Ultralight Vs Traditional Packs – What’s the Best for you?

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Osprey Atmos 65 – http://amzn.to/2niOKnl

Osprey Aura 50 – http://amzn.to/2kcbyUE

ZPacks Arc Blast 55 – http://www.zpacks.com/backpacks/arc_blast.shtml

Granite Gear Crown 2 60 – http://amzn.to/2niuUZt

ZPacks Nero – http://www.zpacks.com/backpacks/nero.shtml

Palante’ Simple – http://www.palantepacks.com/store/p4/simplepack

Gossamer Gear Kumo – https://www.gossamergear.com/collections/backpacks/products/kumo-36-superlight-backpack

Osprey Exos – http://amzn.to/2i20mFU

AZT Section Gear List – https://darwinonthetrail.com/2017/09/22/darwins-2017-azt-section-hike/

AT Gear List – https://darwinonthetrail.com/2016/05/03/darwins-2016-at-gear-list/


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Mia Harte says:

Hey Darwin! What’s your opinion on packs made by REI?

howl13 says:

whats a good pack for a beginner hiker? for a weekend camping

Allan MacDonald says:

Do you talk about why you left the Atmos 65 behind in any more detail elsewhere? Cool stuff. Thanks.

darrick steele says:

20 years ago my weight (including the pack itself) was about 45lbs for a 5 day and about 60-65lbs for a ten day hike. From what I’m seeing here it looks like pack weights have come down a lot in the past 20 years. What are your average pack weights for a long hike today?

Ed 180 says:

The 2 packs that I have and use are a new old stock cubmaster external frame nylon pack,very light, and my element weekender skater pack which is great for air travel as well as hikes.

Tanya Aeria says:

I carry a 1999 frame pack which is in phenomenal shape (mainly because I didn’t use it heavily until 2015). It’s super comfortable but as I get better equipment it’s becoming a little too heavy. Thanks for the insight and review of all your packs.

Jonathan Maclean says:

I currently use a Northface Tera 65 it’s a bit on the heavier side but I wanted something that was durable, with lots of storage options and wasn’t going to cost me 400 bucks

one two says:

Just get a surplus military rucksack. Theyre just as light and far more durable for a fraction of the price.

Kari McCarty says:

Hi Darwin – Ive been looking at the SMD Fusion 50 as a starter type backpacking pack. I can’t find a lot of reviews on it though besides Company type videos. My main draw to this pack is the dimensions (22x12x9) as I will be flying to Europe to do a hike and do not want to have to “check” the pack. Are you or any of your followers familiar with this pack? Pros? Cons? Comfort?

Jaren Jarrell says:

Do you have a preference between Deuter and Gregory packs?

Justin Baker says:

That zpacks pack is not cuben fiber. It’s a cuben fiber inner material laminated to a polyester face fabric. Hyperlite mountain gear uses the same material. Zpacks and HMG use pure cuben fiber for their shelters. The material is super fragile and some people would argue not suitable for pack material. The hybrid polyester/cuben fabrics are way more durable than a pure cuben fiber fabric.

Mike Burch says:

I’m 6’2 240 and carry my big tank the boltoro but I don’t mind the extra weight because its so comfortable.

Hope Springs-A-Turtle says:

Bells and whistles. Discuss. Please describe what “extras” you mean when talking about a “traditional pack.”

shadowcastre says:

Hmmmm… interesting perseption of traditional!

TheIppus says:

Re: ripstop taking on water – nylon is famous for that; nylon tents, too. The fibers also stretch when wet. Polyester is weaker per weight (so you have to get a higher denier) but doesn’t absorb water and has way better UV resistance.

Paul Smart says:

Hailing from Scotland and now living in Canada, I’m seeing a bunch of new brands I’m not aware off. That aside I have owned multiple karrimor packs and Lowe Alpine.
My wife and I are considering some new packs for multi day hikes but are wondering if it’s worth taking a gamble by ordering something on a budget from Amazon. Have you or any viewers done this and what were the results. We are looking around the 65 litre mark, not necessarily ultralight.
I’m tempted to give this a try, https://www.amazon.ca/Mountaintop-Water-resistant-Backpacking-Mountaineering-Cover-5822III/dp/B01B76LV4O, if I do one trip and hate it then sell it on.

Mark Troup says:

It should also be noted that spending $1000+ on every piece of high-tech ultralight gear is not some sort of magical solution to finish a thru-hike. Youtube is full of people who post their sub-7 lb base weight videos and then drop off the trail a few hundred miles in. Mental toughness is worth its weight in gold.

Jase M says:

I would just use my US Army assault pack for hiking because it can it can carry over 200 pounds or more with that backpack or a rucksack

Ross Young says:

I like having specific areas for my gear. I also like durable gear. I started out with a Gregory Baltoro 65 pack. Great pack, but was way to hot against my back. I switched to the Osprey Atmos 65 and love it. I try to go as lightweight as possible but I need a pack with small pockets to store stuff and be durable. (I’m not gentle on my equipment). Love your videos.

Adam MacDonald says:

Very helpful and well reasoned. Thanks.

Chasengunz Outdoors says:

Enjoyed the video keep up the good work

Pa Survival with Chris says:

I got a civilian grade replica of a military 50 pack

#1NOMAD says:

I have a 50lb army iron gram Molly pack. After taking things out I don’t need I’m probably at 40lbs I cannot seem to get it any lighter? What is ur take on military packs?

Kevin Smith says:

Currently using a High Sierra Pathway 40L. Light weight, comfortable and plenty of space for an ultra-light backpacker.

josh baker says:

How well do you people think the arcblast actually carrys 25lbs.. its max is supposed to be 35lbs.

WillN2Go1 says:

Today I finally got the ‘brain’ off my five year old Osprey. Took ten minutes with a stitch-ripper. The webbing was folded over and sewn. It’s supposed to be a removable fanny pack, but it couldn’t be removed (until today).If it was even slightly unzipped, it would always dump its contents out. 10 ounces. 10 ounces of junk. Who makes this junk and misses this nonsense? Then there’s the offensive moment when you thank the clerk at REI and head for the check out and they say, ‘Oh and you’ll need a rain cover…’ WTF? This pack can’t be used outdoors? So now, without the ‘brain’ I don’t have a top flap–so what. It wasn’t like it was keeping things dry. For years we were told we needed a zippered compartment for our sleeping bag. We need this strap and that strap, but when I want to just roll up my bivy, sleeping bag and mattress and strap it on the outside to air it out… I have to fiddle around because the pack isn’t set up to do this.
I’m giving the ultra-lights a year or so to get even better. They’re coming along fast. Thanks Darwin onthetrail. Good report.

Luis Simosa says:

Excellent info, thanks!!

Bonnieymon Boo says:

I’m currently using the Zpacks Arc Haul

plumberjoe80 says:

ULA is where my next pack will come from.

Hendrikjandespeelman says:

Got myself a cheap light chinese backpack: 3F UL, that weighs in at 800g after taking off some redundant chords. There’s no local UL suppliers where I live (the Netherlands) so I got it through Aliexpress at a ridiculous price. Intend to use it next month in the Scottish Highlands, crossing from Stonehaven to Inverie for about 13 days. Turning 50 this year, I decided to ditch my traditional pack, that is very sturdy but weighs a ton. Replacing the Big Three puts me firmly in the UL category, to the joy of my joints.

HikerJohn316 says:

Thanks for the great vid. Love my Mountain Laurel Designs Prophet 14.5 ounces!

AzraelThanatos says:

I’m less of a longer distance hiker due to other things, mainly with day hikes. The pack I’ve been doing really well for that is the Travel Inspira 35L one that can fold up. I can fit everything I need in there easily, it’s pretty well water resistant and can take a pretty good beating if you go off the trails.

Things dead cheap as well, and it lets me pack some extra stuff for friends and family if needed.

Gregory Foote says:

Modase 40L. Haha, i am loving my $23, 1lb 3 oz. Pack. Wont last forever, but so far so good.

Dace Solo says:

Hyperlite packs aren’t made to order unless you get a custom build. And you can walk into stores and buy them.

Nathan Rieck says:

Ive been using the Gregory Zulu 65 for the past several years and love it. At the time I bought it, it was perfect for my hiking style. Now I don’t use the brain, the sleeping bag compartment divider or the day pack. I’ve basically stripped it down to save weight and now with my current gear the 65 liters is way to big. Looking at getting a ULA or Zpack in the future.

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