Mission Workshop VX Rucksack review

This is my review of the Mission Workshop VX-Rucksack. This is my new go-to backpack. Its just plain awesome: http://missionworkshop.com/products/advanced_projects/vx-rucksack.php


Alexander Sawyer says:

Super helpful review! Thanks man!

Josh Kerr says:

No, the front pocket doesn’t have enough depth to hold a water bottle. It could hold a water bladder though.

Josh Kerr says:

Wow, thank you. It is a great product and I do love it.

Spectre 1 Alpha says:

Is the one you have the Fitzroy or Sanction? 40L and 20L respectively.

King Koa says:

Hey josh! you’re probably the only person who does such an in-depth review of Mission Workshop’s bags. Because of you, i bought the same exact bag, but in the slate color. If you ever have the time,  please post a review about the Vandal or any other MW bags you ever purchase. For the people who don’t have the convenience of seeing full detail of all MW bags. I had my eyes on the Vandal, if you could please post a review of it, that would be great!

and it was then that she realised says:

That smile alone has sold the bag for me, can tell you really like it. Very sexy bag.

neelshiv says:

How loud is that velcro when you open the bag? I’m considering this bag for a commute to work (eventually a bike/walk commute), but the velcro seems like it could be somewhat annoying to people around me if I have to open and close it a couple of times a day.

KnowYourHistory says:

They have a new version of this that has the arkiv system but costs significantly less. $225 for something called “HT500” which I’m guessing is a cheaper version of the VX.

暇の極み乙女 says:

nice bag!

John Ortuno says:

Nice review Josh

Alfred Lua says:

This is a great review, thanks! You covered every part of the bag in great details.

Henry says:

Thanks for the review! I just ordered mine last night!

jeffdepinda says:

Great review man!! Thanks to you I will be ordering one real soon but I have a question about the white inside of the bag, does it get dirty real easily? And if so.. will it be it easy to clean?? Cheers man

Tony Ma says:

What size is this? 20L or 40L?

YourLostCarKeys says:

Which do you prefer, this bag or your GR1? I’m looking for a high end backpack.

hoosky76 says:

Great review man. I’m thinking of picking up one the Mission Workshop bags. Is this the smallest one they make?

Randy K says:

Great job…I am waiting for mine!

sodoyoulikestuff says:

Hey just wondering if this is the Sanction (smaller size) or the fitzroy?

Broseidon says:

just wondering does water bottle fits in front pocket (Velcro)?

Nathan Corachea says:

I know this comment is late, but is the bag noisy with all that velcro? I want to get one for school, but I don’t want to be opening the bag and disrupting the whole class.

Ryan R says:

thanks for that great review. so detailed and clear

Jimi Benavidez says:

In depth. Very nicely done!

Joseph Villafranca says:

any pens slots in the quick release front pocket?

BuildYourOwnNoise says:

This review is perfection . Or maybe it’s just the bag . 😀

Ricardo Jose Guzman Milanes says:

Thanks for this review!.

jakelowk 55 says:

+Josh Kerr thanks! Just got the sanction from their website!

Henry says:

I’ve had this for about 3 years, still looks like the day I received it. I did like the red buckles they had for one of the special edition VX.

VagueSomething says:

such a clear and brilliant review! you can tell throughout the whole video how stoked you are with it aswell which keeps the whole video flowing. nice one!

KrazyKazu says:

Hi Josh,
Does the bag have a key clip or hook in any of the pockets? I like to have a place to hang my keys so I don’t have to go digging down to the bottom. ‘

Awesome review. Thanks

fer557 says:

Which do you like more, this or GR1?

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