No. 7. Camino de Santiago – Which rucksack? Osprey Kyte / Kestrel Review.

There are many different opinions online about the best size and type of rucksack to take on the Camino de Santiago.

I’ve thought about them, decided which one I think is best and made this video in case it helps anyone else.

It includes quite a detailed description of the Osprey Kestrel/Kyte rucksack.


mightyblues7 says:

Perfect just the info I required. Thx

Mojgan says:

thank you so much for this video . I am goinig to santiago after 30 days . but i dont have the bagpack yet . I am not lang 160 cm and a short back i have . so do yu think that an ospray is ganna be a goed one for me ? ospray syrus or Kestrel?? thanks

Cuts And Scrapes says:

I’d love to know – now that you have completed your walk – if you had any follow up on the pack you used? DId you love it? Hate it? What worked? What didn’t? Any chance you’d do a follow up video to this one in the future? Thanks for all your hard work!

Graham Storer says:

Hi there. Love your videos. A suggestion if I may on back packs. I work in a health related field. I think possibly the most important thing about any back pack is professional fitting. Despite my professional knowledge, I take a 160km train trip to Sydney to buy and have my pack fitted by pros at a specialist hiking/camping store. On a recent Camino I came across a number of people struggling with neck, shoulder and back pain – sometimes all. Each person had bought online to save a dollar. I was able to re-fit their packs for them. One British fellow who was shipping his pack ahead each day was able to complete his Camino carrying his pack. Would this be worth a video?

Christopher X says:

Hi Andrew, 11 days to go before C Day and I”m starting to panic. I had a trial loading of all my kit and it’s weighing in at 14.5kg. Admittedly, this will be a winter trek and that necessitates a minimum of kit. One culprit is the rucksack itself: which is an ex-army Bergen: absolutely bombproof but weighing approx 2.8kg. However, replacing this would be a major expense. I’ve been training with a 15.5kg bergen but with only moderate uphill sections, and only for single day walks. I would really appreciate any information you have on this weight issue. Christopher

Carla Skog says:

Hi again! Just finished watching this video for entertainment since we already picked out our packs (Osprey Stratos 36).

That plastic loop thing you asked about at the end—maybe a hiking pole holder…

Ok, bye—C & S

CJonesApple says:

The hell with bananas for scale, I’m switching to bread!

R Berry says:

Great vids..all of them well explained and thought out..thank you

Dan J says:

All of your Camino vids are brilliant. The views and subs are coming, you deserve it.

Pam Czachor says:

I found your illustration to be very informative! I am looking for my rucksack and think maybe the Kyte will do just fine. Still not sure about the size though. I am 5’4, and being an older woman, will be 70 when I do my camino, I’m not sure whether I want the 38 or 48. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks again for your time and your sharing!

kernowrock555 says:

Thank you for a realistic ‘in depth review ..I am definitely going for the 48. I have a little Osprey Talon 18 for a day sack , and it is brilliant” robust ,light, top quality with lots of clever bits. I have subscribed ,as I am looking forward to seeing your Camino video’s .. Cheers!

Heather Compton says:

Hi Andrew, thank you for your utube and the back packs which gave me confidence I recently bought an Osprey Sirrus Women’s 50. previous I had a Deuter but found it heavier in base weight than the Osprey so changed pack brand. it was good to see your description of how the pack works and I picked up on a few little tips and then checked mine! all good. the only think is on the Sirrus 50 is where is the best to carry the walking poles? and it may be that I put them inside the pack? all the best cheers H

S Riddett says:

your videos were all good, but, in this one you added music which made it very difficult to hear what you were saying.

tonycodolo says:

Thanks. Are we going to get a video of your packing list?

Dan J says:

How has the Kestrel been treating you now that you’ve broken it in? Would you have chosen the 38 if you could make the decision again?

stellamo says:

Thank you for the review! I am 6 ft 2, too. And I also decided to take the kestrel 48 for my tour on the camino next year. Btw the straps you are asking for are for fixing the walking sticks or an ice pick on the back.

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