Fjällräven Rucksack no. 21 Large | Field Review

*Available in HD – Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at the classically inspired Rucksack No. 21 from Fjällräven. The folks over at Fjällräven were kind enough to send this pack over to us so we could take a look at it and share it with you. If you’re looking for a traditional looking pack for day trips hiking or bushcrafting or even as an EDC choice.

Fjällräven Rucksack No. 21 | Large –


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Moran Guy says:

Hi , I stop the video in the very beginning and I must say that video color has been changed to yellow / the colors are far from the truth .
I would suggest you to fix that .

SpectreTheHorseman says:

Have you done any testing on Eberlestock? They make great gear.

Jason Dille says:

Man what a beautiful pack! I’d hate to ever take it out in the field!

Boz Boz says:

wowowow i just don’t see it worth that price but I’ve been known to have a bad case of “sticker shock”

Lionheart XVa says:

Nice pack but the Fjällräven Number-series is so ridiculously overpriced it’s not even funny anymore. I’d never buy one of the no. items because I don’t want to support that ridiculous rip-off….
Apart from that it’s a nice retro-pack.

Joni says:

I wouldn’t trust Fjällraven to make a long lasting strap. I have the Foldsack no2 that had the same kind of single stitch design (without the rivet so I guess that’s something) that broke after a month on both ends with normal use and content (books, ultrabook). I didn’t send it back for warranty but opted to fix it myself. It’s not like it was a sloppy job, just faulty by design.

Strike Golf says:

Love the pack, only thing I would want on it is a sternum strap. I think they sell those too, I’ll have to make the drive to Boulder and check now heh.

D van Leeuwen says:

Is it me, or are those keyhole’s on the topstraps punched the wrong way around?
when the pack is full and you want it to be closed, shouldnt the straps pull the little knob to the narrow side of the keyhole?

nice “looking” pack and nice video!

Robert Bernal says:

I’ve had this pack for about 4 months and I love it!

dklyde says:


real metis says:

water is approx 2lbs per ltr here in canada lol. thanx for the vid

Barr Chan says:

Hi! Is the two square anchors have function? Or just a decoration? Thx!

Jon says:

I just picked up this pack, for 40% off retail. I really like this pack! Perfect for day trips, or over nighters. I absolutely love the weight of the pack, and the comfortably of wearing it. Would recommend this pack if you can find it on sale. Also for max protection you need to put Greenland wax on the G1000.

Patrick Caple says:

Fjällräven is too expensive and too old fashioned for my taste…also the name has too many weird characters on top of the letters. Nice review though, as usual. I can appreciate the classic gear but really do not want to use it.

Cherokee44 Oklahoma says:

Beautiful old school pack. I would not trust it . Once you get to a remote site then walk 10+ miles away from your jeep you are on your own.

ThePatriot4freedom says:

Fashion statement, but it does look cool.

Nate Williams says:

Great video and nice channel. I know you said you don’t use the lash loops or leather “anchors” as you called them, but how big are the openings? I am thinking about getting this pack and some straps to attach a penny board to and I was wondering what width of strap would be best. Thanks a lot and keep up what you’re doing.

Primal Edge says:

I totally agree with the double thick leather in place of doubling up thinner leather with stitching. otherwise, it’s a great looking day-pack

Ben B says:

I really like and enjoy your videos! Your love and respect for nature and the outdoors is admirable. Thank you.

Msilverhammer says:

I watched a video by Mike from the Bushcraft Barton’s channel the other day, and he showcased a couple of “similar” type of backpacks, that he could also use for traveling.

They seemed to be of good quality, and were found on the GearBest website.

They are all probably from China, and maybe not as good as the Scandinavian brands, but maybe worth a look if you are curious.

They seem to have a lot of the retro and tactical looking packs, that are made out of canvas, oxford, and leather.

Here is the link to the video:

Oh, and I did I mention the prices are great.

In the Woods with Bigfoot says:

Great stuff! Too pricey for me, but great stuff… Thanks for the review and good job!

Austin's Corner says:

At that price I’d buy an American made Duluth Pack. Buy local, feed a friend.

SpectreTheHorseman says:

Nice materials but way too much for such a small thing. The side pouches protruding into the main pack is bad. No strap adjustments at the top of the straps means you can’t get it up high on your back as you could if there were.

Nicole Wong says:

I have the medium version of this bag and it never occured to me that the pocket where the seat pad is stored was for water bottles. I’ve been putting my laptop in there instead of the pocket behind because the bottom of it seemed more padded but nonetheless it’s good to know.

yveskc1 says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing with us my friend. Best regards -Yves

Denis Bowman says:

Thanks for the balanced review. I’m waiting for my for my Wildland Scout Backpack from YNOT. It looks like a viable competitor.

Neil Archer says:

Also, 1, that pocket that holds the sit pad, would you fit a water bladder in it an 2, is the sit pad waterproof and dust proof?

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