My favorite CAMERA BAG for TRAVEL FILMMAKING | Brevite Rucksack

A review and opinions about the Brevite Rucksack camera bag





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DiscoverWithDima says:

that’s dope man great video! I struggle with finding the perfect bag and am always stuck with something I don’t like that isn’t convenient! I might have to pick this one up before my next big travel trip!

Mat The W says:

Hey Cody. Check out amazon for different sized lens cap buckles. They have one that fits the 72mm lens cap. It looks a little funny because of its size, but it works!

Dominic Wilkerson says:

I dislike the removable compartments. Feels like it isnt as sturdy. I have the same type of insert in my Alpha Pro. I like a dedicated bag, like tamrac, but the Langly is more comfortable.


Nice bag i love it so good nice video

freeley says:

Awesome video man! but I can’t decide which backpack from Brevite I like the most, they’re all super good!

Jesse & Nora's Infinite Adventure says:

Dig the fact that this thing can hold a 15 inch laptop. I’m constantly shooting and editing on the go, so this seems like an obvious pick up. I shoot on Sony mirrorless as well and have been looking for an all around bag. Sweet review boss!

Yellow Rose Farm says:

I just won one of these Brevite bags from Chris Hau’s 100k giveaway!

CreateYurs says:

do they ship to the UK? 🙁

테레비2 TeleV2 says:

only wish it had the side access on the opposite side like lowepro transit 350AW.

Jan Hendrik Heller says:

Hi Cody, great review and really nice bag. I assume this was shot with your 18-105mm? Did you switch to the 35mm for the close-ups?

LemoFootball says:

Hi Cody,
I would be so glad if you make a tutorial about how to calibrate your monitor for filmmaking 🙂

Myki Pierre says:

Does a 15.4 inch laptop fit?

Arsenio Cabilao says:

Hi Cody, just saw your videos while i am randomly searching for sony cameras. I really like your works. Spontaneous, honest and the contents are great. I was inspired by yours to make one soon. I am interested to avail one of your luts soon. Since i am a bigginer probably I’ll be using editing software that will not cost me. Hitfilm express to be exact. Let me know if your luts work on this app.

thefamilyof3 says:

Thanks for the review. Is this bag too big to pass for a personal item? Looking for a travel backpack that I can carry my gear close to me in addition to my traditional carry on bag.

Jared Richard says:

Great review and filmed beautifully. I would have appreciated you being upfront in the beginning about having been given the bag by them rather than the end. Transparency is a must with that.

Cody Blue says:

Alright lets hear it – Which bag are you guys currently using?

anthony gan says:

i was thinking about everyday backpack, and find out this suitable for me as well for the price. thanks for doing the review! keep it up!

Brian Daniels says:

Currently using the Brevite Roll-top, love it so far!

Justin LMK says:

I love it! But i need more space inside

Lyndon says:

Great review Cody. Well done. I’m deciding if I want the rucksack or the original. Rucksack looks quite big for a day bag? How do you find the size?

Joswavy says:

Awesome video man! Looks like we both stumbled upon some great backpacks when we most needed them haha. Just got the Brevite Original backpack and also made a video on it and the bag has been treating me so well. Awesome bags for sure .

Nick Phelps says:

Do the waist straps store away in their own pockets when not in use? Or do you just clip it and cinch it close to the bag?

systemo20 says:

frontside access too your f* expensive stuff? Thats not good buddy.

maaruf rafique says:


Lvl9chao says:

Hey Cody, I’m on the edge of buying the Brevite Rucksack. How comfortable is the rucksack, let’s say on a scale 0-10? With it being loaded with a 15inch laptop, camera and 3 lenses, by the way.

It has the features I need but the only thing that’s stopping me is I don’t know if it’s comfortable when it’s loaded. Currently using a Lowepro ProTactic 450AW and boy that thing can be very uncomfortable especially with a 15inch laptop in it. The backpack straps on it is also not padded enough. So I’m looking for a smaller form factor bag with more comfortable backpack straps. Appreciate your input on this.

Trevor Stanley says:

Here is a video using literally all the same exact settings as you! You’re so inspirational man, it would mean a lot if you checked out my video?

Colin Bloodworth says:

It’s a great bag for sure. I remember Sidney saying he loves his as well. I’m ready to upgrade to something a little larger than my current lowepro fastpack. it’s cool that they have a 100 day trial. Great review, bro.

kellyjphotos says:

Amazing, I have been thinking of ordering one of these, but I am stuck between the rucksack and the roll top. Is there any reason you would choose your current rucksack over the roll top? Thank you!!

Aaron Lesieur Outdoors says:

That is a sweet bag. I might have to get rid of my Lowepro 450 tactical and get the Brevite…

Jay Nguyen says:

Im wondering how you bring the gimbal to the place you shoot video? Is there any chance to put a gimbal in this bag?

BladeZX says:

Brevite is what i use. Great choice!

huyy ngo says:

Is there a backpack to fit the zhiyun crane, a6000, and two lens?

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