Choosing a Rucksack

Rucksacks are available in many sizes, each with a wide range of features designed to suit different purposes.

In this video we take you through the various sizes, common features and considerations you will need to make when choosing a rucksack.
Specifically we review the following rucksacks:

Mini Backpacks – Mini Trek 6 Litre Rucksack
Daypacks – Merlin 23 Litre Daypack
Medium Backpacks – The High 50 Litre Rucksack
Large Rucksacks – Canyon Extreme 80 Litre Rucksack

View all the gear featured here:


jose velasquez says:

Hi guys! Which would be a better buy?… A used Arc’teryx Altra in excellent condition for $175, or a new Rei XT-85 for $140?
First backpack that I will be purchasing, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ronnie G says:

I’m sorry to hear so called experts recommending a backpack for cycling! What do you think panniers are for? I’ve seen some nutters carrying a fully loaded 80l sack on a bike!

Natalie Tuppen says:

Hello. I am going away to South East Asia for 4 months(start of November until the end of February) and am unsure of what size backpack to buy from Mountain Warehouse. Thinking of 40 litre, 45 or 50 litre capacity. Maybe even 35 litre if suitable. Please could you recommend what size would be suitable for the following items?

I am packing:
4 bras
2 skirts
7 small vest tops
1 larger loose top
1 x leggings
3 x thin patterned trousers
2 x shorts
1 x cardigan
1 x lightweight jacket
2 x bikini
pants and socks
hand towel
small first aid kit
bag with miniature toiletries
Sleeping bag liner
Packing cubes to put these items in

Will be wearing some of the above whilst carrying the bag.

Out there, will probably buy:
-Lightweight dress
-A shirt
-Sun hat

Any advice would be much appreciated,

Cheer Reader says:

Hi guys! My tour only allows bags that are 70cm in height, 45cm in width and 25cm in depth – will the medium backpack suffice? I won’t be camping, I’ll be staying in hostels but don’t want the trouble of lugging suitcase with wheels on cobbled streets! Thank you 🙂

ali sina says:

Good info Bad lighting

karatebuff says:

I wouldn’t mind emptying my rucksack into Katie and at 85l there’s a lot to empty!!

azaz z says:

the canyon 65l is no longer available on the website 🙁

Red Lotus says:

I thought she was saying “rough sex” the whole time , which kept me interested. 5/5 great video.

JupiterJones says:

Thanks for this informative video!
I hope that my 50l rucksack will suffice. I’m taking a lot of weekend trips 2-3 nights, or city trips which can also last 4-5 nights.
In your ranking my rucksack would be in the range of a medium one but with 50l i think it is one of the bigger medium sized ones. 🙂

Lohan John says:

She’s just such a charmer.

blackandsilky says:

Great vid. Thanks for the clear and precise info 🙂

Osca Alva says:

i like to go with my tom bihn 45 carry on the best pack to travel the world . the only bag you will bi for the rest of your life

hassan malik says:

im going away for about 10 days which backpack you would suggest to choose??


nice video, thank you.

projecttopman29 says:

very disapointed to see you are no longer making the caynon 80l rucksack. this was the best iv seen around for its price. i wanted to buy it but its gone. can you not get them back in ?

Dос Doc says:

Rucksäcke hier

projecttopman29 says:

im very interested in that green 80L rucksack in the video. how much is it in euros?

Caerium Thyrium says:

backpack is english, Rucksack is german

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