Review: 7.5W Solar Rucksack Backpack from Banggood

This nice looking green/brown denim rucksack has a solar panel which delivers more power than its 5W specification would suggest – about 7.5W on a sunny June day.

Link to Solar Rucksack on Banggood:


Dirty Robot says:

Sun powered solar panel as opposed to the water powered solar panel?
JL, All solar panels are powered by the sun i.e. Mr.Sol.

Stephen Vaughan says:

Is the Julian’s reviews channel now dead with everything uploaded to this account? Did you forget your login details Julian – go on, you can tell us, we can keep a secret 😉

Kyôdai Ken says:

The audio of your camera is really AWFUL. It is well overdriven, scratchy and biting.

Deserthunter Mike says:

I went to Banggood, they have up-rated the solar panel to 10 watts….. I was impressed at the price for a 5 watt charger, not for the 10 watt, just because they cheated on the rating, lol…. You keep up the good work, love your post bag…. etc….

CabinDoor says:

Julian, do you think a car battery could fit in this bag?

Justagermannerd says:

nice rucksack , too bad its 65$ wich is way to much , id pay 30 for it at best

rector magnificus says:

+Julian Ilett, excellent video! Did you take a look at Tenerife and Grand Canaria yet? Who needs Malta, Gozo or Camino? It’s next to the Sahara, And there’s allot of sunshine all year round at the bottom of these islands…

John Coops says:

What all the faffing around with using Powerbanks as a load? This application is precisely why you own Electronic Loads.

bkiffter says:

Do the produce holes as well?

VerärgertesSpielen says:

Rucksack is german 😀

Mark Flack says:

My earlier comment has now dissapeared, but I am glad you retested it in good sunlight, 8 watts is about its maximum.

B5 says:

How sensitive is the panel to bending?

Darieee says:

*sigh* now I have to buy that power monitor … I have two shitty ones that have the precision of a broken rock

magnets1000 says:

I don’t see the point in things like this unless you literally spend the entire day out in the sun in the middle of nowhere. Just carrying a moderately sized powerbank (or a few) will be cheaper and more convenient

Adam Welch says:

That looks like a nice bag – I have seen it on banggood but wasn’t sure it could hit its claims. The only issue is that throughout the test the power was quite good but the voltage was out of the USB specification of 4.75-5.25 volts. Might cause trouble with some devices – although power banks are probably best suited for this application and generally are less fussy. Cheers Julian.

2000jago says:

That zip on the side is for running your headphone cable out of the bag and to your head. It can then be zipped up to the top without the items falling out and without needing to access via the main opening.

TheDutyPaid says:

Would it not have been an idea to test the bag vertical, like it would be on someones back?

timemachine194 says:

I actually have a 5W solar backpack for some time now. It proved to be not as convenient as it sounds like.
The supplied 5W panel was broken after 4 days, looks like the connections between the cells got a problem.
I bought another, slightly larger panel, but this wasn`t good too. And I found out why. Putting a panel on a backpack isn`t a good idea for several reasons.

As the backside of the cell is covered and thermally insolated, those panels get incredibly hot. with a flir i could measure 83°C on the hottest spots of the panel. A foldable solar panel just next to it with uncovered back only hit 57°C. You loose a lot of power with temperatures like that. I think that was also the reason that the first panel broke. a lot of thermal expansion and retraction of the glued cells inside.

Second negative point is, that the backpack has to be in full sunlight to collect reasonable mAh. That also means that the backpack itself gets hot and all what`s inside. Not good for powerbanks and mobiles inside connected to the panel.

The third negative point is that it collects very little energy walking around. I used it for 7 days on mallorca island and gained 2Ah total. And that only because I paid attention to always aim it to the sun while resting. Most of the energy was collected in those phases. One sunny day running around 8h without those breaks, just on the back just collected 180mAh.

The other negative point is that now, after about three month of usage, the panel is covered with scratches and marks. You always hit the walls or else with the panel it seems.

I came to the conclusion that a foldable 15€ 6W solar panel is the way better way to harvest solar power backpacking.

christothegreat1 says:

BG wants $65 USD for this. It’s worth $15.

Kew Akl says:

I looked. The Chinglish is out in full glory!

SuperPaperone says:

Wow perfetto! grazie

Gadget Addict says:

I’d assume the back section is for a laptop and the side zip is to have cables passing through, for a powerbank for example. The panel might be 10W but the maximum output of the USB is 5W. This is usually to make sure you can get enough out even in poor sun conditions.

Imre Pólik says:

I always wonder why you bother with solar in the UK 🙂

Peter Smith says:

if it was actually sunny enough to power a solar cell, i would not want to be wearing a backpack. a simple t-shirt would be my go to choice, then go to the pub if you need to plug your phone in to charge it up.

Rubus Roo says:

mine’s a gigawat

Tonkis says:

I’m looking for a good powerbank for the money and a power monitor that is able to measure capacity of a powerbank. What would you recommend?

Google+ SUCKS BALLS - the worst forced social network says:

Shitty bag. Would take whole summer on sun to charge my power bank once.

Appliance Paul says:

greeny brown = olive drab

Adam Cruickshank says:

The colour is khaki

glenwoofit says:

How easy will it break? hit it with a hammer or stand on it and lets see if it will still work. a rucksack needs to be able to withstand abuse or it’s no good

Tim Adams says:

It’d probably put out 15W here in Arizona. Heh

Firecul42 says:

*”Outdoor Camping Solar Backpack Rucksack Travel Charger Pack With 10W Solar Panel”*
“Solar Panel: Sunpower brand cell, High efficiencty
Transfer rate: 22.5%
Power: 5W
Output: 5V”

ProCactus says:

Remember its.. ‘Chinese Watts’

john macrae says:

I look forward to seeing you wearing that when shopping near your Mediterranean Workshop 🙂

Solder Joe says:

Banggood is garbage. They used the backup at Canada post over christmas to just not send the purchased items and completely ignore me for months. How bad are they that Ebay is more trustworthy? Same problems with super late items from Ebay ordered in December arriving in March. I eventually received all of my missing Ebay items. I have written Banggood every week since Christmas without a single response. Banggood has turned into the biggest scam site. Still have yet to receive any of the 3 missing $100 items. I’ve ordered a couple of small things since this problem and they delivered them just fine. Don’t order anything from Banggood that is worth more than .50 cents.

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