ACU MOLLE II RuckSack – Preview – The Outdoor Gear Review

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Checking out the ACU MOLLE II Large RuckSack.

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LDS Nurse says:

Have you done a video of you using this pack on an overnight. I’m thinking of getting one. Great channel. Love you videos.

Anton Kalinin says:

thanks for the information. i am from russia but bought this pack in the usa over the Ebay, but it costs over the 100 dollars with delivery, but i think that its normal price for good thing. In russia here i cant find this packs anywhere

YourUncleScroatie says:

ACU is an acronym for Acid-wash Combat Uniform. It is not camouflage or digital.

KittenBasket9736 says:

have you done a review of the framed 3 day rucksack from the US Army? its pretty great for short field problems and would translate great for camping / hiking trips

sniperforce34 says:

That pack is no different then the original. Alice pack, other then they changed to the molli system. But im sure it will do in a pinch. I would own it as a last resort system.

Ei Pi says:

why dont you test the gear b4 you give a review ?

Joe Young says:

I have found it very difficult to have the MSS sleep system, and all its components (green patrol bag, black bag, bivy and stuff sack), cannot fit in the sleep system compartment. I have even spent extra time and effort compressing it, and still no luck. Any suggestions?

Absolom Humblebug says:

This is horrible. The shoulder harness is a mess on this pack, it requires a tutorial on its own just to assemble it.  You spent 10 minutes showing the pouches over and over again, and exclaiming over how huge everything is. You couldn’t spare 30 seconds to give a close-up on the harness configuration?

gary ivan bringino says:

I own the desert molle and its basically the same.they are great packs.if I know I’m going to be doing a long haul,its my go to bag.

Angrygerman1930 says:

Yeah bud just to let you know u don’t have the but pack it’s part of the system plus there’s a highdration pouch that supposed to come with it

Jor Kar says:

Just bought my Molle 2 and should be here Friday. can’t wait to gear it up and so some late winter camping!

7033Joe says:

Is there anywhere where I can buy one without the “U.S.” on it? Not that I hate America. I’m actually an American. I just don’t want to be accused of stolen valor.

PineMountainVentures says:

I recently purchased a military surplus tarp, it has a mildew odor to it. I have tried a mild bleach and soap solution to clean it, with no success. Then I tried a mild vinegar mist, let it dry, but no success. Any suggestions?

dustysquito says:

How in the heck did I miss this bag? I’ had been keeping an eye on Ebay for the USGI sleep system already, and the fact that this bag has a compartment specifically designed for what I’d consider to be the bulkiest part of your kit is pretty dang awesome. Good find, man!

Zepply Ledson says:

Cool!! I believe I have just found my next pack! I have been using a Fox Outdoor Australian Military “Style” Rucksack for many years now. It’s kind of small, but has a lot of D rings, I think it’s comfortable and for me, it’s good for 3 or 4 days. But I turn 50 this year and I want to start taking some luxuries and need the room. I prefer simple packs that I can attach things to and modify. This one looks perfect!! Thanks and a thumbs up. I’m subscribing. I like your videos!!

Von Sprague says:

I’ve owned one in acu for about 12 months, it’s so heavy empty but indestructible. Plenty of room for gear and food, water, etc. Well made and comfortable once your buddy has put it back on you lol. I paid £70, around $85 in the UK. I sprayed it OG with Krylon to a civillanise it and because I hated the pattern. Great review as always.

sahoni100 says:

it will hold the weight my sons load around 100 pounds

Adam Paladini says:

Excellent review. I just purchased my MOLLE II based on it. Hey, unrelated topic, who makes the jack you wear in this review?

caplotnik says:

Good looking jacket you got there, Luke. To those of you who already own one of these, is the frame adjust ability pretty good? I am 5’4″. And, is it waterproof?

seeweezeke says:

wonder why no clamore pocket

mtraatorie25 says:

Do you know how to attach assaultpack to largerucksack?

Joseph Ortiz says:

brother Luke I love this pack I bought from you I’ll send a pic when I hit the trail with it brother. Stay well.

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

Hey there brother, it’s the Condor Summit Soft Shell Jacket in Coyote Tan.

LDS Nurse says:

Have you done a video with this pack yet?  I’m thinking about picking one up.  Love the channel.

Chase Phillips says:

They go for $199 New Zealand Dollars here. Thinking about picking one up.

Derek of Gont says:

Thanks for the review

Noah says:

Ugliest Pack I’ve seen

D Reed says:

Its so big I have to wonder is there any practical reason for a civilian to need this pack? I bought one and while the straps are extremely comfortable id never come close to filling up even half the pack. On one side its more space than id ever need but at the same time I could probably do things more effectively with a medium alice pack. Plus I keep hearing lots of people hating on acu and I don’t understand why.

Noah Koenig says:

just scooped up a one labeled under “very good” condition for $70! can’t wait for it to come.

Strict & Particular Baptist Radio says:

I paid fifteen bucks for mine… God blessed me.

Da A says:

The pattern is called ucp not acu, and the only thing molle II packs are good for are retrofitting the shoulder and waist straps onto Alice frames.

Sonny Fish says:

The belt buckle will of been design that way to enable the user to rest the weight of his weapon on the buckle!

Brecken Y says:

Got mine for like $30 here and it shipped fast:

Kent Henson says:

How waterproof do you reckon it is?

Tony More says:

Like the vids! Just picked up a new gen 2 ruck and it came with a new jslist (mopp chem suit) bag. Not sure exactly how to attach to the top, any advice? thanks

Richard Crabtree says:

Luke, I have this bag and I take it fatwood hunting, just the other day I had 97 lbs in it and buddy let me tell ya one thing, I was happy when I got back to my truck.. I truly love it, it is a beast and has never let me down well worth the money…. well I’m going to get a cup of maxwell house coffee, hope u can put down that tasters nasty… lol

chivone21 says:

Can you tell me where that hydration pouch attaches on that pack?

Noah Koenig says:

is this or the “sea bag” bigger?

mtraatorie25 says:

Do you know how to attach assaultpack to largerucksack?

Landon Patterson says:

Whats a PM but my email is

michael storm says:

i can confirm that load out weight. the average packing list can weigh anywhere from 40-60 lbs depending on the commander, plus if you were an RTO 240 gunner, mortar man, etc. you would have to fit your base plates tubes extra barrels alternate forms of coms and extra batts. for all those systems as well. As for the belt buckle we never used them they would be in the way of our combat loads and ifacs

hd250driver says:

Hope you can help me. I got a incredible deal on all this. I have the rucksack, assault pack, waist pack, water pack, 5 piece sleep system, poncho and poncho liner and the gortex rain suit. I don’t know how to attach all the packs together. And where is the best place to put everything, where it goes and how? I looked on YouTube, couldn’t find any videos on this. Thanks for any help. Hope you could do a video on this.

sahoni100 says:

talking to my son right now its the real deal trying to find one were can I find one

Solocha823 says:

Love this ACU/UCP U.S. Army camo, idk why soldiers say this pattern is terrible it can blend in with multiple things, you just have to make it to

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

You are correct amigo; it’s the Condor Summit Soft Shell Jacket.

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

Hey there brother, it’s the Condor Summit Soft Shell Jacket in Coyote Tan.

James Dale Reed says:

I love using this pack on long Hikes in the mountains As you said it is a Beast, I use this and The ACU SDS Assault pack or patrol pack along with it so yeah it becomes even more of a beast, Thanks for the video

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