MOLLE II Medium rucksack review

My review of the MOLLE II Medium rucksack. A very robust pack that would be a great choice for a Bug Out Bag or as an everyday pack for back packing.


Andy H says:

This is the best rucksack I was ever issued. When I first came in I had the old olive drab ruck, then the first molle ACU ruck, and then the newest molle multicam ruck. I was also issued the molle medium ruck. It is the easiest to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. It has more room than the Army assault pack but no t so damn big and cumbersome as the full size rucks. It’s perfect for patrols, backpacking, camping, etc. It is also extremely rugged as mentioned in the video. Mine has been through a year of combat in the Afghan mountains. Still holding together.

Josh May says:

yes sir I’ really enjoy your videos I’m a subscriber I have asked you before do you have any clue where I can get a usmc long sleeping bag I would really appreciate it for the help can find alot of regular but not long thanks again sir can’t wait for another vid

Alberto de Lorenzo says:

look comfortable

Dil May says:

Hey when you going to do a mother video love all you others

Solocha823 says:

This looks good but I do like the one in UCP camo

Derrick Gordon says:

Does anyone know of a supplier I can get this Pack from? I tried amazon and the seller is out.

Jeff Mur says:

The fanny butt pack works great on the bottom of pack!

Emmett Reisinger says:

Will the MSS fit in this bag?

mrbakerskatz says:

Nice thorough review , Thanks   Is this the one that has the sleep system carrier ?

grey ghost says:

I replaced the hip belt with the Mille large ruck belt

george melendez says:

Great video i just ordered one.Happy memorial day thank you for your service to our country.

R.A.S. Tactical says:

I love it I want one!

Mythic says:

Fantastic video man! :DDDDD

Rory Pullman says:

Does anyone know how to rig this for jumping?

Anton Kalinin says:

Thanks for the review. I have large rack but this pack seems to be good too. In the US there is so easy to buy this one for a few money. In Russia its a problem, the delivery costs so much ₽

So are you happy? My congratulation, great goods. Good luck

Jeff Mur says:

Happy Holidays! Jeff

Mr Camoron says:

Looks good

ŹÈÚŠ says:

Nice pack. Mine was not cheap. Great gear you sent funky. I send gear to a channel from time to time. cheers!

Richard Crabtree says:

I got the molly ll rucksack… I liked the way u showed the med, u wasn’t in a rush and u did a good job at showing everything. ..

Florida Sniper says:

Excellent review, I was thinking about getting this pack, our review helped me make my mind up, thank you for posting!

hoplite101able says:

K,thanks men I have the acu one and thank you for this very useful vid..

Jimmy Aleman says:

where do i buy

Alpha Charlie Concepts says:

I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while now. Going to have to pull the trigger soon. Good video!

Pack Rabbit says:

Very thorough rundown of the MOLLE II Medium Ruck. Thanks for taking the time to pull this together.

Donald Rearick III says:

Very nice pack. I’m looking for a pack larger than the MOLLE II assault pack, and this looks just about perfect.

Steven Y says:

so are the shoulder straps completely detachable?

Pinshe_Loko says:

this were perfect in Afghanistan. fit everything i needed for a week long mission… but we also took vics soo really cheated on food X)

Park James says:

it looks very cool and durable. like the frame and the hip belt. I think it would be very sturdy to load gears in it. one thing I don’t like about this pack is that it doesn’t have any compression straps whatsoever. how could you compress the load closer to your back? thats one of the basics of backpacking, huh? you can’t fill up your pack to the full all the time. especially when you’re carrying military radioes and ammo, compression ability of the pack will be vital, I think. how do you think, sir? I wanna hear from someone actually using it.

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