DD Bergen Rucksack Review

Everyone loves a great bag! And DD makes a fantastic modular one that will more than satisfy! On this episode, Christine walks you through her DD Bergen Rucksack!

DD Bergen Rucksack – http://bit.ly/ddbergenrucksack


Marc Holness says:

I have been looking at a lot of reviews for this pack, but your review has been the one that has sold it to me! Luckily I only live 20 miles from the DD hammocks headquarters and place of manufacture in Edinburgh Scotland. I reckon I’ll pop by at the weekend and pick one up! Thanks for your excellent review!

Kaizer soza says:

great review, subbed ya thanx for taking the time

maartieboy says:

hey thanks for the review. The detachable pockets look a little flimsy. Don’t they wobble when walking?

elveezultra says:

i think winrar is jalous about your EDC compression 🙂 btw empty main chamber looks like jenna jameson vagina 😀

Andrew Wood says:

@Shuck Dog- It’s a shame you seem so hellbent on persuading people to not buy this product. I have had my DD Bergen for a few months, and I feel I have I have put it through it’s paces (heavy backpacking, winter summit camps, general camping, day trips) and I love this bag. It’s versatility, build quality and robustness are nothing short of remarkable considering how affordable it is. I have no complaints so far- it’s one of my favourite pieces of kit. Seriously, don’t listen to this man’s negativity- lest you will miss out on an exceptional product.

hd250driver says:

Great vid. What is the total weight of all 4 pieces? Thanks.

Botha Lissom says:

shaking the camera on purpose? in 2014?

mirogster says:

Damnit Christine, you’re beautiful! And yes, that pack is awesome too 🙂

π Intrepido Φ says:

Great review and very thural. I must say for a pack that large which will tend to make you fill it up, the hip strap seems rather inadequate for hiking any period of time…IMHO. All those pouches hanging off the side are just asking for hang ups and held togther with velcro you may have a problem. Velcro after a while get full of yunk and looses it’s effectiveness in holding togther. I like my ILBE with the best load bearing system I have ever had. I like DD Hammocks, in fact I have their 4mx4m tarp and it is awesome. And you are correct their customer service is absolutely great. Thanks for your review!

Shuck Dog says:

Don’t buy this! These reviews are not good. They are not only biased but the product not tested properly. I have had two of these one a replacement because the first fell apart after a few weeks. The second has come apart in the same places. The inside crumbles, the stitching falls apart including zippers! Sumo Survival covered this in their podcast as well. There are known issues which DD not only have admitted but they are looking at to fix. IT IS NOT DURABLE!

double531 says:

England? No way, Edinburgh, Scotland. DD are an awesome company, fabulous to deal with. Anyhoo, great revue!

Christoffer Olsson says:

Nice review, i am going to buy one and mod it a little bit, fun to see that you have the same tanto knife i do 🙂

brothers wild says:

Great video and review 🙂 I am seriously considering getting this bergen and some extra pockets as well, great channel 🙂

Woodswalker 1965 says:

This was a great review Thank you. Just wondering if you have any long term quality issues, stitching coming loose or anything else? Cheers

Knud Dyrholm says:

how many days of hiking have you been on whit that rugsack

Johnny Johnston says:

Just a wee correction: Edinburgh (where DD are based) is NOT in England!

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