Filson Rucksack 2017 ; SBL selective with customer reviews.


Splootan says:

Not a fan of the style of this bag but good video as always cheers

Michael Hockham says:

Once these are broken in, the shape and leather changes and the whole thing becomes very floppy. I love mine and wouldn’t be without it. Break it in in a deliberate way and it’ll change completely.

StenchLord says:

Wow had no clue they filtered out reviews. Will never purchase from them.

Myz Tical says:

I agree it sits at an odd angle on your back, it looks like it’s trying to pull you backwards. I think you will be very happy with the journeyman it’s very well padded, feels like a pillow is strapped to your back. Oh and the snaps are easier to work because they have a loop you can get your finger under.

Scott Ives says:

Thanks for the informative video – but it would be better to leave the camera on a tripod

J Ko says:

With the 258, field bag, journeyman, rucksack & tin cloth bag. Which ones end up you are keeping? Which ones you are returning? Just curious. Thanks.

BitzBee says:

8:09 Since when did Filson changed its tag again? All of my filsons have white ones. Would you mind sharing the birth tag of your bag? It may indicate when the chang made.

Richard Anderson says:

Hello athletejmv,

I have been watching your video reviews for quite some time and have found them tremendously helpful. I share your interest in nice, well-made bags (though I restrain myself in actually purchasing them so often). My purchasing history is somewhat the opposite of yours: I own several Filson products while having less experience with Saddleback.

You videos have been incredibly helpful since I live in Canada. Besides the fact that Saddleback costs more given how our dollar is, we also face additional shipping and import duties that make Saddleback much more expensive than in the United States. Additionally, all of this money is lost if we decide to return the product. Since customers buy every Saddleback product unseen, then these reviews really help in making decision.

Incidentally, the one Saddleback product I bought was two laptop sleeves (one for me, one as a gift) that did not fit my Macbook even though they were designed specifically for it. Even stretching them out under a lot of force was ineffective. The Saddleback people were very good about the refund, but I had to swallow the shipping and duty cost. Hearing about your experience with the company has been very insightful (and with Kendal & Hyde, though less relevant since they went bankrupt).

I have had a Filson rucksack for the better part of a year. I made a choice between it and the Mountainback simple canvas pack. Your review of that product helped a lot, but I also made a decision based on what I intended to use it for. Happy to talk more about what I like and don’t like about the rucksack and other Filson products.

But again, thanks for all the videos. The demos are also helpful because we are the same height (shorter than Dave Munson) but you get to the gym more than I do.

pony boy says:

i really appreciate your videos, was totally going with saddleback before seeing your issues. i agree 100%, the qc issues you experienced are non excusable at this price point.

that said i went with tumi. TUMI T-Pass Business Class Brief Pack to be exact. this bad boy is a tank, the nylon is extremely thick, everything is padded, and i was able to fit the following with room to spare: laptop and all of the stuff from my backpack (bug battery pack, small notepad, cables, pens, medicine, a pair of shoes, jeans, jacket, toiletry bag and water bottle. not one of the pockets is full. i can def go on a weekend trip with this one bag. the straps and padding is very comfortable.

none of the packs you reviewed seemed to be built around a laptop, minus the filson, which is not a backpack, the item i was really looking for.

on another note, why do you have so many bags?

edit, duluth bags look absolutely silly

Matthew Robertson says:

Thank you for your service and for this excellent review. God bless.

BitzBee says:

16:25 Is the fabric of compartments thinner than the rest of the bag?

Edwin Hernandez says:

side note:. the leather straps on my padded computer bag (Navy) are the darker Brown like on the rucksack.

Edwin Hernandez says:

great review, it’s a shame Filson didn’t add a seperater in the main compartment for a laptop or any padding on the back. Seems more of a travel pack than a daily carry for work or school.

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