ACU MOLLE II and FILBE Rucksack – Comparison – The Outdoor Gear Review

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Comparing the ACU MOLLE II Large RuckSack and the FILBE Rucksack.
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The Hidden Woodsmen says:

The molle 2 has a full size frame. The filbe has a cut down version of the frame.

Joseph Ortiz says:

Brother Luke thanks again for selling me the Mollie II US Army Ruck sack, its really comfortable, I carry weights up to 40 lbs with no prob, tally-ho.

Mike Laubach says:

Hey man I love your reviews you got some great gear and survival skills ! I have both packs too the Marine FILBE and the Army’s Multicam Molle 2 large ruck. I like them both. I think the filbe is a little more durable and well made and my military sleep system fits better in it, than the molle 2 but if you buy the buttpack for the molle 2 it helps, you put your gortex bivy in that and makes room for the other pieces of the sleep system in the bottom of the pack. I only have the main pack and frame with the filbe, I don’t have the whole system like hydration bag and the rest of the set but you only need the 2 pieces I think. Right now I’m using the Multicam Molle 2 it seems a little wider to me and more user friendly. they both have a ton of roomI like the barrel drawstring to open the main compartment on the molle 2 better than the closure on the filbeut I like the load strap inside the filbe and the molle 2 does not have one. I reccomend either bag. If you need a big bag on a budget and you want camo go with the molle 2 large or medium ruck. If you want more molle webbing and you have the money to spend go with the filbe ! Both are great packs !!

evov monbly says:

special request: tells us what jacket you’re wearing.

Crom The Destroyer says:

Just FYI, the pouch on the inside of the FILBE is for a radio, and you can pronounce it “Fill-bee.” Takes less time.

Awesome video! I needed a side by side just like this to figure out what to replace my ALICE with. Thanks.

Brandon says:

That’s odd… At my local store, the MOLLE II is $150. Is this a rip off? Or it because I live in Canada?

panzerabwerkanone says:

If you have an old ALICE pack system, they make a MOLLE frame that fits it and will take the improved MOLLE straps and waist belt.

I'm so stoked my dude says:

I have a MOLLE 2, however it is the older style with the sleep system carrier separate. I prefer that version because I don’t always need a sleep system or a large rucksack and therefore I can remove them individually unlike the newer version with the integrated sleep system

LDS Nurse says:

Which of these do you prefer?  I’m trying to decide whether to buy the Molle 2 pack or the pricier FILBE.  I have the ILBE from when I was in the service, but not the new pack.

Alexander Kane says:

Hey mate what is the difference between the MOLLE II rucksacks? I have one that has a separate sleep system carrier and an addition pocket/pouch built in up on the main pack. They are advertised as the same name

Kent Roth says:

I have both packs, the filbe Pack I purchased on ebay for $20, shoulder straps $25
and kidney belt $25. I built it onto my ALICE frame. WOW what an upgrade.
The MOLLE pack does not carry weight as well because the frame is not as good
as the ALICE frame.  ALICE to the rescue…..sorry Molly

Trooper2221 says:

I ordered the filbe Ruck today. I have the ILBE but wanted a separate zippered sleeping bag compartment. And wanted the easier pull waist belt

Neils Dahlberg says:

     I WANT that big bucket pack filled with lightweight gear 

David Duafala says:

Have you considered doing a comparison between the ILBE and the MOLLE 2. Also I am curious if you have ever reviewed the old style ALICE pack to the MOLLE. And finally what is the down side to these packs.

Blakaveli says:

Is the FILBE bag able to carry the military sleep system?

Dan's bushcraft & survival says:

Please reply

robert winchester jr says:

Hey Luke,    I am revisiting molle ii vs filbe.   This video was a great video.  You showed the inside of the packs.  Very helpful for me.  Thanks brother!   These packs are very much the same.  Huge packs.         Strength and Honor    Bob

James Bond says:

Where did you buy that jacket and what size are you wearing there?

Rusty King says:

Hey Boy Scout Survival! I would go with the FILBE! The FILBE has a better color, has more molle webbing, there is a radio pouch/ bladder holder inside the main compartment, there are water bottle holders on each side of the FILBE, and there are load compressors on the inside of both the sleep system area and the gear area in the FILBE. You are going to pay more money for it but it is worth it completely. You can also switch out the original frame for an ALICE frame too(if you know what that is). Hope this helps! Ebay is the place to get either pack! PS: the FILBE has a better storm flap on it too and there is a place for a name tape on the flap along with having zippers on the map pouch rather than loud velcro. There;s my two cents! God bless and enjoy the outdoors! And as the scout motto goes be PREPARED!

seeweezeke says:

I have the molle II Large Ruck in woodland and one in multicam. These are great hiking packs. Very tough and comfortable.

Thanato says:

Should see if you can get your hands on the current Canadian Rucksack.

Brecken Y says:

I got mine here: even though I’m not a huge fan of UCP, it was cheap so I’m not complaining

Martin rodrigo lucero says:

hola buen dia , estoy viendo tu canal todos los videos exlente , me gustaria comprar la mochila la de color marron, como haria  vivo en mexico , me gusta mucho acampar y estoy una semana acampando ya que quiero cambiar mi vieja mochila , y como me ayiudaria para configurarla para los moles , , exlente videos , , muchas gracias saludos , la quiero para  mi proximo viaje 

Gregory Warmoth says:

Please remind people that if they ever get the MOLLE II get it in Multicam! UCP is great only if you run out of hunter orange to wear.

Tim Hocking says:

Have you loaded the Molle ii for a multi-day hiking trip? Is so, loaded with a moderate load, do you think you’d be able to keep up with light weight backpackers?

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