9 Amazing Backpacks: Daily Carry, Minimal Travel

Here’s a review of 9 of my favorite bags. I review bags semi-professionally, so here’s the bags that have stood out to me over the past couple years.

More Daily Carry Bags ➡ http://bagworks.co/daily-carry-bags/
More 1-Bag Travel Bags ➡ http://bagworks.co/1-bag-travel/

➡ http://bag.gg/PeakEvryDayBack
— http://bagworks.co/bag/peak-everyday/

➡ http://bag.gg/AER
— http://bagworks.co/bag/aer-travel/

➡ 30L: http://bag.gg/TBaero30
➡ 45L: http://bag.gg/TBaero45
— http://bagworks.co/bag/tom-bihn-aeronaut/

➡ http://bag.gg/TBSynapse
— http://bagworks.co/bag/synapse/

➡ http://bag.gg/MinaalCarry
— http://bagworks.co/bag/minaal-carryon/

➡ http://bag.gg/TBGuide
— http://bagworks.co/bag/tom-bihn-guide/

➡ http://bag.gg/MinaalDaily
— http://bagworks.co/bag/minaal-daily/

➡ http://bag.gg/AER
— http://bagworks.co/bag/aer-fit-pack-2/

➡ http://bag.gg/PeakEvryDayTote
— http://bagworks.co/bag/peak-tote/

➡ http://bagworks.co/now

More Daily Carry Bags
— http://bagworks.co/daily-carry-bags/

More 1-Bag Travel Bags
— http://bagworks.co/1-bag-travel/

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joshua morales says:

I have a problem….

Martin Stemmle says:

Hey, how about a video on packing cubes?

PositiveEnergy says:

Great video 🙂 I don’t suppose you’re planning on doing a review of the Allpa 35L are you? Or just any opinions in general?

Also, as far as use is concerned, do you happen to do much camping? If so, do you have a favourite with that in mind?

Really did like the video, cheers for making it 🙂 I’ll be sure to use one of your links when I decide what exactly I’ll be buying (although at the moment I’m thinking maybe the allpa 35L)… All the best with everything, love your passion 🙂 Emma from Australia.

trevorbrown1014 says:

Ah shit I think I just found a new category to waste money on… smh

Emory Jacob says:

“Scarves and s*** like that” hahahahahah earned a sub

Ivan Crespo says:

Chase, could you do a review of the Monyker JW Weekender sometime? Thanks!

Lori Terpstra says:

My husband enjoys your videos. I would let him watch them… if… I didn’t have a seizure from the video screeching every 15 seconds. 🙁 You’re very knowledgeable and thurough on your reviews.

Eric Rice says:

lol @ “…meeting with people who have scarves…”

Anatoly Khalizev says:

I am so glad to finally find your channel. You create such an amazing performance!

Skwrl Fuzz says:

minaal daily is $250 wtf

samjh says:

Nice review!!!

Adam Steineke says:

You should check out the Cotopaxi Allpa 35, really loving it!

Jonathan Wu says:

Your commentary is amazing dude

Brent Ransenberg says:

Love Your reviews of the bags. It seems like you have some really great knowledge. Wanted to know have you ever seen a back pack for under $100 with these features: Padded hip/waist belt, easy access side laptop compartment and 26 to 32 L found the Venturesafe X30 Anti-Theft Adventure Backpack. check it out at https://www.ebags.com/product/pacsafe/venturesafe-x30-anti-theft-adventure-backpack/306282?productid=10396493 The only things I dislike are that its too expensive and I don’t need all the anti theft stuff it just adds weight and cost. Also it doesn’t have a side access laptop compartment like I’m looking for. I travel a lot on surf trips some of the travel times are 36 hours+ with 4 flights and layovers. I fly through airports with a lot of walking and as I am small at 5’4″ and 128Lbs it weighs on my shoulders and back quickly. I have hiking backpacks with waist belts and those are a lifesaver but they don’t work well for travel on a plane or have a designated laptop compartment. PLEASE HELP! thank you!

Richard Rule says:


Tom Mcdonnell says:

Great video. What do you suggest for under the airline seat backpack duffle. Had an under armour but the chest strap broke

Dave M says:

Any plans to do a review of any of the Douchbags packs? They seem to be getting rave reviews but would be good to see an ion depth one from you. http://www.douchbags.com

Pas Pas says:

You should check you sound or you tone. It’s very annoying to the ears. It feels like you’re sreaming and/or talking SUPER loud. Thanks for the reviews though.

Christopher Ivy says:

I have to say, I loved that millennial joke

Living On Leisure says:

Chase, I would love it if you could make a video dedicated to anti-theft type bags (branded that way or bags that you think have good anti-theft features). I’m a one-bag minimalist traveler and I want to invest in one nice looking, durable, secure bag that doesn’t look like I’m carrying everything I own on my back.

Tristan Claude says:

Whoever said the rain cover isn’t necessary was WRONG. The last trip I went on, having one was so appreciated. Rain that’s coming down hard, is too much for most backpacks even if they’re very water resistant.

Anthony Valcarcel says:

I’m a review hound… I mean I watch a shit ton of reviews about everything, and your approach is not only refreshing, but interesting. Here I am reviewing a reviewer, but I really appreciate your attitude and information. The best thing is that as I’m typing this, I don’t feel like you need validation which makes me want to fucking validate you more! Bag reviews… who’d have thought

S Jackson says:

Papers, man

naser manoo says:

you know it is a pity that we are mortal people because i like to be in this world with you for 1000 years man cool video

Cass Camden says:

please can someone please tell me the name of this backpack that I watched on a youtube video about 1 maybe 2 years ago. this backpack had a single magnetic closing mechanism & I know theres the lifepack one & the wndrd one but they are not it. im sure in the video this guy packs this bag n then goes off on a motorbike. thanks in advance if anyone knows

Ivan Gavriloff says:

Man, you’re amazing!! Thank you so much. I’m trying to figure out what backpack buy for one bag travel. I’m between the Tom Bihn Synapse 25, the AER travel Pack, the Tortuga Setout backpack or the Wndrd Prvke 31. Which does anyone recommend? Keep doing what you do man! It’s Awesome

Joy Kelso says:

You have no idea-now when I pack my bag, I always think, “laptop, tablet, papers… business papers… man…”

John Spo says:

Is that first bag, the peak, waterproof/resistant?

Chandler Newell says:

I’m looking into getting a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16″. I would love a recommendation for a good 16″ device bag.

Alex Kwa says:

I love your videos but the screaming sound you have on title screens really gets on my nerve when played at that frequency if you try to watch videos back to back. Please consider changing it.

Brandon Tabilisma says:

Review the lululemon assert bag

Aye NawNomis says:

Do you think Nomatic should be on this list?

iamnotfernando says:

At the US Tennis Open instant replay is called Chase Review

Nannette Nagy says:

I subscribed just because You’re super entertaining! I am a fan of Tom Bihn – specifically the Synapse 19! I just discovered Tom Bihn and within a week, I’ve spent a bunch of $$ on the S19 and accessories like their packing cubes, packing cube shoulder bag, the snake charmer, the Freudian Slip, the MacBook cache, extra zipper pulls, organizer pouches, key straps, utility strap, and so much more. Love your enthusiasm for the bags. Thanks.

pokey Paula says:

Yup . A cooler look is what I live for. Seriously.

howard826 says:

Hey love all your reviews, do u think u can do a review on the lululemon Assert 30L?

Houston Haws says:

Dude, I’m already interested in the video, you don’t have to yell at the camera/ have yelling noises between takes to keep my attention.

Maik Lok says:

Nice backpacks but not gonna buy them cuz i aint no killer

Morani says:

You are so great, and I can see that you are being yourself in these videos, I love it!

oOcitizenOo says:

What i love Youtube for is that you can find prople who loves something as much as you even though it is not a typical think to admire or love. And these are Backpacks!
Love you man, i mean your videos and the manner you describe things in 😀

I just wish i could afford buying all these bags. But thanks to the crazy sh*t going on with a currency rate in my country i could barely afford Aer travel 🙂

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