LL bean Continental Rucksack Review

Today we look at my most used pack, the LL bean Continental Rucksack.

Where to buy: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/79241?productId=1315654&attrValue_0=Briar&cvosrc=cse.amazon.0NBJ670000&qs=3079615_mercent&mr:trackingCode=278D8D76-F626-E511-80F7-005056942F93&mr:referralID=NA

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john f says:

Otter man I posted a ll bean ruck mod video the other day

kayla koop says:

Would you recommend this bag for an overnight hike? Is it big enough?

Aduro Aduims says:

Nice review on the bag. Weird question do you have a brother named Aaron?

Eat Carbs Outdoors says:

Great review brother.
Nice pack too.. thanks for the video

Dav A says:

Do you think you could swap out the main storages cord with some 550 cord to get it to shut? I’m just worried about something falling out of the pack.

 thanks for the review. I’ve been using my old ll bean school backpack for hunting and they do make a dang good pack…. but i think it is time for an upgrade.

Leif Johnson says:

Boycott L. L. Bean — if they do not like it tell them to take it up with Spineless Susan Collins.

Mike Catani says:

Just received my pack in the mail , I bought the green one !! Nice review !! These are some tough packs . Can’t wait to put it to the test

Garrison Hall says:

Good night? It’s morning you bobble head

Shane Coffey Outdoors says:

Nice pack Nate. The construction looks very similar to my Sleeka Force 35 from Snugpak. I’m glad you like it so much that’s always 1/2 the battle with bags.

john f says:

I just acquired one this past summer. It is a great overnight bag /bushcraft Bag. I extended the bottom straps by about 8 inches so I can carry my tarp and ground pad under the main compartment. I also got the Gregory replacement hip pads from REI and this bag is now bulletproof. Can’t wait to use this with the new hip pads.

Turtle Bushcraft says:

nice review atb John

Englewood Frank21 says:

Nice review. Just bought it from LL on sale for under $60 with shipping. Look forward to using it.

Megan Russo says:

Hey there, I’ve watched both this and your other video for this back pack and wondered if you would recommend it for traveling abroad. Here’s the situation: I’m heading off to Ghana in about 20 days for a study abroad and my teacher admits we will be bopping around the country so the ability to pack quick and have movable luggage is very helpful so I was hoping that this and a small suitcase (roughly 3ft long 2.5ft wide and 1.5ft deep) would be enough for about a month abroad. I want to use the same system for a New Zealand trip this coming January.
Any and all help is appreciated.
And even if you can’t help I’m so totally subscribing :3 your vids are really informative (i’m not just talking about these backpack ones) and as a uni student for Agriculture/Natural Sciences its like watching my major in motion. Keep it up!

smd482000 says:

Always like those packs !nate

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