L. L. Bean Continental Rucksack Review

Did a quick review of my new bushcraft day pack from L. L. Bean! This rucksack has so many features that are perfect for bushcrafting. Quality gear from an American institution. I am hoping this pack will be on lots of adventures in 2017.

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Colby Fauber says:

I’ve been waiting for someone to do a good review on this pack for a while. I’ll definitely be picking one up now.

Jason R. Terrell says:

Great review. Had my eye on that one. How did it do in terms of moisture? Saw you had some snow out there….

2nd Chance George says:

another great review. late to party again I am. question. what bag are you using for your food. I saw the possibles review but wondered about your food pouch. need a good one preferably waterproof. Kayak alot to camp sites. Many thanks. and always look forward to your reviews.

TopoftheLineTraining says:

Great Review thanks!!!

AZ Campcraft says:

nicely done review, helped with my decision to purchase. my continental rucksack is supposed to ship today after being back ordered for a bit, looking forward to it showing up.

bereantrb says:

Just found this video after ordering one last night. I read all the reviews on LL Bean’s site but I appreciate seeing it in action and you confirmed I made the right choice. Can’t wait to take delivery…plus I got it on sale for 20% off! Well done; keep up the good work.

Peter Morley says:

Great video and really nice pack, thank you.


Home Run Sir , Please make full review on it with all Item
I double like it , This Old school to New School

Jason Wolf says:

Good review!

Thorough overview of the features. Just wanted to say to say thank you for taking the time to make and post this video.

I appreciate the information and clear explanations of the bag.

Mountain Turtle Adventures says:

I have one, it’s a cool pack, it’s well worth it!

outdoor _ lifestyle01 survivalbushcraft says:

what’s your Instagram? I couldn’t find it

John Tierney says:

Excellent review – thanks!

Robert Dimmick says:

Hello, Great review. I was wondering how tall you are and does the pack feel large for you?

Prepared Suburbanite says:

Super review, thanks!

MississipVol says:

Good review! I have this pack and I am really surprised that it doesn’t get reviewed more as a great option as a bushcraft style backpack, especially considering that it’s half the price of most bushcraft style packs made very similarly. It’s perfect for a long day in the woods that can definitely serve as a good overnighter or even a weekender if someone was traveling minimally. I love mine!

37South says:

Good review bro!

My Life Outdoors says:

That is a nice looking pack brother. I really like it.

James Anderson says:

Just ordered one. Thanks for sharing, this is the pack I’ve been looking for, should fit my needs perfectly!


Great review. I just purchased one based on your video. If you compare the features to other big name brands (Duluth, Frost River etc) which are +$300, you can’t beat the $79 price tag and the L.L. Bean guarantee. I believe the reason people purchase the big name brands is because of the Lifetime guarantee associated with them. Definitely worth the try at $79.

Tom Faranda says:

great review. I have an older version; expect to leave it to my children.

JR Woyke says:

I picked up one of their older models and would agree with everything you said about the pack.  I love it too.  Mine has leather for the bottom portion and sadly no straps.  It also has a clear plastic sheet on the back pouch for map, cell phone etc.  It is very similar to Joe Robinets Wildland Scout pack for a fraction of the cost.  It’s surprising how it can carry heavy loads for such a light pack.  I carry my 4 foot ridgerest mat on top rolled up with a trekker chair that allows me to relax in comfort when I’m enjoying the outdoors.

R.I.P. Democrat Party says:

I got a LL Bean Continental Rucksack at a garage sale for $5.

Captain Airyca says:

oh man, I didn’t NEED another pack on my wishlist, but I gotta add this one! So cool!! Thank you for the video 🙂

Hussein Shahine says:

is it khaki and brown or green?

Hershel Cyphers says:

Nice rucksack.

silver birch outdoors says:

Love it! Great review

JayBushcraft says:

Looks great just from the thumbnail!!!

waterman308 says:

Can you tell me what jacket you are wearing? Nice review of the Ruck.

Skills2Survive says:

I like that pack.  Very cool.  Thanks for sharing.

Random Button Pusher says:

This new 2017 version (just added to the website in recent days) addresses a couple complaints some users had with the 2016 iteration, which I have, and simplifies certain features — and manages to come in for $10.99 cheaper. The biggest complaint about the previous model was the cinch cord for the main compartment, which is somewhat difficult to cinch down most of the way (not unusual with rucks). I see they have added a lighter weight nylon channel for the cord to let it slide easier.

Another issue some had was with the side pockets, which had spindrift collars under the flaps (which can help hold in a taller bottle) — the flaps having the back edge of the fold-over sewn to the body of the pack which makes it a bit harder to fold them up and out of the way. The 2017 model has what Bean is calling “hinged” flaps and no spindrift cinch, the pockets wide open at the top and the flap simply sewn along the horizontal.

The front pocket on the new version is closed with two buckles, which Bean says is for fast access. This replaces a full zipper with rain flap on my version. Also, Bean says they have narrowed the padded back panel to “allow the bag to conform easier to contents” than the fuller panel did. Probably helps with the cinch cord, too. It looks more like the back panel on my 2015 Bean klettersack.

So it will be interesting to see how the pack works for you. Two colors of the 2016 version are still available in the “closeout sale” section at Bean — russet and woodland camo — both with gray trim. The interesting thing is that the current sale price for the discontinued version is 99 cents more than the list price for the new 2017 version. Clearly, it cost more to make the 2016 model. Also, there is a youth model of the 2016 pack that is also in the sale section for as little as $49.99.

Canoe Ninja says:

I don’t need another backpack. I just ordered another backpack.

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