MY HONEST OPINION on Fjallraven Kanken (REVIEW)


Hello everyone, in today’s video I am reviewing the the fjallraven Kanken backpack. Make sure you thumbs up and always remember, l LOVE YOU GUYS! LET’S GET TO 20K!!!! Comment “backpack ” if you’re reading this!!!

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Yo Panda Gaming says:

You have to pay for the strap protectors.

Hallie L. says:

There’s shoulder pads you can buy for it

cassie wasyluk says:

Can people stop hating on her. Like she didn’t research. Did you not finish the video? She concluded that it wasn’t work 90$. That’s it.

tia poonia says:

The language is Swedish and I think that bags fake because if you go on the official website you cant get that bag with those straps in that yellow colour the nearest colour you can get is seashell orange.

Christian Is here says:

Just trying to help never get your bag from amazon and only on the actual site

Colombiana says:

This is not german. Have a look at google and you easily find out that it is from sweden.

Eliza marks says:

It’s Swedish and you might not have gotten a real one and you might have gottten a mini ( not hating or anything I’m just trying to help)

Faze_ Savage says:

U look grey

Eric Ling says:

Buy a Crumpler… problem solved

jessica reif says:

Oh honey.. it’s a fake:(

Elena Kogodeeva says:

Friendly advice: if you title your video “My opinion on Some Stuff” then stick to the point please! I’m not interested in your favorite color, your choker and all the other babbling and no one is.

lola says:

This backpack is made to last. A real one is 80 dollars, it was made to be perfect, don’t judge, try it out first❤️✨

lilbrierose 23 says:

you should just go to a store of Kanken or just buy it off the website that they have and NOT AMAZON

super luv says:

know your facts before you record this video

kit kat kass says:

i’m really sorry to say this but, i think you got a fake backpack

YoUr FaCe iS fReSh lIkE a SaLaD EnErGy StRoNg says:

How long did it take to come in?

cassie wasyluk says:

Canada = 105$ so what’s you’re complaining??? My brother got it. He’s an idiot (jk) but he doesn’t use it! So I am going to.

Jacklyn Phan says:

amazon sells fake ones

DinaBloggt t says:

Its swedish

Yew Kayin says:

Straight to the point pls

Emma. Shane says:

the backpack is water proof lol i got mine from urban outfitters but the kanken big is A LOT bigger than thre other one and its 110$

ely april says:

The backpacks are waterproof lol

Bri Posey says:


haleybrooke says:


Rin Teen says:

You sayin “cool” is an asmr

Sasha Lennon says:

i own one and i am extremely sorry to say but i am almost 100% sure that you have purchase a fake bag. that doesn’t look like any colour available on the website and i have a kanken and they are a cloth-like material.

Totally Tiwa says:

If u buy it from Amazon it’s cheaper and the same thing *not a knockoff**

Chanelle Reagan says:

I bet she won’t pin this

nikeeweston says:

You have a fake one. Also you’re so fucking ignorant, at least do some research before you make a video. Typical American

Diane Hooker-Roan says:

It is waterproof. If you put water on it, it will just like float on top of it

Julio Eliet Laurent says:

90 dollar backpack is depended on the color that you choose. In my case, y bought one red and it was in 70 dollars, so it depends more on the color.

Kenzie Allen says:


Jacklyn Phan says:

thats a fake one

Corinne Mola says:

Bet she won’t pin this

Emma's Hobby Farm says:

Lol in canada the classic size is $100 im still gonna get it though

Twinkle Sparkle says:

It’s waterproof

tia poonia says:

You have literally done no research. The bag shouldn’t feel like a rain coat it’s not made out of rain coat material. The “laptop pocket” isn’t for your laptop it’s for the seat pad and only for the seat pad because the point of it is to protect your back. The straps you can buy thicker add ons that make the straps more comfortable. A bottle can fit in the side holes you just have to put some stuff in the bag to make the holes go bigger (if the bag is full then the holes will end up being bigger). Also I think you brought a fake one. If you look on the official website the kanken no 2 (the one you brought) does not come in that colour the nearest colour is seashell orange… so I’m pretty sure you got ripped off as well…

Sorry that this sounded a bit mean. I hope this helps.

smol üwü says:

niggers just being dumb as usual

btw. totally not racist, nya : )

Cxsssey says:

It’s now like 50 or 40 dollars now because there having a 50% sale!

glimpseofparadise says:

Buy from the official site.

Sofiia katherine Claeys says:

Iluv the color and stuff and btw dont pin this my insta is @sofie_claeys_

Kiara Mendez says:

Is this the original size or is it a different size?

Ann-Mariel Schiebe says:


Cereza G says:

*_i don’t give a shit I’m spending 70 bucks on a piece of dyed cloth with straps_*

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