Best backpack of 2017? REVIEW Mission Workshop Rhake

Spoiler alert: This bag is high on my list of my favorite bags 2.0

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– Geek (Performance) –

Space & Access 8
Organization 9
Comfort 7

– Style (Design) –

Look & Feel 9
Build, Materials & Hardware 8
Features 9

– Stoke (Experience) –

Warranty & Support 8
Brand experience 8
Value 7
X Factor 9




As you might know from my „How I make a buying decision“ video: Rather than just looking at the pros, I like to evaluate the cons or flaws of an item and then evaluate if I can live with them. That is why in my video reviews I concentrate more on the cons of an item rather than going over all the features. Therefore everything shown is just a fraction of all the points that go into the verdict and score of an item.


A Quicklook usually covers pre-production units or items that I only used for a short period of time. While Reviews cover final items that I have reviewed intensively.


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Chris McLaughlin says:

Great review Bo! You mentioned that the clip on top is optional to keep the bag closed but does that mean you have to order it that way?

levrons says:

Great review! How large of a packing cube do you think would fit in the main compartment, while being able to fully roll down the top?

Kevin Ankin says:

Thanks for the review Bo. This bag was on the top of my list for my next bag, but with the negatives you pointed out I’m not sure I will get it, especially at the high price. My search continues. As always, keep up the great reviews.

Kriega bags do a great job from keeping straps from flying around while riding. I still love mine and no matter how stuffed, it still feels light weight due to it’s shoulder strap design.

The Rhake is a very nice looking bag though.

Sebastian Gomez Chacon says:

Bo, I would like to watch a video of you comparing your current backpacks, according to their main use. Because there are many similar backpacks with no clear difference.

Heckies says:

Will you be doing any give aways soon?

zoo says:

What’s your main backpack for your motorcycle now?

Oliver Raatz says:

Bo! Hammer Videos!! Aufbau, Schnitt, Style, Erklärung und überhaupt… sehr Rundes Ding!! …und ich glaube der erste YouTuber den ich aus Hamburg entdecke, der nicht gerade 25 ist und irgendeinen Teeny-Kram produziert 😉 …oder zumindest habe ich bisher noch keinen anderen entdeckt. Also Hut ab und weiter so!

Daniel Anugerah says:

love the compartments and the design

Bradley Woody says:

Always love your videos, Bo. I am officially off the missionworshop band-wagon. Their designs are so self indulgent and impractical. There is virtually no depth to this pack so if you put anything fragile, i.e. an Ipad as mission workshop suggests into the outside slip pocket that sits behind those two poorly designed organizer panels, than the contents of the main bag will push into and potentially put undue stress on your fragile tablet. As for those outside organizer pockets…do those clips that you have to unbuckle serve a purpose? do they expand and allow you to strap things to the outside of the bag? I appreciate your comment about water pooling on top of those stormguard zips that seal the admin panels shut; seems obvious but mission workshop is designing for style, in a vacuum, and they would not have noticed. Honestly if Mission workshop would just let other people design their bags, they could still build them because the build quality and material selection is top-notch. Just sees wasted on such poorly designed bags. Rant over.

Benoît de Galzain says:

How would you compare this bag to the other MS bags? I really do not like the look…

I also wonder why they put these clips on top of the organization pockets? Maybe it is possible to remove them or cut them off?

I remember tou reviewed the Life Behind Bars Peloton which impressed me with features. How would you compare it to the Rhake?

John Delta says:

Review mystery ranch ASAP mas, pleaseeee

Karl Badde says:

Listen bag nerds: There is an easy solution to the **ehm** loose strap end issue. Exped users already are familiar with strap tidies:
Although there are solutions on Amazon, you can easily DIY something like this on your own and Mission Workshop strap ends are perfect for this since they typically are backsewn onto the strap itself forming a loop end. Grab yourself a roll of Velcro (double sided hook‘n‘loop), fiddle a small portion of the Velcro through the looped strap end, roll up excess strap, fix the rolled up ball onto the strap with the attached hook‘n‘loop. For more than 350$ Mission Workshop should have done a bit of competitive analysis but frankly: this is an easy hack and I‘m happy they focused on their USP: balancing EDC compartments. Can‘t wait for mine to arrive (and it’s literally my first backpack in decades)! I‘m getting a roll of Velcro… you‘re welcome!

Dov Vod says:

I ordered the bag and I think I was in the second batch when they sent them out. They sent me a nice can we bump you to the next set of bags and gave me a discount that paid for the cobra buckles I ordered with the bag.

The Cobra Buckles are so much nicer and cooler than the plastic buckles and they come off with literally a swipe.

Having said that those buckles straps are an oddball set of compressions straps very easy to use. I kind of wish they had been routed behind the structured bags outer organizer instead over them. That would have made the organizer pockets more independent and more accessible.

 The only real criticism I have of the bag that’s an issue is the top strap to lock down the role is really insanely short. It totally assumes that you have the rolltop rolled up. If you have the bag packed and want just the very top of the roll to just close over anything the strap comes nowhere near the top.

 An extra loop near the top of the bag or a strap that’s adjustable would have made it usable in any other configuration.
I’ve been thinking of getting more cobra buckles and just adding my own strap that’s long enough

 Outside of all that I love the bag

Nafiz Rashid says:

which bicycle do u ride!?
plz make a review on that..

Kevin Kwok says:

Please review brown buffalo conceal pack

James Paul says:

Have you done a review on the WANDRD brand?

Sergey Kornev says:

Hello Bo! Love this review! Would you say it’s easy for a pick-pocket to access the front compartments? You do say that it takes extra effort to open them though, so it may be to restrict quick access?

Eiem Lupus says:

This can work as a carry on bag or it is too big?

Iron Backpacker says:

Thanks Bo, echt coole Features. Dieses Teil könnte tatsächlich was für mich werden. Warte allerdings auf den DayPac von CyCop und deiner Meinung; ich bitte dich darum 🙂

Abraham Benitez says:

If you want to buy kids backpack you can buy here

kidbach says:

Great review. Is it just a work edc bag or can it be a travel bag and how many days can it support?

Danny Westwood says:

Hi Bo. Great review, thank you. The bag looks really good, but the price though. £305 (€350) in the UK. Ouch!

Janak Dudakia says:

Bo Ismono, its a great observation I have the rambler and Kriega 25L if you ride alot I prefer the Kriega for long distances… and the rambler for grocery shopping etc also added strap holders eliminate the strap issue

Venkat Kumar says:

Hi, would like to see you review a few messenger bags as well.

fattyrecca says:

I’m a big fan of your reviews. Keep up the good work. I bought the LBB Peloton Asphalt as a result of your review. I considered this one but it confirmed my thoughts.

Omkar Mhatre says:

Great channel and great hardwork

Hongshen Xiao says:

Very informative videos!

gonefishingapodaca says:

Is the laptop compartment suspended? Or does it go all way to the bottom? Also is it possible to un-thread the sternum straps through the end of the shoulder straps?

Sharon Koh says:

Hi Mr Bo Ismono, do you have Ares work gym backpack? Can Mr Bo make a review about this bag? ^^

Tomoaki Sugai says:

When would you upload the review of the X-PAK?

chimbatete says:

Bo great as usual, all you need now is to put them to work. Back pack the Philippines and get that million views:)

Keegan J Solomon says:

What in your opinion is the best travel backpack?

gonefishingapodaca says:

Good review. But would have liked to see how the bag looks loaded out with stuff.

M. says:

Great review Bo! But…for the price and the design, this bag just doesn’t make much sense to me. Obviously people are purchasing the bag but there are quite a few bags on the market that are far less complicated to open that still offer plenty of organization. Just my opinion though.

Erik Valenzuela says:

I love the design of the bag, I just wished the two pockets were more accessible and that the two flaps in the front could’ve served as external carry.

Usually their bags are optimized for bike messengers, so I would’ve liked to see those two front straps to be able to carry skateboard, or a bike wheel, or an oversized box for instance

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