Best Travel Packs: Jack Wolfskin Trt 32 Pack Rucksack Review

I am a huge fan of tactical bags from brands such as Goruck (the GR2 is still one of my favorite travel bags), 5.11, SOG, etc. Before I decided to buy a Goruck I had been searching high and low for a bag with a military / tactical aesthetic that wasn’t too crazy and that was also cheaper than the Goruck. I believe the Jack Wolfskin TRT 32 Rucksack is a bag that might have been a viable alternative to the GR2 if I had found it earlier. I had never heard of the company before and I was a little worried since the bag did not have any reviews on Amazon, but so far I have been pretty impressed! I love how it opens flat like a suitcase, the different organizational options that it offers, the amount of space it has for everything you would need for a trip, and the overall look of the bag. If you are looking for a bag that is similar to the Goruck bags and are willing to sacrifice a little bit of quality and comfort, this bag may be a good option for you.

Have you used Jack Wolfskin products in the past? What did you think? Do you think this would be a good Goruck alternative for travelers on a tighter budget?

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Stephen Goodwin says:

what are the dimensions of the bag fully packed out?

1000monograms says:

thanks mate for the video, it is really hard to find inside view on the net. cheers!

Nancy KR says:

Hello, thank you for reviewing this bag . I really like the look and features. One thing I’m curious about and that is the comfort level when having the fully loaded bag on for long periods of time. Also, as you noted those straps look quite thin. How does that play into the comfort level ? Finally, I’m 5’8 will this bag be too long? Thank you and I’m really looking forward to your response . I’m really considering this bag but of course have concerns before purchasing.

Tizian Blue says:

Hi, thanks for this nice review, it helped me finding my decision and I will go and order one of these. As other ppl commented here, Jack Wolfskin is a brand that is well known in Europe and especially in Germany. They came from the pure “Out-Door-Department” and now have lots of clothes and stuff in their stores. But they still have some very good Our-Door stuff. We have the “Tundra TN” tent in in use for more than 12 yrs, still good and fully usable. But I am in doubt if this tent is still in program.

Smashit says:

Hey, thank you very much for the nice review. What would you suggest is the maximum amount of days you can travel with this backpack?

Sean Moore says:

another  good review,  something  I’ve  wondered  for a  while with  reviewers , what  do  they  do  with  all the  travel packs s they  get  over  time, resell them? or  return  them after the  review ?

Oh  also  another  bag  for the  budget  series  for you  to  check  out  if  you’d  like to :


I says:

Hi, thanks for the video. Jack Wolfskin is one of the best Outdoor Gear Company from Germany. Started end of the 1970 as far as I know. Have tons of their equipment, including my first backpack (1988). Great quality, long term should be no issue at all.

Simply Bravo says:

Really like this video. I still am more of a fan of the Nomatic Travel Pack which I ordered partly because of your video :). I received mine and I love it, by far the best bag I have ever owned.

Jack Wolfskin is actually a Germany company (I currently live in Germany) and I know a few of their Backpacks. They are quite good, and although they are not particularly water resistant, some of their models come with an integrated rain cover on the bottom of the bag!

Azat Rakishev says:

Hello, thanks for reviews, find them very interesting and helpful. I am deciding what to choose wolfskin trt32 or thule subterra that you ve reviewed. The main purpose is durable travel backpack, that rarely can be used as a daily backpack. Price range of both models is the same. What would you recommend?

321seb says:

thanks for the helpful review. great vid as usual. could you give a rough idea as to what actual size you think the bag is? ill be backpacking and travelling indefinitely and have narrowed it down to the TRT 32, the dakine split adventure 38, or the timbuk2 wander. do you have one youd go for out of those 3? id really value your informed opinion. thanks!!

xPentag0n says:

Thank you, I bought the TRT 22, this review helped me alot because these two bags are very comparable.
It say it fits a 14 inch Laptop but 15,6 inch (small bezels) fits well too, but it doesn´t have the bottom layer which holds the notebook. Kinda sad.

For some people who are wondering, the sternum straps are changeable in height, or to take them off completely, the bootom straps are removeable too.
And kinda bad advertisement by Jack Wolfskin too not say that stuff and giving very little pictures and information.

Max Nits says:

Stop. Cutting. The. Footage. That. Much. It’s. Fucking. Ridiculous.
PS LIke the way you speak though, just try to say one sentence without cutting it pretty please? And breathe man, breathe, it’s not like you’re in a rap battle or something.

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