What Size Hiking Backpack Visual Comparison by onza04

@16:04 Look for Norway Hiking Link =)

In this video I did a comparison between some common hiking backpack sizes
6 liters 0:37 Gregory http://amzn.to/1CAzrCJ
34 liters 1:20 Osprey Exos http://amzn.to/1Nj8fxO
46 liters 4:48 Osprey Exos http://amzn.to/1Nj8nxs
50 liters 8:10 Osprey Atmos http://amzn.to/1GBU56b
65 liters 12:04 Osprey Atmos http://amzn.to/1HnhEGg
@15:40 look for TMNT reference! [=


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uriel adame says:

great video thanks

Fart Knocker says:

Thanks for the video. No bullshit, just packs.

ANCHOR440 says:

Do you have more compact, lighter set ups? It’s crazy to go so big and heavy as most of these packs are made for these days with all the modern gear available. I used to pack like this thirty years ago. 20 lbs and under for a week, with a thirty liter pack, with all food, shelter and clothing is very doable, even without buying ultralight gear. Sub twenty pound loads are so comfortable and easy for getting to your daily camp and much safer as you have more energy for side trips and doing things around camp once there. Do you own an outdoor store and this is why you’re showing these larger packs? The pack I ‘would’ use is that 34 liter one. Perfect for thru-hikes.

Brian C says:

thanks. that was quite helpful. i was wondering if a 60 litre pack would be good enough for what i do and i think i’m gonna go with an 80.

tushit chakma says:

Hey, how tall are you ?

Elektriqa says:

Cheers for the video . It’s defo helped me to purchase a backpack.

ExplorerJust says:

Excellent video! When packing, one HUGE common error is taking WAY too much kit! Another is taking a smaller day pack and overloading it. Take a look at the Karrimor SF range – I never use anything else! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK7HCRpeGsQ&feature=youtu.be

Jacobo Noobo says:

Great video! Just What I was looking for! I almost bought a 90liter bag! But I can see now that I only need a 60liter! Thx man!

Edgekin says:

Had I watched your vid earlier and I wouldn’t have bought a 40l backpack. Damn thing can’t even fit enough food for 5 days without having my tarp and tent and some paracords dangling outside unprotected.

ArkhamPlayzz Aka KqyneWest says:

Why didn’t you bend your knees when you picked up the backpack. Rookie

uriel adame says:

free video

Brad Bickford says:

Im brand new to back packing and this is a great video to visually see what the different sizes look like, thanks!

Practical Outdoorist says:

Very Helpful in making my decision ! Thank you

Views and Reviews says:

This is quite helpful. Thank you for posting this. The only thing I thought you could’ve mentioned was measuring yourself to get the best fit.

tangleblues says:

OMG, so helpful!!! Thank you!

Ultima Raza says:

Thanks for the useful video! I couldn’t decide between a 65L and an 80L. Now that I’ve seen the vid I know a 65L pack will be more than enough space.

Flet cher says:

Big help man

Bitcoin 1E3g4c36XrV5jNg2nQdB3d1keWvEdZTcwc says:

Many thx

Troy Stutsman says:

I just found your channel and subscribed…!
Thanks for sharing this information with us…!
I’m one of those people who could never visualize
just how big a x-liter sized bag was so, I had no
idea which was the correct size to fit my needs.
Your presentation and visual comparisons of the
different sized bags has helped so much…!
I’m looking forward to seeing more.
Happy New Year and Be Blessed…!

Tristan Jay says:

really needed this demo. thanks

Sid Jonathon says:

Thanks man made eBay shopping for a pack easier 40l pack on the way haha

Elizabeth Gill says:

Thank you! This video was super helpful.

Robert Daniel Curtis says:

This was incredibly useful, and I will be using it again for future reference. Also, more than 300,000 people also found this video useful. Thanks for the upload, man!

Juan Paulo says:

Hi there iam jay what do you think of the mauntain top pack?

Oskar Knutsson says:

Thank you for this video! God!

PromEmp says:

Its 2017 november and its still a verry verry useful video thanks men

ureckn so says:

Very helpful….thanks

Rahul Mahendra says:

Thank you for posting. Its really helpful. I am ordering one from amazon, but was unsure about the realistic size. Now i am clear.

julz2020 says:

Yo just for some context how tall are you / what is your torso size?

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