Initial Italian “Alpini” Mountain Rucksack Review

This is an initial review of the Italian “Alpini” rucksack. This is an awesome piece of military surplus equipment that can be had for $20. Awesome value here!


bruno-m67 says:

That’s our combat pack… we carried a shovel in the center and a brown thin woolly blanket from the bottom straps.
My Battalion was 4BTG ALPINI ORTA
Peace and enjoy the pack

ANCHOR440 says:

I’ve had this pack for years. Don’t know why you bought it you’re going to change everything. Mine’s very useful as is.

Creighton Morales says:

Is this item still available?

Mike Kilo Romeo says:

Thanks for showing us, good review!
Best regards Michael

Mattia Foschi says:

Hi dude, the backpack was used unitil 80′ by the whole Italian Army (sure that my father rused it !!) but it’s called “Alpini” just cuz’ they are one of the most iconic army division and they where the first to use that. For the shoulder straps you’re totally right need some modification for confort XD

Whitey Powers says:

Fuck’s sake . . . . what are you 12? Get your ass home and get the tape then shoot the video. Or just add the dimensions through editing. Damn. Do I have to do all the thinking around here?

Rick Miner says:

Dude, your review inspired me to pick up this rucksack. I totally love this thing! It has made me scale-down the amount of gear I carry with me into the bush (I learned I do not need to take all that stuff). Looking forward to a 3 day hike this spring with this pack.

When are you posting next?

Andrea Frasconi says:

this rucksack was in use in italian army as tacctical rucksack untill the beginning/end of the 80’s. It’s the same design and shape during the WWII

Kentucky Woodsman says:

Great review! I am a huge fan of military surplus gear! Looks like a really nice canvas pack! Thanks for sharing!

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