My New Tech Bag – eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack Review

Looking for a new Tech Bag? Let’s take a look at the eBags TLS Professional Slim Laptop and why it’s my go to bag for holding a bunch of tech.

The eBags Professional Slim Laptop is available from Amazon and directly from the eBags website: (Amazon US) (Amazon CAN) (eBags Direct) (Amazon UK)

There is also the junior sized version that I would recommend if you don’t need carry as much and have a smaller laptop: (Amazon US) (Amazon CAN) (eBags Direct) (Amazon UK)

Looking for a great Gym/Tech backpack for work? Check out my other backpack review:

FTC: The backpack was provided to me directly by eBags. I solely chose this solution based on what was best for me. All opinions expressed in this video are exclusively my own.

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Clay Kimbro says:

Thank you for your review. This was quality! Well thought out, well written, and extremely visible video. I’m still not sure if I will buy this bag, but I have been considering this for a few months. I’ve been cautious, because I can’t see this in person in a store and you answered so many questions in 4 minutes with quality. Keep it up!

Brian Bradley says:

nicely done, subbing now!

Дмитрий Зрицкий says:

I don’t really want to brea impression of this item but it actually a very low volume travel bag with a lot of outdated features. Yes, you can stuff it up with a laptop, 1-2 binders(1 inch) charger and wallet and some other small gadgets.  I it is also a very heavy, it will add UP TO 8-9 POUNDS (depending on the laptop you have) with over 40% of a bag wight itself . I mean 3 pounds is more than most of the laptop.
YES it has a very good protection for the laptop- a padded roll on the bottom, but that is it. Overall it weights and has a size of a carry on luggage suit case. It will NOT stand up if you put the laptop into any, except the close to the back, compartment. So if you need a backpack that is ONLY for a busines trip and do not need anything like shoes (although the outside dimentions will allow it to have it inside) pair of sox, a shirt and a bath bag then it is for you, for little less than a 100$.
I will not describe all the good things, because all the reviews on the internet done it already.
But it DOES NOT stand up.
Discussion is welcome.
PS: I don’t know how David bend it on 1:45, that seems to be the strongest pro.

keddy sugiarto says:

Is Razer blade pro could fit on Ebags?

James Then says:

What’s your long term thought of this backpack? Is it still your go-to backpack?

Chris McCord says:

Hey David, is this still your go to bag? I’m looking for a great tech/work back and there are so many as you know, this one seems to cover all my needs. Might give it a try.

Jungle Blues says:

My only complaint about this bag is how small the water bottle holder is and how easy bottles can get pushed out of it. I wish there was a bungee fastener or something.

Matt C says:

Pretty cool backpack. Went to check it out on Amazon… Slapped in the face with almost a $300 price! A little too much for a college student xD

Mass Gomez says:

Were did you get that back IT,S SO cool

Simone De Vecchi says:

unstable laptop compartment

Kenji Yagi says:

Is this bag really 3lbs+?! Most laptop backpacks are a little over 1lb. Seems a little heavy, but I guess it’s all that padding?

TheKiman2 says:

This is a GREAT bag review. So many reviews are just unboxing, some never even put anything in the bag or wear them. You covered all bases, including putting real items inside the back, wearing the bag, and pointing out any deficiencies, as well as mentioning an alternative. Very comprehensive and best of all, helpful. Keep it up!

Kwok Cliff says:

very professional review, love it.

JD Perez says:

I like this bag but to expensive maybe later

Chris Sparks says:

Amazing backpack. I just don’t think more than $100 for a backpack is really worth it in my opinion. This is why I always check descriptions of videos to checkout links before I even attempt watching the review lol

elmar stewart says:

zipper noise? really? that’s a bit nit picky dude.

Niccolo G says:

If only the bag had a bigger compartment for books then it would of been a pretty great school backpack.

Comic Jester17 says:

This quality and editing is great! Good job!

Emanuel Oliveira says:

Great review video, seems a great laptop.Will it hold my msi gs70 laptop W:29.5cm x D:3cm x H:42cm ?

XFallenW _ says:

When you see a backpack that can stand, you know you gotta buy it.

Mauro Araujo says:

is this a Bose QC35 that you can fit inside the bag? Do you think that the “Junior” version would be able to accommodate it as well?

airidas juozenas says:

You got my sub

Ren Akamiya says:

Great video!! I loved it and thank you for explaining the pros and cons of this bag. I now know the Junior version will be probably be better for me <3 -Ren

DavidT says:

I actually bought this recently when it was on sale. They actually have a pouch in the laptop section which should help with holding smaller laptops. I guess it’s something they’ve added since this review came out.

Kevin Reyes says:

Is it water proof?

J Biggs says:

Well done. Great video quality that let me clearly see the details of this bag. I learned more on this than others about this bag. Good job!

DasJev says:

What jacket you´re wearing`?

Eyruz says:

Does somebody know if it is water resistant?

runningnosejoe says:

nice voice.

NETVO TV says:

I have Thule crossover 25L, do you think this is a better backpack than mine? And what do you think about the new Thule Subterra backpack series?

Jeff Morgan says:

Nope not putting my MacBook Pro 15″ with that crappy bumper pad at the bottom of this bag. Way too much slop in the laptop pocket!

Lawrence On says:

Do you think the bottom compartment could fit a Sony a6500 + lens?

Nomad Seal 6 says:

Bring a smaller keyboard

Gerardo Galindo says:

This was amazing !!! Very sleek !!!!!

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