Gen 1 and Gen 2 USMC ILBE Rucksack – Preview

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Today we’re looking at the ILBE (Improved Load Bearing Equipment) Pack, Gen 1 and Gen 2 as well as introducing the L.E.A.F. Division of Arc’teryx.
Designed by Arcteryx’s leaf devision. Law Enforcement and Armed Forces but made by Propper.
Marpat Woodland Camo Pattern.
Cordura 725 denier fabric

The ILBE Pack is designed to carry a load of up to 120lbs

The ILBE system is comprised of 3 main components:

USMC ILBE is just a variation on the Bora line of backpacks from Arc’teryx

You can get the GEN 2 full pack, with Assault pack and Hydration Carrier for $100 on Ebay. The pack alone can be found for around $50.

Side Note: If you’re looking to buy one of these make sure that you are getting at least a complete pack. Some listings will offer just the rucksack and will be missing the lid, some the belt. Pay attention to the details.

—Gen 1 has Black Padding.
-Gen 2 has tan padding.

Gen 1 packs are becoming harder to find so it may take some searching.

Gen 1 accessories and Gen 2 are not compatible. Gen 1 packs had the black National Molding Company buckles, while the Gen 2 packs have coyote ITW Nexus buckles

MOLLE webbing

Virtually the same pack with VERY minor differences. Most will not be able to tell the packs apart.

You can purchase a Sealline Dry Bag to fully protect your gear. Can be found in varying sizes and will be just about as expensive as the pack itself.

Super High Quality packs. Awesome price. Heavy as hell but bombproof.

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SilentDiablo says:

I’m torn between this and the Eberlestock v69 Destroyer. The price differences are huge. Money in a pack my life may depend on isn’t the issue though. Both seem absolutely sweet to me. I certainly don’t see myself stuffing a pack of this size out though. For that reason, I think I’m leaning more towards the Destroyer. You wouldn’t have had any experience with it have you?

john wayne says:

this is exactly what I’m looking for. You have a link to the website where I can buy one?

Cyclediver 101 says:

Thanks for your nice Review, i got my 2 today with oversea shipping, it was a risk, but now i am absolutly happy with them. After washing in the shower and cleaning they look nice, with small defects, not a big deal. I use one for Backpacking trips and Bushcraft, as a winter BOB as well. The coolest thing, its a Gen 1, the black!!!! 47 Buggs + Shipping is nothing for this Quality . Thanks Bushbuddy.

Alex P says:

Hey, I purchased this pack a couple of years ago and haven’t done much with it:

Can you tell what Gen this might be? The shoulder straps are tan as is the padding for the back, so it doesn’t look like either one of your packs. It came with the shoulder straps, but no lid or waist belt. I want to know what I have before I try to search for parts.

Eric Johnson says:

Great video.  Thanks for making.

Fizzoid says:

So, do you prefer this or the FILBE pack?

joseph gonzalez says:

how many lbs does gen 2 weigh??

jpbernier says:

Given the audience who might be interested in this pack, it might be worth noting that it is NOT actually Bullet Proof, or Bomb Proof. Happy hiking!

Trooper2221 says:

Hey Joseph I think it weighs somewhere around 8 pounds

Backpackfanatic says:

where did you find these for $100 for a full load out?

Sean Allen Fox says:

Luke why don’t you take your dog out on one of your adventures with you?

Cyclediver 101 says:

Santa has a ILBE!!

Ross Wible says:

I haven’t seen you do videos for the doggie camping gear yet. I look again.

jerry mayer says:

I have a question Luke. I would love to get an ILBE but I’m not sure it will fit me. I am a bigger guy, 6’2 and 328 lbs. I know. I know. I am trying to lose it. Do you think it will fit me? I appreciate your time.

Park James says:

gen 2 you got is not really gen 2..kind of a mix up between gen1 & 2..never seen it before..recon ILBE has definitely different features although the suspension system is the same..Luke I hope you get recon ILBE and make videos 🙂

SurvivaLust says:

Nice review for a MIL Spec quality. Might consider it once my Ascend TS 4500 wears out

Richard gross says:

I just got the generation 2 with assault pack and hydration system all brand new for free at a stand down for vets in Buffalo NY! a lot different than the alice packs we had when I was in the Army years ago lol

Michael Wang says:

does Gen 1 have water resistant zippers?

Trooper2221 says:

Good review. Unlike my ILBE gen 2 The hip belt is nice and live the handles on side of pack for throwing that baby on.

Vitalyos Elod says:

Did you know that the 5.11 24 RUSH assault backpack is compatible with that? I find it as a really nice feature.

Richard Mickelson says:

The two side handles are actually for hefting the pack up over your head to slip on when at full weight

Patrick Henry says:

The only difference I noticed ( was issued both) was the clips. Gen 1 had those shitty black clips and gen 2 had the nice solid tan clips. They Both suck when wearing an MTV tho.

Gluckstadt007 says:

You can find the Gen 2 at blackstarsurplus for about $150.00 with top and radio kit. They have great customer service. Just bough mine.

Max Alaska says:

So i am going to Alaska in december to camp out for the northern lights, i have been thinking of buying this backpack! I just got questions, if i bring it as a checked baggage and i declare my handgun ( i am going to need a gun in Alaska) can i put the hard gun case in side this backpack? When i am all done packing i am gonna put the whole usmc ilbe inside a big duffel bag (to protect it)! I just wanna know if anyone has taken this on a flight? Ill be flying with Alaska airlines as well! Its going to have the 4 piece system strapped on the outside as well, mostly ill be bringing my tools like a axe and saw , would this bag be acceptable is mostly what i am asking?!?

Vegan Unleashed says:

Of course they’re not compatible. That would have saved the US government millions of $$$$ and this is Murica, so fuck that!

Gearjunkie79 says:

hay buddy ,I was wondering do you know how to tell the difference in the gen 1 and gen 2 assault pack I have a gen 2 main pack and cant find a gen 2 assault pack no where. I found a place that has some nice ones but they don’t know if its gen 1 or 2.i was hoping you would know?

Johnathon H. says:

I found this bag in great condition at my local good will for only $30!! It came with the the top pouch, waterproof liner, a canteen pouch, grenade pouch, and the internal radio pouch all for $30 freaking dollars.

isaac otoya says:

i get one on Amazon in 80$, Used but in perfect conditions, thanks for the video, it really help me to choose the best Back pack, i am a hiking user n was thinking to buy a high sierra back pack but when i saw these one its just perfect for any kind of Trip.
Thanks from Costa Rica!!

k den says:

Are this the backpacks used in boot camp hiking ?

SudoWarfare says:

it looks like this is the test version of the gen 2 ilbe. The one that ICE would have used to test… 

I have my issued ILBE Gen 2 and other than the digital camo, it has NO black on it whatsoever… the light colored stitching on the lid is what gives it away to me… 

TheRangeControl says:

How are there absolutely no classes to be found to teach someone to sew paramilitary/hiking/Mountaineering rucks/packs?!?! :-/

Chan Lin says:

I want to buy how I can buy?

Xpert Killer says:

those aren’t pillows those are what you sleep with the ones in the bag are cushions duuuuhhhh

Kurt Nelson says:

Where are finding these for $50?

freeman says:

I want a waterproof liner for my main pack,,, how many liters is it?

oi sho says:

hi luke.. been searching in the net and saw an exact imitation of ILBE from China. everything is copied. do you have any opinion about this. i even saw Eberlestock look alike backpack, even mystery ranch style pack. i just can’t believe what i saw.

John Huenulef says:

Ammocanman sells these cheap

capcoeu says:

where can we buy Gen 2 rucksacks ? thanks


Your Gen 2 has Gen 1 center back padding…either that or they updated the Gen 2 further before moving on to the FILBE.

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