Bobby Anti-theft Backpack – Loading It Up / XD Design | In-depth Look

“This pocket is big enough for all laptops up to 15,6” – XD Design’s website

After several comments from people, it seems that the Kickstarter version (in this video) of the Bobby Backpack is quite different from the retail version. Key differences are that there are no internal: zipped side pockets or sleeve at the top.

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Bobby Backpack Unboxing Video

RiutBag R15 vs Bobby Backpack


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Simple Tutorials says:

question is it worth money??

DFA132 says:

why on earth would anyone carry 3 pairs of headphones in the bag???…1 is not enough??…

Mustaffa Yasin says:

I think this will be perfect for day outing during oversea holidays. I will need to bring power bank(s), camera,, probably pen and notepad and ample space to put small souvenirs purchased along the way. The back pocket will be perfect to keep passports, travel docs etc. I have my Ogio Renegade to do what this bag cant do, and Ogio is too big for day outings, so its perfect.

Insanely Racing says:

Anyone know how it will last during a Full year of Highschool?

Review Mylife says:

i am own one of the bobby bag , u should put the face of the bag on the table and open it. It will be a lot more easier. To be honestly, the first time i get the bag. I feel terible to open the bag the same way to you. After change the way to open the bag, I really happy with that and now i gonna love this bag a lot. Thanks

Insanely Racing says:

Anyone know how it will last during a Full year of Highschool?

ss lee says:

he tried to make us dislike this backpack…

iZilly says:

You need to evaluate what you need to bring around, who need 3 pairs of headphones and if you have an iPad/laptop/phone with you, why use a journal? I am sure i could have easily fitted all the stuff you have in there much better. It is a nice bag pack and i would surely consider getting one for myself as my normal backpack is really getting old. practice your “Tetris” game and try redo the packing 🙂

RodrigoFC95 says:

This is a good video, but that is a BAAAD backpack :/ !

Bedrock Sign Post says:

Lol you don’t even know how to put like a usb in one of the five pockets that are still empty.

MrSpookyBoss YT says:

Omg you have serious OCD ffs

Ryan Patel says:

Love how you are are unable to pack a bag

ACF Beer says:

Okay my stuff… dildo, porno, more porno, anddd…

More porno

Philippe Beerlandt says:

Watch out !!! There is a chinese company called “Dudes Gadget” who offers a similar backpack wich is of a really inferior quality. They call it the Antonio. Actually they make on their site use of a video about the Bobby to confuse possible buyers but as I said their backpack is of really inferior quality and far too expensive for what it represents.Please accept my reaction to inform people about this possible fraud.

Matthew Crisp says:

Can it take a 17.3 inch laptop

frankcoltt says:

Нахуй эти похлопывания? Жирные неуклюжие ручонки.

Rida Issa says:

come on , 3 headphones what do you do with 3 headphones?????? and one laptop and 1 ipad????? and then you say there is no more space… I don’t understand that kind of people… use 1 headphone, no need to ipad if you have a laptop and your phone gonna replace the ipad also so ipad is useless, and the rest it can goes very well if you only take one Item note 3 headphones… anyways…

Andy C says:

I agree with everything you said. I don’t understand the comments saying you can’t pack, because who spends more than 10 minutes trying to figure out what can fit where? Unless you’re backpacking somewhere. This is supposed to be your everyday bag and if you’re always trying to figure out where to put things, it won’t make it enjoyable to use.

the_marcustee Insights says:

1. Those aren’t pencils
2. Super disorganized
3. Seems to be a biased video paid for by… (?)

pressefr says:

Not really indept if you didn’t point out and use all the smaller compartments. On the sides and in the strap and the location of the usb port outside.

Cassidy Cantrell says:

im cringing because is there not a hidden poxket designated for the power bank?? and you put the power bank in a different pocket??

The Studio HDN says:

I really want to vomit when I’m watching this crazy man on youtube.

Farhan Azam says:

is this bag fit 15.6″ laptop? my laptop is lenovo z50

MrGameOwnage says:

The video didn’t feel terribly useful. In a way, it’s good to know that it may not suit students or daily work life. I’ve purchased it for travel and judging by how much you fit, it should be able to handle everything I’ll need for travel. I think a more useful video would be if you experimented around with what common objects fits where and then demonstrate efficient packing. Your packing wasn’t super efficient and it kinda looked like your first time doing it. Such as the hidden pockets: I know you said you don’t have a need for them, but for the sake of your viewers, perhaps play around with putting a travel card somewhere or a bunch of keys in the hidden pocket. Your unboxing video was quite good though.

France TYing says:

My stuff (worst case scenario): Laptop (including power bricks and Logitech M331 wireless mouse), phone charger, power bank, earbuds, A5 size notebook, small notebook, a A4 size plastic folder, umbrella, 750ml ECO by Tupperware water bottle. and other small stuff(keys, usb cables, and usb drives).

I put ALL stuff into this bag and my water bottle is left out. Sad case.

btw I decide to bring a BIG water bottle with my hand, since 750ml seem not enough to me.

Jafar Najafov says:

Thanks, I bought mine from Joopzy. I love it

Tzotzos Viral says:

your retarted management space skills is all is see in this video..

THEtwinBROTHERS1011 says:

can someone tell me if I can fit a day or two worth of clothes and maybe a pair of shoes in the backpack

Magic trick Osman says:

Will iPad air 2 fit?

L. M. says:

“You lose the quick access”?… That’s what the bag is intended for. [Anti-Theft] ¬_¬

Brian Lugogo says:

this guy is a total ass when it comes to packing hahaha, he could have at least asked somebody how to go about first before he attempted to make this video

Téa Albaret says:

Can I fit a 15.6″ laptop?

MrSpookyBoss YT says:

You havnt gave a single compliment

Kristianne Madriaga says:

i have a 39 cm x 26cm laptop.
would it fit in the laptop pouch?
Thanks.. Btw great review.

DemXcius says:

Would a Dell latitude be able to fit in the laptop compartment

Paolo Gonzalez says:

Would you recommend the original bobby instead of the compact?

Lola Bunny says:

I purchased Black color but the color inside the bag was Blue not Gray?? Anyone else? oh and yes mine is original 100%

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