How to Pick the Right Travel Backpack

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This is one of the most requested videos ever! How to Choose the Right Travel Backpack for you is very important when preparing for your travels. Whether you’re travelling for a week or a year, you can use the same backpack as long as it’s the right one for your body and has all of the features you’re wanting in a travel backpack. In this video, Siya and I take you to SAIL, which is an outdoor adventure store where shop at before any big trip. We have been using the same travel backpack for the past 10 years, and wanted to get an upgrade. Our old backpacks did us well, but were missing several features that are important to us. We take you through the entire process of choosing the right travel backpack for YOU and the things to look out for when choosing that backpack that will become your mobile apartment and ultimate travel companion.

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Check out the SAIL locations:

The backpacks we chose:

☆ Kristen – Gregory Cairn 58 litre –
☆ Siya – Osprey Aether 60 litre


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A big thanks to SAIL for sponsoring this video. We have been shopping at SAIL for years for our travel gear and are happy to partner with a company we love so much. All thoughts, opinions and reviews are our own.


James Guiab says:

if you have to check-in your bag when you fly, do you do anything to keep it from being damaged?

Ari Hendrickson says:

Thank you much for making this video. My last bag was obviously (after watching this) was not write for me! I think i will find a perfect pack now!! THANK YOU 🙂

curlywonders says:

If I have a 75L backpack, and I plan to go backpacking across Europe, is it bad to travel with a mostly empty backpack? I hear a lot of people say its bad because you’re tempted to carry things you don’t need but is there actually any real negative to having a half empty backpack?

Nagat Galal El-Din says:

how tall are you?


Once you’re all packed, you know where you should consider traveling? U.S. National Parks! And there’s lots to see and do, especially as the U.S. National Park Service turns 100 YEARS OLD! You can watch them all on this playlist (which will be updated throughout the summer!)

wasim sharief says:

Hi my height is 170 cm so what will be right Liter to pick ??

Cery Kheav says:

Did you end up getting an x-small for your backpack and is it comfortable to wear? She mentioned your spine being about 16 inches, about how tall are you? I’m currently looking for a backpack to travel throughout SE Asia in but not sure if I should get an x-small size or a small/medium.

Emma Bowen says:

Hey Kristen! What model of backpack did you choose?

Ranger M says:

can i knw the name of the brands that manufacture front loading backpacks… ospray 60 shown in the video…..below $120/-

gabriela duarte says:


Jenny says:

thanks so much for the video. I just realized that my bagpack was so unkomfortabel because it was set to large at my spinal length instead of XS. Now it feels so much better

The Not Busy Life says:

Ooooo side access! Nice bag!!

supersonic kid says:

osprey and gegory are over priced, usually retailers will try to point you towards the more expensive items. Don’t get me wrong they’re good bags if you have the money for them. From personal experience I’ve found bags online that rival their quality and have a couple more features for less than half of the price.

m says:

how many litres would be good?

supersonic kid says:

osprey and gregory are over priced, usually retailers will try to point you towards the more expensive items. Don’t get me wrong they’re good bags if you have the money for them. From personal experience I’ve found bags online that rival their quality and have a couple more features for less than half of the price.

Isrrael Garcia says:

What backpack size can I use for traveling carry on only?

Kotchanipha Somo says:

Does anyone know where is this shop? D

Rhiannon Johnson says:

great job

Shay travels says:

Thanks for posting, I am switching from suitcase to backpack

Herb Fong photography says:

Is the Aether 60 (that Siya has) small enough as a carry-on?

Sara Stankieiwcz says:

Great video guys!! 🙂

Carla Helena says:

Wow I had no idea there was this much stuff to take into consideration when buying a backpack… This was a super interesting video

Qadri Shukri says:

Kristen, if you dont mind how tall are you?

Maribel Marin says:

LOL!!! Siya’s Nemo bag!!! lol…The magenta one is cute! But I do love the Aqua one you picked! Beautiful colour!…ugh but Siya’s pick has the extra day pack and camel pack compartment… oh man…decisions!!!

Sail’s my favourite too, I like it more than MEC. I just can never decide on a good back pack so always end up using regular ones which end up hurting my shoulders or making me sweaty… I’ll have to go soon since I leave in a week and a half for my road trip! 🙂

neraknerak1 says:

Yes it’s called a 4 wheeled suitcase.

Wanderlust William says:

Informative and entertaining as always! I’m Canadian too and I love sail 😀

Natalie D says:

Awesome video u guys!!! <3
kristen what bag did you buy??? its awesome

Qris TV says:

i didnt hear how much the bags were. thanks for sharing

Basa 1959 says:

Great tips but two major flaws many of us face. Firstly, we don’t always get the scope fo choice of brands or bags e.g. for me Fjallraven, or even a particualr model. Second, the sales staff ap[ear highly informed, rarely does that seem the case. Therefore a buyer has to become educated; and frankly a PhD in bags is required as there are far too many to choose from, and then we are faced with guessing when buying from the internet and that becomes a pot luck. Now to measure my back…this shouls be fun!

Rofid Nur says:

How much osprey atmos 50 ag sarahh ? Hehe

RZ Vlogs says:


General420smoke says:

you are size petite.. nice

homephobic says:

Wow! This was seriously an ôsəm video. Very informative. Thanks!

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