Kreiga R30 Rucksack Review

Kreiga R30 Rucksack Review : This is my review of the Kreiga R30 bikers rucksack – the only fully waterproof model from Kriega specifically designed for motorcyclists…

Link to the backpack here

I use the following equipment to record and edit my VLOGs:-
GoPro HD Hero cameras (I have the old HD Hero 2 models)
Nikon D7100 DSLR for static and video shots with various lenses
Lavalier microphone and sellotape for in helmet audio – £9 from E-Bay
Power Director 8 for the PC (for video editing)
Lavalier microphone for in garage audio – £20 E-Bay

My current motorcyles are:-
Honda CRF250L
Triumph Street Triple R
Ducati 899 Panigale

For any additional enquiries please send a PM or leave a comment below…


Spigot 955i says:

Highly recommended, I still have the first iteration of the R35, getting on for something like 7-8 years old now and going strong. The only wear to speak of is that I’ve ‘claimed’ it with a stain in the netting from a Redex leak. I’ve since purchased the R8 waist pack, which is good, although the position of the plastic clip makes it contact the fuel tank, it’d be better situated further to the side.

Matt D TV says:

Loving the Vids TMF, I got the ST R version a few months ago and loving it. Don’t suppose you could let me know what Furygan jacket that is you have in the video?

Nigel Street says:

I have the R35 rucksack, plus a tank adapter, and US10 and US5. Kriega make a big deal about how it can be used together, such as a US 10 attached to a R35. The kit is excellent, though it took me a good hour or two of experimentation to figure out the permutations of how if can be used together. My plan had been to use US10 on tank, with US5 attached to R35 for long haul trips, but I found that the US5 won’t attach to the R35, which was surprising and a disappointing. So, If I carried the US10, it had to be on the R35 (so more weight on me), while the lighter US5 would be on the tank. It would also be handy if those packs that are used on tank could have a clear plastic panel for maps or even phone. Other than that, great kit. My set-up is shown in my pinned tweet

Andrew Tofts says:

Hi TFM, I can confirm the quality of this product. I have the R25 (customised for Triumph) and use it for my daily commute to work; very comfortable and get everything in it that I need for the day. Cheers, Andy

G Conomics says:

Great review, Missenden Flyer. Bought one of these rucksacks during the summer for a short tour and found the Kriega to be top quality albeit a little expensive. I also have the smaller R20 which I have used daily for almost 10 years and it is still going strong.

Paul Hickey says:

GR8 REVIEW…I have the R25 very happy with it…still looks new after 2 years use…I would have gone for the R30 only for the damn cost of it but I suppose I have the panniers & Rugged roads adventure box too on the GS if i need to carry more gear…Keep up the good work.Paul.

Zoom 111 says:

Hi what chain and padlock do you carry in the bag

1990 says:

No fatigue on the shoulders: that is so important.

Ever used the Kriega tail packs? I am thinking of getting the 10L and 20L ones along with a tank adapter.

tattooedveganbikerdude says:

Word of caution regarding the Kriega 10 year warranty. The waterproof liner inside the rucksack is likely not covered.
I owned a US-20 tail bag which i used for commuting daily for around 2 years when the inner liner failed disastrously in the pouring rain. The whole contents of the bag including my wallet and iPod were drenched. Kriega refused to replace the liner under the warranty as they said it was a wear and tear item.

Lurch says:

Got to agree with your review. I bought the Triumph branded version, still a Kriega R30, and branded as such, but with the addition of Triumph logos.

I rode back home through two hours of heavy snow and rain. Hein Gericke Sheltex trousers well and truly leaked, but those outer pockets on the R30 stayed bone dry. Mine is very new, and don’t know if age would be a factor.

Did you need to do much mucking about setting the straps up?

The OAP Biker says:

Hi again. Apologies for going off subject but this is your latest video & would love to pick your brains regarding audio on all your videos as is so clear with excellent commentary! May I ask which microphone do you use or do you use the Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack for GoPro? I have spent the entire weekend making test videos with my newly purchased GoPro Hero Silver 4 camera on my GSA motorcycle (the video quality is just brilliant) because as mentioned earlier I am going to start vlogging on YouTube. However, my voice on the videos is nowhere near your standard as I really can’t hear myself. I have searched YouTube about the Sena product & it seems the answer as it cuts out wind noise & no wires going to the GoPro so just wanted to get your take on the audio side of things! Many thanks in advance as I really would appreciate your imput!

NudaRider says:

Top tee-shirt, Mister! ;o)

Matt Hausmann says:

+TheMissendenFlyer You just cost me £145. Thanks for the recommendation, I love the way the bag hugs you.

TheGodTheBadTheUgly says:

Very informative, nice one thank you, will probably allow me to travel light and take the super sports rather than the tourer to Europe next year. Cheers.

Anthony Stanley says:

Great product thanks for bringing the rucksack to my attention I have to get one thanks tony

Wild One says:

damn, how these backpacks are overpriced! come on, I can buy like 5 normal priced rucksacks for this price so even if some fail still I will have more money in bank…

Flaming T says:

Does it interfere or feel uncomfortable with a back guard within the jacket?

Lurch says:

Thanks very much!! Since getting the Street I need to think differently about luggage as there’s no top box or panniers. Bought the R3 waistbag as a stop gap (R8 probably the better choice pound for pound tho), and really impressed by the quality.

Looking also the the Ogio/Dainese backpacks top, also the Givi XS305 seat bag, but may look to Kreiga alternatives once I’ve compared.


bearded_ treesurgeon says:

420 d ripstop is used in the millitarty a lot with a lot of there clothing and burgens and day sacks and there tactical webbing

-[DB]- Raven says:

Looking at how those straps work, I wonder if it’s very comfortable for a woman to wear…

johnnnewmex says:

Nice looking jacket. It isn’t a brand we carry here in the US, but I like the looks of it.

kyndryd spyryt says:

Nice review. I have the R15 and it is supremely handy, expansion capability and nothing has ever got wet inside it. With the quadlock system, the straps wont fall off you’re shoulders unlike with a regular rucksack.

Michael Weaver says:

I rode all the way to Le Mans with mine fully packed with no discomfort at all. Amazing product!

Szlejer says:

I commute daily wearing the Kriega R25, its a very high quality piece of kit. These backpacks are extremely comfortable on an upright or a sports-tourer bike (unless you carry them fully loaded with heavy stuff).

Omar Azcona says:

Excellent review. To be considerer for future back pack purchase. Price in USA $239 USD = 195.57 pounds. Thanks

Anthony Stanley says:

hi again just one more thing what make of boots and jackets did you have on thanks tony keep the videos coming

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