RIUT Bag Review | Rucksack Revolution (R10 & R15)

The RIUT R10 and R15 backpacks have an innovative ‘reverse’ zip design – preventing others from opening your bag and keeping your valuables safe. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the RIUT bag (by Sarah Giblin) is due for a worldwide launch in June 2016.

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Kenvin M says:

Why there is no D-Pocket ?

oak4480 says:

Not to diminish the project resp. the product. But I bought such a backpack with anti-theft access in 2004 from Crumpler (German manufacturer), so the idea is not new. Nevertheless it’s inspirational how she managed to market this product. I found three projects on Kickstarter so far, which all claim to have revolutionised the backpack with an anti-theft access. 🙂

Del says:

I don’t want you playing with bags anymore.

itsMido2 says:

You’re so bloody handsome! Just sayin

PC Centric says:

Good video, great shots, nice length, good bag!

Tanish Raina says:


Video Gadgets Journal (VGJFelix) says:

How did you get your channel verified?

Gareth says:

I hope she’s not claiming this as a new idea LOL Ogio have been making bags with zips on the back for years. I have the Ogio Mach 3. Although they are aimed more at motorcyclists for the outer hardshell they are still great for anyone….can be a little pricey though.

nathan cox says:

I fancy Sarah Giblin.

brikwil says:

I loved this idea when you interviewed Sarah over tea, and now I want one! I do not see it on Amazon here in the U.S., so – any advice on how to purchase?

Marcus Bennett says:

This is actually an old idea. I’ve had 2 backpacks from Clive designed for Skaters / Snowboarders. Anyway, the design is identical in that the zip is against your back. And this was designed for action sports so had extremely thick materials that could survive a moderate knife slash, or a severe fall, So I am glad this design is back. I’d comment though that without a lower strap it’s rather amateurish IMHO. Note to RIUT to consider variants with lower strap and pocket.

Corey Dufeal says:

I like it, I would like to buy one but it is too expensive for my pockets.

RAD Tech says:

£70 is a bit much for a bag imo… Good video once again, huge jump from 10,000 to 13,000 in a few days – congrats 😀

fanof eminem says:

Need more Tea & Tech videos

ItsFusion - No Longer Exists says:

Love the design of the rucksack!

The Tech Chap says:

Would you buy a RIUT bag?

Tanish Raina says:

I would probably buy onw

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