Budget Bugout Bag Option: CVLife 50L Rucksack

The CVLife 50 Liter Rucksack is a budget option you may want to check out. I used this for an outing up in Maine recently and it did the job nicely, AND it holds A LOT of gear – more than I expected. This is not going to be the ultimate camping or bug-out bag everyone, but if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this one is worth considering – check it out!

CVLife 50 L Rucksacks: http://amzn.to/2tleEIS

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AntX Wrench says:

Any Velcro for patches?

Grant Williams says:

love the new testament in the bag. God is the most important thing.

H Nielsen says:

I just ordret one from UK (I live en EU) for 18 GBP (25 usd), but I have seen it as low as 15 gbp (21 usd) in a different color.

Craig Banach says:

I almost bought the pack a few months ago, but couldn’t find any high quality reviews. im glad you made this video!!

Vander valid says:

I’m torn between this one and the Paratus 3 day operator pack! … On Amazon this pack looks like plastic and the Paratus pack looks more like a cloth material. But this pack dont look like plastic so IDK.

Xavier Sotelo says:

Question…what is the point of the clip straps that aren’t stitched and slide off that easily? To me that seems cheap. Is there a reason why it’s not stitched together?

Jesus Christ says:

The ACU version of the 60l was on sale for $17 originally $40. What a steal.

loli protection agency says:

I have that bag don’t put to much weight my straps broke and I used fishing line to fix it other than that it’s ok

Mellow Stacker says:

They sell this bag on eBay for $20 now.

James Schrader says:

Bought same pack in a 55L on eBay for $25 for my 26yr old son. Loved it. I’ve had some of the lower attached packs for yrs in my vehicles with first aid kits in them. Have had no issues with them. Great info, but can be bought cheaper. Great value.

Alaskan eye says:

Got this for $16.00 with a 40% promo code.

fish lover pond hoper says:

First to like

Mike Angelastro says:

I don’t think you can beat the price.

Mike Southey says:

good review, what’s the fabric quality like? some cheap gear has what feels like plastic skinned canvas, that starts separating after a while. …

Tyron Jackson says:

It’s 18 bucks

Megsman says:

great straightforward review.

jay thompson says:

Great review bro but I wouldn’t waste my money on it . I learned my lesson with bargain basement rucksacks a long time a go . you buy crap you’ll get crap . if you want a good budget bag , get an old A.L.I.C.E. pack . there a good bag for not a lot of money . there’s a few company’s still making them . there still as good as the original issue .

Jeff Smith says:

I just picked up that same bag and so far I like it. I paid 26 bucks for mine but it’s worth 40 in my opinion. Thanks for showing us some budget gear!

Isak Carrillo says:

Got my on the wish app for 15 would recommend if you don’t want to spend and rarely go out.

ANCHOR440 says:

Looks like a great size 4 overnighting and quite versatile.

Sugar Bear says:

Have you ever came across a pack that would work well for strapping shovel, mattock, axe, machete to the exterior. The one I currently use is tearing apart on me but I only paid 40 for it and used it for two years, I would like to be able to strap the tools to the sides of it the closest thing to perfect I have found is a cabelas bag called the minimalist maybe you have seen something that would work better for me?

Mike Southey says:

good review, what’s the fabric quality like? some cheap gear has what feels like plastic skinned canvas, that starts separating after a while. …

ZyPhReX says:

This is perfect for a back up. Might have to check this out. Thanks for the review Tim!

Mike Southey says:

Good review, what’s the fabric quality like? some cheap gear has what feels like plastic skinned canvas, that starts separating after a while. …

NN Timberwolf says:

Who makes the portable grill?


thank you IAM poor brother would this pack be good for everyday use

Todd Evans says:

im 6’3″ 270 &have the cv life 65 &did before what just you said doubled ends &sewn them &works good for me. Mine had a hidden rain cover on top &that was only $49!

Domen Zidar says:

great review as always! what kind of a portable grill is that? im looking for a compact grill for a while and i cant find anything.

Jack G. says:

Great video and review. I’m needing a new pack for my wife and this one may do the trick. Thanks for sharing.

ArmaGuyz says:

Just be aware after reading the Amazon reviews they said put light gear it. His straps broke. Just an opinion but if you only needed to grab it and throw it in a car or carry it to a site not far and cant hike with it or put anything of weight in it.
Its a NO GO for a bug out bag. You sell it thats for sure but if the straps are going to break on the pack that is a big unreliable
red flag. It may as well just be a sleeping bag holder.

Bug out bags hold alot of gear to go somewhere for a while this isnt going to do that according to amazon reviews. Save a week or two more and get yourself a better bag for Bugging out.
Bugging out are SHTF bags and so its going to need to only last 72 hours right? But most disasters that have you grabbing a bag like this turn into a weeks. Flooding you aren’t going home in three days. Tornado nah… Earthquake maybe. Civil unrest and you leave NO. Car breaks down and you need to hoof it. This one might not hold up.

I would say this is a bag for the car. Keep your warm you up gear and breakdown gear in it. So you never need to use it. Think about it you dont want to be bugging out and half way through the day have your strap break that would suck bad. Because you may end up having to layover or hole up somewhere and need to travel on foot a few blocks that bags straps break and your going to have to carry it. So better to just get a more reliable bag. No offense to you, you did a great review but I would love to see a follow video on this pack. Since it has been a while now. Guy on Amazon said his straps broke on him. So Idk.

opsman270 says:

got it for 21 free shipping

John Reynolds says:

how did the zippers do

Emmanuel Turner says:

I got one of these in Coyote Tan. It’s my mod-pack. So far I have replaced the zipper pulls with paracord, replaced the top straps with sturdier ones, fixed the ends of the straps and cleaned up some of the clips. I don’t expect too much out of this bag, but it’s going well. The lower “grab-bag” now lives on my MOLLE belt.

Naps Jquellen says:


Unicorn Hunter says:

I’d gladly pay 30 for the pouches alone. Like the camo too

Gabriel Littrell says:

I just bought the same bag for 21 dollars

newbone kanobe says:

I’d like to see themselves bags sitting next to the expensive bags and start the comparison. ..I n out a 40$ bag from wall Mart and I’m very happy with it. .had for 3 yrs now..I Carry roughly 45 to 65 pounds. .in it..I would like yo see a breakaway small pack like this one has.

rvapatriot says:

What is that lightweight sleeping bag?

Xavier Sotelo says:

what’s the website you get your notch hats at?

Kody Sauvé says:

The price is Great. I just wish there was a proper spot to strap a bed roll onto it. The only thing i can think of is strapping beteen the ice pick loops and the side webbing with a bungee.

Link Us To Bushcraft says:

wow that’s a great deal! thanks for the video

Mike Southey says:

Good review, what’s the fabric quality like? some cheap gear has what feels like plastic skinned canvas, that starts separating after a while. …

Sixto Placencia says:

My wife bought me this pack for Father’s Day. Looking forward to taking it out this summer. Thanks for the review.

saliston says:

great pack for the price.

TheTranq says:

Good pack for the price going to pick it up I think

James Murphy says:

Nice review and it seems to be a good bag to start building for your main bag like the maxpadition pack than switch it to your bug out bag. Price is right.

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