JSVER Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port Review

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Powerbank I Used:

In this video I’m reviewing the JSVER Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port. JSVER advertises the following:

-Built-in USB charging port, strap and suction cup: it keeps your phone easy to access and more convenient to charge
-Concealed back pocket: hidden back zip pocket at your convenience to keep your valuables safe and secure
-Front zipper design to expand capacity: adjust the backpack capacity by simply opening or closing the expanded compartment
-Multi-function compartment: the compartment includes a padded sleeve for 15.6 inch laptops, and the adjacent pocket is for power adapters, mouses, pens, notebooks, etc.
-This product comes with a guaranteed 18-month warranty and friendly customer service

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David Lozan says:

Thx!I didnt know what to do when i bougt it!!!

max simonidis says:

Wow what purse can fit a 15 inch laptop

LegitSueZ - Content says:

This video was really helpful!

Yousef Salim says:

The power bank comes with backpack ??

shortazn97 says:

I feel like the suction cups are kind of stupid. Why would they not just have a pocket there? Just make it big enough for the biggest phones out there. Otherwise, great stuff

Joshua Melton says:

taking unbox therapies job lol

Ammair Ishtiaq says:

Just buy a power bank and put it in your bag lol

Radicalkai says:

Thank god I saw this video after buying it I will know what it’s like for my birthday now thanks a lot


Does it have to be fully charged

Giomar Santiago says:

Hey! I have a question. I bought a backpack that has a charging port just like the one you showed in the video. I noticed that when I connected my power bank (Anker powercore 10000) to the USB cable the backpack has it would take forever to charge my phone (I was at 19% and it said the time remaining to fully charge was about five hours). I have a Galaxy s6 and it takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to charge it with the power bank. What I was thinking is that maybe my cable is defective but I can’t be sure. So my question is, does your phone charge normally when you use the charging port on the backpack? Or does it take forever to charge to?

JimzyTee says:

How dafuq do you charge the bag

SleepyRafa says:

How many textbools were you able to fit in tgis backpack?

Ruth Canales says:

can u charge the backpack with a portable charger?

Epicorc1 says:

This might sound dumb. But do u have to charge your power bank or once it’s plugged into the cable it has unlimited charge??

Dota Gamer says:


A human says:

BuY ThIS RigHt NOw

Blue says:

i have a simerler one but im using it for school lol

Asher Indyk 101 says:

Hey xm360 what is your email

spiral connects says:

i found it cheaper and more colors on ebay

BeastBoy95 says:

You just keep coming up with better and more material to review. Nice video man.

ballin_arellano559 says:

I think the tigernu backpack looks a little better and is better to me. check it out on amazon

I Was Rumble says:

XM360 what powerbank do you have?

Khaki_ 323 says:

Will I be able to get through airport with this??

DokoGaTV says:

Great vid and thank you! Ordered mine and LOVE it. Holds my iPhone 7+ perfectly, has the battery charging port and my decision was based on this great video! Thanks bro!

Ashutosh Khuntia says:

Nice video it helped me a lot … thanks

Edwin Calderon says:

it’s it water proof?

TheJG Brotherhood says:

Just purchased both the powerbank and the Backpack. Comes in tomorrow, I can’t wait to enjoy these beauties.

J Mh says:

Do you have to have a power bank?

Top Ten FACTS says:

I messaged you on Instagram!

TheMlgSnejk says:

love it!

Bryan Jimenez says:

What kind of dog is that one

Geometry John says:

Got yourself a new SUB

Ник says:


PainZ SyCo says:

Wow this Solved my problem of thinking lol THANKS

Alrik Anderson says:

I got a backpack like this today

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