Pro Force Trooper 45 Rucksack Review

Ashley Cawley of NaturalBushcraft reviews the Pro-Force Trooper 45 Rucksack.

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Kingsmanly says:

Hi, it’s the Pro-Force Trooper 45, and is identical to the one in your review in every way except the lack of a cover and waterproof base. It still has the mesh pockets etc. I bought it online from CNF Outdoors. They say they have checked with the manufacturer and that it does not come with a rain cover, so perhaps there are two versions available? I have found one for sale separately though, but it is a bit inconvenient. Nothing I can do about the base, but there it is. Thanks, all the best.

munch2006uk says:

@NaturalBushcraft doe the 25 have a waterproof cover ?

EconoChallenge says:

Excellent review. Worth a look!

peerce5 says:

Keep up the great work guys!

SpartanUruk says:

That is a Fantastic Rucksack!!
Great Review!!

Óscar Ramos says:

The one who eats raw grass is the one who wise is, no doubt.

Alex Jeff says:


Lucian k says:

What do you think about the 25 liter one? Is it big enough for a camp trip?

Kingsmanly says:

Hi, I bought this rucksack on the strength of this review, but mine came with no waterproof base and no waterproof cover built in. Quite disappointing. I guess there are multiple versions? Any recommendations for where to buy this from to get the one that you have? Thanks.

jaygbly says:

ive purchased this bag .. im a newbie ! so this bag isn’t really designed for strapping stuff to the outside of it ? apart from under the hood like camping mat roll and a few clips for carabini on the front ? could i attach extra stuff on using webbing ? what are the straps for at 1.25 ? thanks in advance

MTMith says:

Not trying to be a prick or anything, but why do you need a raincover if the bag is made out of waterproof material? Are the seams not sealed? The side zips aren’t well protected?

soueu2002 says:

hi whar best pro-force or snugpak?


Cubits says:

i’v just ordered the forces version in the same size, will let u know what i think soon. regards, alan

Graeme Murray says:

oh my god , great bag for the money im getting me one of these

Stewart Pirie says:

ihave the 64ltr version of this and its the best bag ive ever had, great vid.
i subbed by the way

DudeNumberOnePlus says:

What about the sideways opening of side pockets, does not look convenient

MTMith says:

@NaturalBushcraft Gotcha. Thanks for the reply!

grim reefa says:

More likely its water resistant instead of waterproof.

hazza1110 says:

The 25 doesn’t have a waterproof

Lucian k says:

@NaturalBushcraft Thank you for the reply 🙂 I’m going camping with my girlfriend who is rather small so the 25 liter one is ment for her. I have a huge 75 liter one and in there is most of the kit.

mussinata says:

Simply excellent job guys… Really impressive the details close-up.
You rock 😉

Albert Head says:

6:15 Yes, that is exactly where you want to put your map so it is readily to hand. (Sigh).

S Johnson says:

Nice. Looks a lot like a waterproof alternative to the Kelty Redwing.

drgonzo1985 says:

With or without the rain cover, this is the one for me.

Frequenz643 says:

thx a lot for the review!

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