Zpacks Arc Haul Backpack Review

The Zpacks Arc Haul is a very sought after backpacking pack and I have gotten many requests to review this pack. But since I don’t own this very expensive backpack and cannot justify purchasing this pack when my Osprey Aura is only one year old. So I invited my friend Randi to come talk about her Arc Haul that she used on 250 of the PCT in 2018.

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Things mentioned in this video:
-Base model of the Arc Haul $299 http://www.zpacks.com/backpacks/arc_haul.shtml
-Shoulder pouches $29 extra add on
-Hip belt pouches $29 extra add on
-Water bottle clip $4.95 add on
-Chest pack $49 add on
-Key pouch $15 add on
-Top side pockets $25 each add on
-Ice ax loops $10 add on
-Trekking pole holders $10 add on
-Roll top closure straps $10 add on
-V top strap $10 add on
-Lumbar pad $15 add on
-Shoulder pads $20 add on
(So if you added on one of each item your pack would total $525.95!)

Intro music- ‘Memories’ by Sappheiros

Filmed with:
Canon Powershot G7x Mark II https://amzn.to/2MmofGg

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Joey Haun says:

Hey hike Oregon roger lamb told me to tell you hey

Sparrow Flying says:

They should make the side pockets slide on the belt straps or offer a pocket you can attach to the belt strap.. It would work better than the stationary pockets they have now.

Redllp Allme says:

How did u do ur water bottle set up

R B says:

I’ve learned so much from you, since watching your channel my day hike game is so much better, I’m rocking an ll bean Maine warden day pack, msr pocket rocket 2, sawyer squeeze, nalgene water carry with cnoch, sit pad and so much more, I can really turn a 3 hour hike into 10 hours in comfort thank ❤️

taking a walk adventures says:

awesome review on the Z packs arc haul your friend did a good job. are you thinking about switching to the z packs?

R B says:

All I want to do is hang out with you peeps trail side!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

oc6088 says:

What is she using for the hose system from her water bottle?

Madeleine Holmkvist says:

Great review! It is great that you can move the shoulder straps in or out depending on your shoulder width. I have looked at many reviews of this pack and no one mentions that!

Vinson N says:

Looks very useful to me!!!

Kyle says:

These packs seem flimsy and weak but not cheap, looks like something I could Frankenstein together at home myself. UL= Unhappy camper I guess?.

Kim McGill says:

Thanks again for a great, unbiased and in-depth, review!

Oscar Huynh says:

I was wondering what Marmot down jacket model you have? My wife likes the color. Thanks in advance.

Hike with Jina says:

Very informative vid! Thank you for sharing 🙂

memathews says:

Solid review, you two really covered the details. I’m surprised that the hip belt pockets are so poorly placed, they are a great size, but hip belt pockets seem like a bottom of the list item in design in many packs.

I’ve wondered about those straps for awhile, they looked too thin with the strap running down the center and that was a problem I had on an old pack. I’ve seen that solved by sewing in a wider strap at the top and bottom of the padded section. My Atmos 50 has the padding inside a mesh sleeve that forms a you’re with the straps, an interesting design that works well for me.

As for the strap fabric, I cannot imagine wearing a tank top or adding any bunched/seamed fabric under a strap, seems like that’s asking for bruising and raw skin in that spot.

Michael Oermann says:

Abartige Preise!!!

Oregon Grinder says:

Excellent review, but something you should mention to folks, I’m pretty sure the inner main compartment is actually only 49 L, and with the added water bottle pockets, mesh rear pouch and added hip pouches brings the total or maximum volume up to 62 L … Thanks again! Happy hiking!

Dragon Roams says:

Nice review. For fanny packs I have the one Osprey offers and it sits off center. It doesn’t get in the way of the hip belt and ride pretty comfortable on my backpacking trips. I’ve used it with my Exos and my Vaulde packs.

TheTrailDancer says:

Are you in Bend too?

Random Acts of Video says:

You have to be a serious about long distance hiking to spend that much on a pack. We know its good for thru hikes based on Dixie’s experience, but if I remember it didn’t make it all the way to the end of the PCT. Cool ultralight backpack though.

boomnerd says:

Good review. I once bought an Arc Haul but returned it mostly because the load lifters were too wide as you mentioned (which made so uncomfortable). The “load lifters inside”, however are for an optional V strap. At 3:13, you can see that the “one inside” is narrower and the clip is reversed (you cannot tighten / loosen the strap). I agree to other things you mentioned. I hated the hip belt, pockets (way too side), shoulder straps. Besides, the torso size did not fit (virtue of buying online without trying on).

PNW Adventures And gear reviews says:

Got a few friends that want me to do preview videos of there gear good idea way to show without having to buy!

MD G. says:

I day dream of Zpacks equipment. A little above my pay grade. Someday……

Clem Johnson says:

If you have to modify your suspension system then maybe Zpacks should change it. I’m not impressed with the pack. Id rather use a dollar store backpack.

jim menge says:

seems like a great pack. I enjoyed the review.

Christine Winterton says:

A great review learnt so much more about this pack than from any other reviews, feel as though I could make an informed decision on wether this is the pack for me. Thanks so much both of you.

DamionJR4923 says:

Great review. It seems more honest than most. The bag is great except for the shoulder straps and hip belt padding. I really like the water proof fabric but I don’t think this pack is for me.

Martin Pugh says:

Have this backpack and love it. I avoided the hip belt pockets and went with the shoulder pockets and the extra side pockets. For me the shoulder straps were not a problem, with a pack weight around 25 pounds. I’m a big guy but went with medium pack and it fits well. For bear canister there is a v-strap available too.

cara turner says:

I love everything you love about your z pack. And I hate everything you hate about your zpack! I’m going to look into the sit pad fix on the shoulders. And the side pockets, I finally just put my electronics and first aid in those and got myself a fanny pack, too.
Mine is the scout (50 liters) and I can still fit my bear canister in it along with all of my other gear. It’s a tight squeeze, but it does fit.

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