Bushcraft Kit Swedish LK35 Rucksack review

Here is a review of the Swedish LK35 Rucksack bought from www.militarymart.co.uk for just £14.99 Despite it’s size the rucksack carries a huge amount of gear, in fact I carried enough kit in it for a two day camp. It has a metal external frame to keep the pack away from your back so that air can flow around the pack. It has a waterproof liner and an additional internal pocket.


Donnie Jobe says:

Is there a law prohibiting the display of that axe? How about bushcraft knives? Just curious.

Clinton K says:

Great bag just found this review, do i need another backpack I do now!

Northwestbushcraft says:

Hi there
Could you please elaborate as to why you think that this rucksack is a “waste of money” please.

Treffry Raxter says:

but…but…It’s bigger..on the inside..

Janine Ledesma says:

nice vid thanks man. i am getting one for xmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flytuc1 says:

whats the knife

Sharpfan85 says:

just seen the video. it’s surprising I have the LK 35 backpack (2 of them) mobody aprecietes. I love them and I have the lavu tent. It’s amaizing how people think alike.

Bachar Farms Rental says:

Great review! Thanks. I love that frying pan 🙂


looks to me like a knock off of a alice pack just a slightly different design. no outside pockets. external fame inner pocket along the back  and approximately the same general amount of cubic inch storability.

Lone Wolf says:

theres a crackin lk70 on ebay now

Old, bald fat man says:

A friend who lives on your side of the pond just bought one of these and gave me this link on your review of this rucksack. But  this isn’t for me. Got Alice and Molle II backpacks and what I like about them is being able to add different sizes of Molle II pouches on them. I use the sustainment, 100 & 200 round ammo pouches which allows me immediate access to my most commonly used items such as cooking utensils, first aid, e-tool, etc. I don’t use/carry an axe, but putting a cover on it so it blends with the rucksack, is a good idea. And while I have a Lavvu, NEVER thought of putting it in a bag. I just rolled/folded it up and strapped it down onto the pack. But I do say this: for what you got vs what you paid for it, this is a really good deal for someone just starting out. Thanks for the review.

neil castell says:

i purchased one of these just for the frame,

Josh fletcher says:

do you know what material SWEDISH ARMY LK35 RUCKSACK is
or is it cordura or canvas

TheRobbersDog says:

Great uploads. I really like your money saving tips.

mark rothery says:

Hi Ade, excellent review especially if your on a budget. can you tell me if the frame is removable  because it would be useful if you had to scout to collect fire wood once your camp was establish, I would use the frame part for lashing fire wood together to transport back to camp. Cheers Mark

MrDazza64 says:

Hi Ade, I popped up MM last week and bought an LK35. I was researching exturnal frame rucksacks and looking on eBay when I came across the LK35’s. So I popped on to You Tube to research them further and found your review an excellent help, of course Sub’d you too! I’ve added a webbing waist belt – also sourced ay MM – perfect fit and match to the pack! Used it for first time 2 days ago for a little hike up and photography mission to the Roaches, worked really well. My total load, 20lb.

Anthony Lane says:

NorthwestBC or anyone else can you tell me is that the nylon or canvas version as ive been pondering. which version would you recommend

alan kelsall says:

excellent video – that is an amazing bit of kit for under 15 quid. regards

Noxious Rooster says:


Great review …thanks 0)

The lavuu tent that fits in where did you get the compression ? sack from .
New to all this , military mart is 30 minutes from me so going to pay them a visit for this rucksack and the lavuu


TheSometests says:

Thanks for video!
I have such one. I tried to use it but finally put LK-35 in my car as emergency only pack. The main disadvantage of this sack is absent of hip belts. But I suppose that additional hip belts can be bought and attached to the frame.

Opal Preston Shirley says:

I’ve seen those rucksacks before. Man for the price you get a second Christmas. That is a good amount of kit. I need to look closer a one. Great video thanks.

User 1 says:

Top review. Great kit doesn’t cost a bomb. LW.

George. says:

I just ordered one here in the states. Awsome review, how has the pack held up so far and how do you like it?. One other question what kind of axe is that? Granfurks or wetterlings?

Black Country Woodsman says:

Great review…Just got mine and its bomb proof! I have the canvas version, as yours is i believe.

David Husberg says:

Nice review Mate! I´d carried one through basic training and also its bigger brother the LK70. What u could look into is the LK35-special that was issued to platoon-medics that is the mesh of the larger LK70 but with a special LK35 up on top. That is easier to load from the top and underneath the LK35 you got a spot for a tent or something to be strapped to the Mesh. They are not so common as the LK35 but a cool bit of kit.

Thanks for the video!

HannesFury says:

Nice vid. Have one of these since years back from “Hemvärnet”. It’s been out of service now for a good while (and I can understand why), but it has served me very well, and continues do to so to this day.

Thomas H. says:

Believe it or not, the Swedish soldiers hated this pack on account of the frame and straps. It was very versatile, though. They could actually use it as a wash basin if need be. Same goes for the Swedish shelterhalves/quarters, loved by campers/bushcraft, hated by the soldiers on account of its poor fit with the webbing.

Howling Dingo says:

Yip..you need to back up a statement like that

mike swift says:

Hi Ade, good review, thanks.
I bought some paracord from MMart at the bushcraft show, which turned out not to be parachord. Was gonna give them a wide berth. Your review may have saved them They’re also fairly local so I’ll pay em a visit when they reopen. Thanks

Kev Moon says:

went down to military mart on saturday, best shop ever! I can’t believe how cheap it is. only got a few bits and a new knife but next time i am goin to take alot more money with me!

Marrapirre says:

Mention TARDIS in a video that also includes bushcraft = instant subscriber! Also the fact that the rucksack is from my country. 


Michael Dell says:

was this grade A or A+? also wondering whether you bought the canvas or cordura version? thanks, great video

Lone Wolf says:

Just won off ebay the swedish lk70 and wil be doing a vid on here, its not much different to the lk35 apart from pockets etc, there rare and i got a mint condition cordura.

eastsaxon67 says:

Great bag, I like the way you can take the frame off to carry piles of wood or a Jerry can if needed. Bought a British army air mat off of military mart a couple weeks ago fantastic friendly bloke there really enjoyed the chat great kit great prices.

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