Walmart Ozark Trail Backpack Torture Test: REAL REVIEW 3

In this episode of “Real Reviews” we focus on the Ozark Trail brand of backpacks from Walmart. We use a “Kallispell” Day Hiking pack as our crash test dummy and we put it through some paces to see how well it holds up under some tough conditions. This video was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy watching. If you ever thought about purchasing an Ozark Trail pack, you’ll see just how tough it is…Thanks for watching!

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Tish Lynn says:

So as long as I don’t hack it up or set it on fire I’m good?? Lol!!

Jay Morales says:

For a $6.00 backpack of course you would do such a thing.

the mi woodsman says:

great torture test , look like it was worth 6 buck for sure and would be a decent day bag !
atb john

Rashied Jones says:

That was awesome… Awesome… You have totally made me a believer… Thanks

A Jolly Hiker says:

Those cheap walmart packs are pretty good in general. They have many of the same features as more expensive packs at much lower prices. Materials, stitching, buckles, and zippers may all be sub par compared to better packs, but it doesn’t mean they’ll just fall apart. I bought an Outdoor Products day pack ($15) from walmart about 5 years ago and have used it often, almost everyday, and it has held up well.

Rich Dead says:

now that’s a real review

Caveman Outdoors says:

I can’t imagine what else you could have done to that poor pack lol. I would say for the money these packs are pretty good. I really enjoyed watching you destroy that pack.

h20fowler2012 says:

Wow. That is a torture test. Lol. Thanks for the vid. Thumbs up

Gullrica says:

Ha ha. That weist strap must really have pissed you off to give the backpack such a treatment…

Steve LFZ says:

Looks like a good teething toy for the family pitbull – but then again his favorite “food” is cellphones.

Ed Wiget says:

i have another walmart pack made by outdoor products that is either 46 or 48 liters and weighs 18 oz.  I like it so much as an ultralight pack, I bought 3 more of them thinking it wouldn’t last very long …..3 years and hundreds of trail miles later, I am still using that pack.  I still have the other 3 that I loan out to others.  Its in my 3 season gear video on my channel if you wanna take a look.  I also cut some straps and things off of it since the video was made to make it even lighter.  With my ultralte gear I can easily get 5+ days food in it.  All for about $39.  If walmart doesn’t have one, you can also get them on amazon.  Its an awesome pack.

DDavy says:

Even though i’m crying deep inside from the poor backpack being hurt, A test of all it’s wits has to happen somewhere in the future. I’ve got one. It’s a 45L backpack just like this one, and it seems fine for me.

That Hiking Guy says:

Bahahahahaha “mommy why is that crazy man throwing his backpack around?” “Don’t make eye contact with him Timmy walk faster”. You put er to the test alright LOL

Wyrd Blogger says:

I guess that will be my carry on pack for Thailand after all. Thanks for showing us all of the adequate abuse.

ThunderMountain Tactical says:

Wow…. I think it held up great.

SouthPaw Bushcraft says:

It seems unnecessary to destroy a pack like that just for a video.  You can do “real reviews” without destroying a product completely.  Just think how many places you could have donated that pack to for someone that really could use it.  I just don’t see the sense in this.  You could have tested it very well without destroying it.  Kind of sad really.

Jeremy Woodward says:

Wow man that ozark trail pack survived way longer than you would expect! On a budget it would make a decent pack if they take better care of than you did lol. Just curious on how much +billy joe denny was going to offer for it? Are you taking any bids? Oh and you do know that I wont be loaning you MY pack right?

Neil Morris says:

Inside every mild-mannered YouTuber is a psychopath trying to get out 🙂 Remind me not to get on the wrong side of you, lol. atb.

jonnyfly69 says:

pore little fellow, but some one has to take it for the brand, but you notice all the zpacks and the big names only show use,
and comfort, don’t get me wrong, ultra light is one thing, but durability is an other, plus I would never cook a back pack, but as a safety issue one to think about if you are on the hike or camping, well done

Spdking7 says:

nice review! but is the pack water resistant as to keeping your inside stuff dry?

Sleeves says:

Looked like you were having too much fun. I particularly loved seeing you drive the GRADALL into frame. You made me smile. I thought the Ozark Trail backpack held up well, especially being subjected to all of your torture tests. Thanks for sharing a review on a budget item. Keep hiking!

Adam Cates says:

This pack couldn’t withstand a machete and shovel attack? No way I’m buying it now! Thanks so much for this real world review. You don’t get those real world reviews on other YT pages.

Steve Sherron says:

Are you getting out some pent up frustrations?

rafamonpi says:

Really useful. Watched this before buying one of those backpacks in Costa Rica and got pretty comfortable with my purchase.

why not? says:

What’s better than a good day of beating the fuck out of you backpack?? Why not?

SmokeEater308 says:

I was interested in the review up until you started chopping it with the machete, knife, shovel and then setting it on fire. No backpack manufacturer is going to stand up to that. Oh, the driving over it with heavy equipment is not a realistic test either as I’m not worried about my backpack being attacked by a skid loader while hiking. Had you shown the condition of the pack prior to those tests it would have been useful info on the build quality of the pack but since you utterly destroyed it the review was not helpful to me at all.

Matt Gilmore says:

I am looking at an Ozark Trail Montpellier 45l. I have been looking for field reviews and the closest I got was yours. My thoughts on it are this. If a reasonable person on a backpacking or thru-hiking trip was to take care of this equipment, it seems to me that it will do fine getting through a hiking season and more. You really beat up that bag badly. And I am impressed. I’d like to see a Kelty, Osprey, or Greggor pack go through through that and see how it fairs. Thank you for the review sir.

SmokeEater308 says:

Not trying to hate on you; just really wanted to see how it held up to the more realistic use tests that you put it through.

billy joe denny says:

i was going to offer to buy it from you,,lol..      now thats a real review.

Jon Grant says:

I feel like I just watched a snuff film for a backpack

RiverBendSurvival says:

All kidding aside, up until you decided to destroy it (blades/fire), I am extremely impressed with how well it did. Obviously no pack could take the last part…..I really enjoyed it.

Ryan Guevara says:

poor bag 🙁

robo hiker says:

lmao!!!! you have some serious anger issues brother!!! lol. atb Tony

SYA Bushcraft says:

Your channel was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen on YouTube, and that’s saying a lot. The only good thing I’m taking from this is you are so stupid that you will forget how to breath someday.

Survivalist2008 says:

“It didn’t fare too well”. I guess not, LOL. I haven’t laughed so hard in a loooong time. Great review and video!

KaveMan 537 says:

I have been using ozark trail since they came out… I have been impressed with the amount of abuse they can take. I work as a scaffold building and climb with them all day…using camel packs and everything…loading them with tools and clothes for weather….they hold up pretty well especially for how cost affective they are. I have taken them into different kinds of hazardous environments and had little to no damage… keeps dust, dirt and water out of the pack… I have kept meals with no problem at all… usually the main zipper will fray or become broken after several months of opening and closing I have even used them rigging small ropes and clips after zipper was broken and the bag was still good overall I give it a 4 star rating because realistically for under $30 what can you ask for. They continue to reinvent themselves and are getting a lot better.

Kevin Bellamy says:

OMG… lol.. what would someone have to go through to have their pack go through that… I enjoyed that test.

whatnot987 says:

LOL Now that’s a real damn review. You shoulda tried to hike around with it at the end.

NEKCanoeist says:

I would say it held quite well, but because it might not be comfortable I would perhaps try to return in for a store credit. 😀 Ha Ha!

WoodsTrekkin' Adventures says:

Hahahahahahahahahaha….no way! Loved when you ran over it with the machinery! Just great fun…..

trent williams says:

this is not a review its a lets kill a pack

Kevin S. Thomas says:

Great review ! BTW what river was that, the Clinch ?

Michael Chubb says:

You forgot to cover if it was bullet proof

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