Maxpedition Riftcore Backpack Review

Maxpedition Riftcore Backpack
High quality Pack from the AGR Line (Advanced Gear Research)

Maxpedition is well know for over the top quality. With the new AGR (Advanced Gear Research) Line, the Riftcore is a departure from the classic Maxpedition line up with a lot of features that really set this back apart.


Riftcore Backpack Page:

Honor Defense Pistols:

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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I’d tear through that in no time. Their old bags are way better.

randallracer says:

reminds me of the mil-tec 3 day pack. except ive added a number of condor pouches n bags on mine for different uses.

F James says:

Ohhhhh damn, $210?

rdub5000 says:

I have read a couple of reviews (on Amazon) that the straps are slick and the buckles don’t have enough grab. This apparently causes the straps to eventually slip making constant readjustments necessary. Has anyone had these issues? It is why I’m hesitant to buy this pack. Thanks!

Troy Stutsman says:

Watched this to the end and have to say thank you for reinforcing my faith in mankind…!
When you picked up that trash from the stream and flung it off into the brush instead of packing it out
with you, even though it wasn’t yours shows that you’re just like the majority of the people in this world…!
You want to use the land and in your case, make money from it but you can’t be bothered to take a couple
of minutes from your busy schedule to help take care of it…!
Also, really enjoyed how you even took the extra time to look around to see if anyone saw you do it or you
just realized that what you just did was on camera…
It’s obvious that you don’t feel that there was anything wrong with your actions or you would have left it out
of your video…
You sir are a shining example for our young people of what Not to do if they should ever find themselves in
a similar situation…!

Indskab says:

Enjoyable reviews as usual mr. Scootch, its like a tv show to me!

Bigmanbam44 says:

Good stuff but way too much money. I’ll stick with milsurp

It is Lisen says:

hey sootch, carrying ammo in your go-bag (in boxes not mags) good idea bad idea or indifferent? also would you recommend 2 handguns for home defense (if you have multiple people in your home to defend it) or 1 handgun and 1 shotgun?

44 Warlord says:

I am not sure how rugged the “webbing” on the front and side will be.  It sure does not look very strong.  I can not think of why it would need to be that expensive either.  $210 is a bit crazy for a bag, even if it does have the maxpedition name on it.

Roger Rennenger says:

can you fit a ruger 10/22 takedown in the conceal carry compartment i wonder

AJ Usog says:

Good video, but I think I will save up for an arcteryx LEAF khard 60.

Prahlad NatusVincere Kunalan says:

great review as always. What would you recommend? this or the Maxpedition falcon 3? I intend to use it mostly for travel purposes instead of as a Bug out bag.

Matt Klapman says:

correction: no foliage color (I wish). Only black, gray, and tan.

tybeejeffro says:

This would be an outstanding bag for an airgun hunter…that back pouch would be perfect to store a backup carbon fiber bottle, run the line out through the top and down a shoulder strap!

Laura Richards says:

Appreciate ur Advice Thank You

REAL Big Frank says:

*comment after watching the intro*
“Hey sootch, how did the review go?”
“Oh, you know… went to the woods, shot some dudes in the head…”
“Cool, must be an awesome backpack!”


just making a dumb joke there :PPP

tgillies101 says:

Torn between this and the Lithvore, leaning on the Lithvore for its more grey man value plus no need to put a water bottle holder on the side, but not sure on the space of the Lithvore plus missing out on the sunglasses holder.

DutchBikeBlogger says:

Next time a Vanquest bag fot a review ?

Kyle M says:

Where did you get that patch on the inside of the bag ?

Boris Scott says:

Maxpedition bags are built like tanks.

RANKOR788 says:

I used granger waterproofing spray on my Typhon and it’s water proof again 🙂

Chris Lee - UK says:

That English Accent haha 😀

Great pack, usual Maxpedition quality 🙂

kenny cadarett says:

blackhawk!  made for the military by people from the military    real tuff stuff

tgillies101 says:

Only thing lacking is a water bottle holder. Which add on pouch would you reccomend for a bottle?

Robert Crocker says:

Would a full size (not a pistol AR-15) broken down AR-15 fit in the compartment that you had your pistol in?

Tim Piasecki says:

Ive been looking for a solid backpack for camping/general outdoors stuff. Will it hold a 3 liter water bladder? Im trying to decide between this and the camelbak HAWG. Both seem perfect for what i need.

Matthew Armstrong says:

I’m really interested in the Tiburon by maxpedition. I know you have a lot of history dealing with and using different products put out by maxpedition. Have you heard any positives or negatives on that particular bag?

Jordan Adekunle says:

God bless you, this vid is so helpful. i was wondering if you are a bible believing christian and if so what do you think when it comes to taking another humans life from your perspective. thank you and stay blessed.

Troy Stutsman says:

Your opening statement cracked me up…!
“Dear viewer, I see a lot of bags”…
Suggestion, you might want to try raising your gaze up a few feet…

FuwaForestFilms says:

like your G3! 🙂

Knife Nut says:

You said the YKK zippers are self lubricating. Can you please explain how they do that because most of my coats have YKK zippers and I’ve never heard of this before. An employee I talked to at Cabella’s said there’s no such thing as self lubricating zippers when I asked about them and he looked at me like a dumbass.

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