanks! My base weight is an amazing 18 pounds and I’m pleased as punch to crack the lightweight zone. We can’t all afford ultralight, though that’s not expensive for an ultralight pack. My pack is an REI Flash 62 that weighs just over 2 pounds. I love how it sits entirely my hips and the hoop frame helps with that. Some day if I ever play and win the lottery I’ll go ultralight and this would be the pack for me. Thanks for sharing! I never knew this was so unforgiving. Tiny market segment. Poor business decision. Glad you like it. I would have the same issues with it as you by the way.

jpstubblebine says:

Thanks Kale, very helpful. I’m thinking I will go with the OHM because of the frame. My base weight  is right around 12 pounds and on a 4 day trip with food I would be up near 20 lbs plus water ( usually don’t have to carry too much water here in PA ) Thanks again, Ill look forward to your next review!

L. Cascella says:

Great review. A couple of my buddies use this pack and they absolutely love it. The only thing I disagree with is your saying that cuben packs will wear out quicker. That’s not the case from my own experience. I’m using a Hyperlight Mountain Gear Windrider 40l pack right now. This thing is bombproof. I thought the same as you before buying it. I didn’t want to drop $300 on a pack that was going to get beat up and break down over the course of a few hiking seasons. My old pack (Osprey Kestrel 46l) got beat up more than my HMG Windrider.
MLD also make great packs worth checking out. Before purchasing my first cuben pack it was a toss up between HMG and MLD. You really can’t go wrong with either one.

kodepop says:

I live about an hour away from Sac, nice!

Corcoran AL says:

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