LLBean Waxed Cotton Continental Rucksack Review

For years, we have used a design of backpack that was loved by the swiss mountaineers in my country. My grandfather did have one like that. Today, L.L.Bean has patterned the Continental rucksack after those vintage backpack to bring an excellent product for all you bushcrafters and longhunters!


Thomas Nichols says:

Racing against the darkness hehe. Anyways, awesome videography. Really making some quality videos. Love the way you filmed this one. Nice pack…thinking of getting one of these or perhaps a Frost River or Duluth. What hat are you wearing? Digging it 🙂

Dieselpunk says:

Unfortunately I do not since LL Bean didn’t want any, I didn’t take any. Their return policy is by far the best out there in my opinion…completely hassle free. I’m going to give their modernized version of the Continental Rucksack a try next. Yeah, it’s not as handsome and it has synthetic materials but I need a rugged bag. I’m glad others, such as yourself, have had better luck with their rucksack though. 🙂

Jasmine Rios says:

I love this backpack, I really want it. I love the old school stuff

eltenda fabrizio says:

nice video indeed!

eugene chok says:

gotta say love the hate mate !

Trailtraveller says:

Very nice rucksack.

Viper7667 says:

awesome review man!

Primitive Lifeways says:

Good job man! 

a2zhandi says:

Great review.

Rockunstank says:

just bought one-based on this review!

SniperSchool101 says:

where can i get a hat like that and what was that on the side of your watch

Kevin P says:

Had one of these for less than 10 months and I am really badly disappointed. The threads on the leather straps are all fraying, the waxing didn’t last 2 months, and doesn’t feel sturdy enough for something that costs $140 (especially when the ‘modern’ one is $100 cheaper and probably better made). Taking mine back when I’m in the USA next!

Scott LeFevre says:

I’ve had mine for a 18 months and I use it literally everyday. It’s my day bag for work, grocery bag for farmers markets, and hiking pack. I was torn between this and some of the Duluth packs, but I liked the look (and price) of this one better. The threads on the leather straps did fray, but I pulled it off and the stitching is just as tight as the day I bought it, so maybe this is excess threading? I never had a leak but I re-waxed mine with OtterWax this past winter and works wonders.

Garcia Doyle says:

dude i love the way your reviews are always a race against the darkness!!!!

Jeff Cohn says:

Nice pack!  Question: On the website it states that inside the main compartment their is a small area to hold a laptop (which can also be used for a water bladder).  Is that true, and if so, is their an opening where the bladder tube can come out or would that just run out the side of the top?

Thanks in advance.

Liam Dee says:

Is it still in good shape?

facatube says:

hi good review.
I like how this old vintage rucksack looks but let me know why it´s better than a synthetic moderm hitech one 😉

Andrew Sheehan says:

The beginning music sounded like it was from Corvus Corax. Cool looking pack and thanks!

Dieselpunk says:

I loved this back pack, but after a year it began to rot just below the seams on the outer pouches. Maybe it’s due to an additive to the wax I really can’t say, but today I’m returning it.

RDPproject says:

I just googled this rucksack…there is a distributor here in Oz….$129 for this. Cool…im adding that to my wish list.

William Hedgepeth says:

That’s the bag I’m looking at right now. Thanks for the review it’s sold me.

William Hedgepeth says:

How has this bag held up over the last 10 months? Do you still use it?

Dallas Gonzales says:

I wish I would have found this rucksack before I purchased my kelty scout. I love the look of this pack

Kevin P says:

I got it last August/September, so it hasn’t been that long, and I’ve only used it for work and going shopping, heaviest load it’s had is maybe 6kg. I’ve seen a few reviews on the LL Bean site from people saying they’ve had the same trouble.

Garcia Doyle says:

Just ordered that pack today because of your review thank you very much and it’s not the first time i’ve purchased gear because of you so thanks again. KEEP FIGHTING THE DARKSIDE BROTHER HA HA HA!!!

Rockunstank says:

just bought one-based on this review!

Lee Brewer says:

Nice rucksack. It has some similarity to the Army Alice Pack. I like it, alot. Great review.

Ralph C says:

Agreed. I got this three weeks ago, and I was really worried that the bag would look disproportional to my body, since I’m a college student. But I also frequent gorges and trails near my house in Louisville, and this bag is extremely versatile in terms of being able to look good when carrying large loads and just a couple books. This review is awesome

harry pachina says:

I went to Jurassic Park and this pack saved my life.

cdawson198600 says:

Wow that pack is like a cavern, you just keep pulling gear out. I have a 70l caribee pack and that pack competes with my 70l.

Opal Preston Shirley says:

Great review. That is one nice looking pack and it’s been 50 years since I’ve seen pack straps such as those. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks

Jon says:

awesome tune at the start.

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