Poler Rucksack Review (Green Camo)

Finally got my Poler Rucksack bag made by Poler! Here’s my unboxing and review.

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BeeeHonest says:

Too bad, 2 bad reviews on Amazon.com.

tekunoloji says:

depends on color, also availability. here’s a black one for $40 ebay[dotcom]/itm/BRAND-NEW-Black-Poler-Rucksack-BONUS-/151078684973?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item232cfdc92d

Again, replace [dotcom] with .com


Mine tore after I put two skateboards on it

jack gonzalez says:

do you have a link for the bag and by the way GREAT reveiw

tekunoloji says:

Sounds good.

Ben Ericson says:

It’s a good bag but they are built kinda cheap. My laptop compartment is falling apart.

Dylan O'Connor says:

They sell a camera insert.

tekunoloji says:

jack, you can find their stuff at polerstuff[dotcom]/products/rucksack-back-pack-gcamo

Just replace the “[dotcom]” with an actual “.com” — YouTube doesn’t allow links in the comments section… 🙁

i recommend buying it from ebay though. much cheaper… just search for “poler rucksack”

jack gonzalez says:

i looked on ebay but it was 60 plus shipping and i found it for 60 with free shipping. ill try polerstuff(dotcom)
. thanks you make some GREAT vids. i will subscribe

Owen Sigal says:

4:14 Your “neekon”

Pmike404 says:

I got one of these from the Mt. Dew Baja or Bust game for free (unless you count all the hours I played the game). But mine must be a newer model the shoulder straps are a lot nicer (the straps themselves look sturdier and so does the stitching where they attack onto the bag. Also on my model the clasps on the sides that hold the side pockets on and the clasps that hold the lid down are made out of aluminum (or some other light metal).

The bag is fairly heavy though but it is made out of some very sturdy canvas material and the stitching is very thick on it as well. I think it is well worth $80 especially when a decent backpack costs $50 and it isn’t built nearly as well as Polar Stuff.

Realistically if you want something to put a camera in get a camera bag. Many cost around $60 they have more pouches to set in additional lenses, most of them have laptop slots, and they use a lot of foam padding to securely hold a camera. I would just get a cheap messenger bag to carry your con swag (if you plan on getting a lot of stuff) and use a nice camera bag to protect your laptop, camera, and accessories.

ab763 says:

this isn’t a camera bag, so stop complaining that its not padded and shit.

tekunoloji says:

My video, I’ll say whatever I want. You may GTFO if you don’t like it. Have a good day.

RadioRats100 says:

Check out skatewarehouse . Com

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