Best Travel Packs: Nomatic Travel Pack (Backpack) Review

The Nomatic Travel Pack is one of the bags I have been most excited to try out. The original Nomatic travel bag set the bar super high and I have to say that the newest bag did not disappoint. This bag has so many great features and is very unique in that it works very well as both a day bag and a travel backpack that can hold up to a week’s worth of clothing. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Does the Nomatic Travel Pack look like a bag you want to try out?

Nomatic Travel Pack (Amazon):

Nomatic Travel Pack (Official Site):

15% Discount Code on Nomatic’s Official Site (not sure if this will still be valid depending on when you are viewing the video) : packs15

Incase EO Backpack:

Incase VIA Backpack:

Nomatic Travel Bag:

Nomatic Travel Bag Review:

Incase VIA Review:

Items featured in bag:

Bagsmart Tech Organizer:

MacBook Pro Retina (13 inch, Touchbar):

iPad Mini:

GoPro Hero 3+:

GoPro Hero5 (Latest):

Packing Cubes:

Aer Dopp kit:

Powerbot USB Hub:

TOMs Classic Slip On Shoes:

Field Notes:

Penguin Chiller Shoes:

Gerber Shard:

WD External Drive:

Mocreo Travel Adapter:

Mocreo Review:

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Nay Naing says:

Can you do one on their backpack?

Daniel Rose says:

Thanks for the video, I have been waiting to see a proper, in depth review on it for ages. I’m definitely keen to hear your daily use review.

Ivan Gavriloff says:

Thanks for the review man. It’s awesome. I was waiting so much time for this bag review. I have a question for you: I want to buy a backpack for one travel bag kinda journey and my options are The nomatic travel pack, the aer travel pack, the Tortuga setout, the tom bihn synapse 25 and the wndrd prvke 31. Which one is the best base in your opinion? Again thanks for this amazing review. See ya!

Ad O says:

Excellent review. Yes, please do review it as an unexpanded day pack.

Could you get your hands on a Compagnon “The Backpack” for review?

Simply Bravo says:

What an excellent, informative video. I ordered one and I can’t wait to test it. It looks pretty much perfect for my use. Please show it in it’s daily use! More information is always appreciated.

Dennis Jiang says:

You mentioned a 15% off coupon? Where can we find that? And also great video!

MinerKing X says:

I recently found ur Chanel and I’ve been searching for a in depth review and ur the first one I found

Budget Traveler says:

Will this bag work as a carry-on? will be traveling for 3 months all over asia and will be using budget airlines.

Gene Rolland says:

Great Review! I love your channel! I purchased this bag through kick starter last year and just received it recently. I absolutely love this bag! I use it as a daily carry (not expanded), primarily a tech bag. I use a couple of Cocoon Grit-It organizers in the main part of my bag to organize my tech gear. I found a larger sized Grid-it, that nicely covers the bottom (Horizontal) section of the main compartment. Then I also have a smaller Grid-It which I use for cables, which sits on top of the larger one. I use one of the side pockets for Aukey 30,000 mAh Power Bank. I have cables from that running into the top compartment. For charging either an iPhone or Android phone. You can charge the Aukey with both a USB Micro source and a Lighten source at the same time. So I found a small portable Upwade travel power strip and surge protector which sits at that bottom of the bag. It has 2 universal (100-240V) outlets and 4 Smart USB charger ports. So I have the Aukey power bank & a smaller Samsung power bank plugged into that. So when I need to charge them and other electronics, I just plug in the power strip. The power strip has a 5 foot skinny extension Chord that you can coil around it, when not in use. I completely agree with you on how well this bag is organized and thoughtful pocket layout! My only criticism of the bag is that it doesn’t have a power pass through option in EVERY compartment of the bag as advertised. They have it from the main compartment to the top compartment. I would have like having it to the front compartment and the Laptop compartment (when not expanded). Thank You again for all of your reviews! Gene

Ziad says:

Thanks for the review! Can you please do a review of it as a daily bag? Also, do you think this bag would be good for every day carry including activities like walking and biking for long distances? My concern is that the back padding does not contain mesh and looks like it might be hot and cause a lot of sweat. How does the padding in that regard compare to other similar sized bags that have comfortable padding like the Timbuk2 for example?

Mohamed Khair Shishani says:

Thanks for the in depth review, very informative video as usual. I have ordered the Backpack and should be delivered soon, i wish they had included the ability to add a shoulder straps as i will be using it daily for office

Peregrination says:

Great video! The packing cube is a nice feature!

Justin says:

Hi, recently found your channel and it’s great! You recently did a comparison video of a few travel packs – how well would you personally rank the Nomatic Travel Backpack against those you included in that video?

William Lopez says:

Do a day pack video

Omar ALshmarey says:

Thanks for review! Very well done

chorea1999 says:

intelligent, knowledgeable review. thanks

Tim Huynh says:

Great video! Just received my travel pack in the mail but seems to have a hard time standing on it’s own when you have things in the compartment. Just wondering if yours stands pretty straight or does it stand at an angle?


Svish85 says:

Did you do that packing cube stuff video you mention at the end? Tried looking for it, but yeah… A link would be great 🙂

rp says:

Beware! this bag a major security flaw that was not mentioned in this video! Indeed, the main compartment has 4 zipper pulls. 2 facing upward that are lockable, however the 2 zipper pulls facing downward are not lockable in any way or be secured in place, rendering useless the 2 lockable ones since anyone could just open the main compartment using these unlockable ones. in addition, these unlock able ones are facing downward, and if not fully pulled down or accidentally pulled up due to excessive packing or mishandling, content form the bottom of main compartment could potentially fall off the bag and get lost !

silentderp says:

Best nomatic travel pack video 🙂 very informative!

ąղժɾҽա ҍɾąժӀҽվ says:

I’m subscribing cause you’r so gorgeous

D B says:

Really really well done video, mate! I would definitely be keen for a daily use video. I’m considering getting this as a second carry on bag for an international trip. We have a roller bag that will have all the clothes, this will be for stuff we want to access throughout the flight – laptop, headphones, travel pillow etc… Do you think this will be too big (if left unexpanded) to sit underneath the seat in front of me?

Bennett Tong says:

Thanks for the detailed review. Would really like to see a review for daily use, especially with regards to the size (whether it looks too large) and weight, as it seems clear the features great for daily use

Vrutant Shukla says:

Hi, I have seen many videos on your channel and I like them all. But I have never seen any complete video about TAD fast-pack EDC. Can you review it ?

Laurence Tan says:

Thanks for the review! nice and detail!
Can I ask that what is the weight for an empty bag? Because I read online that some people complaint about this bag a bit heavier than normal travel bag. From what i saw in the video this bag quite a big size too.
Besides that, are there any bad you found for this bag?

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