Vanquest Katara 16: Day Hiking & Everyday Carry (EDC) Backpack and Convertible Sling Bag

The new Vanquest Katara stood out to me at Shot Show 2018 because I am always looking to find new and innovative features in everyday carry (EDC) gear. This bag has a ton of organization and also allows you to convert it from a backpack to a sling bag – very cool.

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jarhead marine says:

It would awesome to put a soft body armor slab in the back where the laptop would go

Scashod says:

That’s exactly the type of bag I’ve been looking for. Thanks! ~~Susan

RowdyRon says:

Stitched in line for strap placement!? Talk about attention to detail. Excellent video!

Prepared Hykr says:

Tim, nice review of the bag. I looks very versatile between field and urban scenarios. Thanks for sharing.

Phafanapolis says:

YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Been waiting for a review of this bag since Late Boy Scout’s MaxiPedi SHOT Show video. Thanks Everyday Tactical Tim.

Facts TRUMP Feelings FTF says:

Would have been nice if it had had a rear zip compartment , which ran the length of the bag, for your valuables.. it’s more secure wen it’s laying against your back..

Bob A says:

L love Vanquest quality, but the prices are getting ridiculous. This pack retails for $149!

Terribly Tactical says:


Oldman Stoner says:

I can see this bag as a EDC if it fits for air travel. Yet the tactical look kills it for me (as a edc bag, a joke look!) plus if I remember this isn’t a cheap bag? If this bag is at the price mark I think it is I would much rather go with a Mystery Ranch bag. I can’t believe people would shill for this bag???

thistubeisfucked says:

It’s hook and loop or velcro… Pick one, you can’t have both.

Stephen G says:

Great looking bag. Out of my price range.

Antonio Botello says:

I wonder, is it the same size on the MAXPEDITION PYGMY FALCON II?

errk25 says:

Nice review. I’ve been using the Vanquest Mobius 2.0 for quite a while now as an EDC bag and totally love it. It’s a little dirty now but besides that it still looks like new. Great quality. I prefer a sling or over the shoulder for EDC. But this Katara looks great to me. More room than the Mobius and I could use it as a sling or backpack on day hikes too if I wanted. Might be worth getting to expand the range of versatility of my bags.

Colin Cross says:

Great review as always Tim, a bag I really want for use in Africa. Alas it’s still unavailable in the UK and to buy and ship from the US would cost over $250 so a no go for me at the moment.

Jay bird2963 says:

The Direct action Dust suits me more than this pack

Rob Duncan says:

Thank you for the update video .

Andrew Sheehan says:

Been loving mine for the past two weeks. I tried the sling pack option but, I didn’t really care for it. With two water bottles on it, it makes it look weird. lol. those two side snaps come in handy for when you just want to stuff things in the main compartment. The zippers are pretty easy to have open all the way. Not like on my old maxpedition Pigmy falcon 2 where the zippers would stay in place. for a small pack, it can pack alot of gear. I have mine semi full. I love organization not a huge fan of using pouches unless I have too. I don’t want my pack being filled with pouches when other ore useful stuff can be put in my pack. Other then that, no complaints and my first pack not needing to use the sternum strap neither. I did end up putting some cardboard in the back to help stiffin it up, and give some more back support, where the shoulder straps are. it has helped. Thanks for the review Tim

Marv's 24 says:

Greetings from Germany

I didn‘t think that you would make a completely new video because of my comment.
Thanks for the update 🙂
Like every one of your reviews, I like this one too. Vanquest is a very good quality brand and I wish they’d have more Sellers in Germany..
Awesome job!

Corri Bennett says:

Kind of like a Camelbak Mule with more Vanquest twist

Ray Caroli says:

Excellent video looks like a killer bag. New subscriber.

Austin lol says:

How abusive are you with your packs?

Jason McDaniel says:

Very nice bag! I like how multi-use it is. Does the sternum strap come off? I see a snap button on it and wonder if that is there so there isn’t a random buckle when it is converted into a sling bag.

Silvo says:

Thank you for reviewing this bag. It looks like a good bag, I’m just wondering if the velcro that closes the big pocket inside the bag will stay closed as you cram stuff into it.


nice bag!

Dave says:

Nice video Tim, thanks for sharing! Quick question though Do you think a 15” laptop could squeeze in there?

I Am Jason Allen says:

Thanks Tim! I like backpacks better than sling packs.

Chimera Aretina says:

cool stuff

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