Osprey Cyber Tech Backpack Review

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Here’s a review of the Osprey Cyber backpack, a nice little technical commuter backpack. I think it’s similar to the Incase Icon backpack. It’s like a “gadget backpack.”

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Here’s some more on this backpack from the Osprey website: http://amzn.to/2fU4Omx
The Cyber is a panel-style daypack that provides easy access to your laptop, tablet and everything you need to get through a busy day in town, at school, or at work. Slightly larger than the Pixel with panel loading convenience, the Cyber is an excellent technical commuter pack for those who prefer the balanced carry of a pack to unbalanced messenger bags. Ventilated, soft and comfortable to carry, the NeoSpacer™ shoulder mesh and AirScape™ mesh backpanel keep you dry while you are the move. The front panel pocket includes convenient organization options to keep small items secure, and you’ll find a document sleeve in the main compartment. Inside the zippered front access panel, you’ll find the main compartment has document sleeves to keep you organized. There’s a large zippered organizer pocket to secure smaller items, a scratch-free pocket for eyewear, and a separate padded laptop compartment.  The pack includes the following accessories: A 15” laptop sleeve, a tablet sleeve, and Osprey’s innovative Powerhouse™ cord organizer. There’s also a blinker light attachment point for enhanced visibility in low light.


directordan01 says:

Dude your video is awesome, so many people that try to review bags don’t show all the pockets, thank goodness I found your videos. You also have a great sense of humor, keep at it! And yeah man backpacks have to make me look good!

Pau Bogunya says:

Lets say that I want a daily use backpack (university mainly) but i want it to be useful to pack clothes and stuff for a short (2 or 3 days) trip. Would you go for this osprey or the tom bihn synapse (im still between 19 or 25… i think i’ll go 25). Or if u will recommend me to check any other bag…
Thanks man!!! Awesome reviews!!!

Caleb Berhe says:

just found out about this channel, I guess there is review channel for everything now hehe but fantastic review, keep of the good work 🙂

TheGnarFox says:

You complete my comedy needs. Hands down the most enjoyable review ever known to man!

Kenneth Dean II says:

Informative, entertaining and funny….I like it! Great review man!

Jacob Morton says:

Great and entertainging review. You sold me on this bag, just bought one. Hope you get more than Karma for that 😛 It’s everything I need (going back to school for a M.S degree), plus quality, at a great price. Thanks man!

iamsheep says:

4:48 LMFAO!

Jack O' Lantern says:

This was an entertaining review but unfortunately I got the bag today and I am returning it. The materials as described as spot-on and, yes, the zipper pulls suck ass. The back plastic panel/frame thing is not as rigid as I thought judging from the vid; instead, it’s pretty soft and pliable. Maybe it was just me — fair enough – – but I got the impression that the bag was roomier than it was. It is small and “tight”. You can fit a laptop a scarf and some pocket kleenex :). I tried squeezing in my small lunch bag and few commuter things and I got nervous about how stuff pushed back into laptop area. I really wanted to like this bag for it’s minimalist exterior (not alot of zippers, racing stripes, and other crap that’s supposed to make you think “super-high-tech-nano-mega-awesome”. Ah well, the search goes on.

The Errancy says:

I watched this a month after buying the bag and yes, I bought new zipper pulls for it! Love the bag, looks more professional than most backpacks and has great storage.

Drewan Störe says:

How about a review on the “AlphaOneNiner Recon Nine Evade” urban tactical everyday carry sort of bag? If only for it’s name that I’m sure is illegal in some countries. http://www.alphaoneniner.com/shop/recon-9-evade-backpack

TeeWin says:

Dude, you have problems… I like it. Subscribed.

jraybozy says:

1:14 why you gotta do me like that

cancercell1 says:

This guy is nuts, i love it! Highly entertaining.

payperview714 says:

“Which knife am I going to use to cut open this Amazon box” – lmao…well done.

Temphost says:

The business card holders you mentioned are great for a multitool or a torch etc

Joe Macch says:

I own a few Osprey hiking biking day packs. The water holders are suspect. They need to be longer. They’re too short and your bottles can fall out. Same on this pack. Fix the zipper pulls Osprey. Those two things fixed I would buy it.

Craig Watson says:

Nice and thorough review! Subscribed.

Ethan Ong says:

You know, he reminds me of Jarpi from the Dudesons

highdough says:

I’m glad other people enjoyed the style of this review because to me he was truing WAAAYYYYY too hard. Like a guy who wants to be a comedian but isn’t funny enough. Sorry, but I found it difficult to last through the review because of it.

Dapper McStàche says:

Okay, this is Great! 😛 This manages to be informative, and legitimately hilarious :’ D

Ken P says:

Had fun watching this.

Jason Perez says:

331 butt hurt knife collectors lol

Darlene Hildebrandt says:

hey Chase, looks like they changed the zipper pulls https://www.ospreypacks.com/ca/en/product/cyber-CYBER.html

A Giant Cub 8 it says:

Okay disappointed that there was no air guitar solo, buuut still a big ups and a sub off the vid 😉

C Quick says:

10:32 Review? No Sir. 7:32 of you running your mouth and BS-ing : 2:00 of the bag ! (FAIL!)

If you want to do stand up then do that, if you want to review then do that! Don’t waste people’s time with BS!

Show the bags, show them empty, full, on a person. Give specifics and be specific!

I’m going to buy a bag because Chase said it feels good!, NOPE NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Luke Davis says:

I love this fuckin guy

Firdaus Aziz says:

someone stealing your work bro — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqZ1zMPZKZg

Kino Zomby says:


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