Russian military Veshmeshok rucksack review

Taking a look at the Russian/Soviet army backpack that has been a very long serving item in the East.

Also known as vesh-meshok, veschmeshok, vesch myeshok, sidr, sidor, Сидор, Сидр, вещмешок


StopFear says:

Great video. Please keep making them. Apart from the video, I don’t have much respect for these Russian/soviet old type of rucksacks. I’ve seen one and it’s extremely uncomfortable and impractical

Zupprezed says:

where can I buy these joints?

Павел Клейницкий says:

хороший вещмешок найти не проблема,а купить качественный и складского хранения (новый) можно тут кто из беларуси конечно)) качество на высоте

Random Button Pusher says:

Very basic, simple items do seem to have long cultural and practical lives, especially when made of tough materials. Looking forward to your hiking test with it, though I doubt the Russians had any concern for the comfort of their foot soldiers. Then again, the shoulder straps on my Boy Scout canvas haversack back in the 1960s were not any better. Yet it served as my book bag all through college and is still in pretty darn good shape today.

Zoev Nine says:

If you use a clove-hitch instead of an overhand knot to close the pack it rides better and the knot won’t shift with use.
Also Soviet troops frequently put the straps over the bedroll they carried so the back would ride closer to the back.
Great video I really like all of your milsurp reviews!
(When are we going to get a cooking lesson using the Finnish Messkit?)

moin otti says:

Russiche Ausrüstung, einfach, genial, robust. So etwas gutes hatte ich noch nie. Nicht das äußere macht etwas her, aber das einfache , praktische und unverwüstlich ist das reizvolle an der russischen Ausrüstung. Eben nix Problem.
Очень хорошо

Майя Лапис says:

Хорошо сохранился рюкзак, 15 лет! а ткань прочная, хорошая! Хорошей носки вам!:)

Howling Dingo says:

Reminds me of a potato sack…Good vid

Highland Wanderer says:

cool piece of kit,,,

Robertblue65 says:

Great review! Thanks for the info!

Volus_dude says:

onko ihan lekan kärismys säkki.

Puolalainen versio on huomattavasti hauskempi. Sitä voi käyttää peräti futiksen peluuseen :3

Helsinkipop says:

Yes, designed to be produced quickly and by the millions. The Russian army actually abandoned this model between WW1 and WW2 and had more complex rucksacks. But when the true need came this veshmeshok was 10 times as quick to produce and at a fraction of the cost.

Jk Smith says:

Good video – it looks cost effective – what did yours cost?

Micael Kling says:

This was a very interesting “potatosack”, gives me new perspectives on how to do things  😉

GAUROCH2 says:

It has no zippers to jam…I has no buckles to rattle and to break…It is simple and cheap to produce…It is simple to repair in the field…Its purpose is to carry the bare essencials, allowing for extreme mobility of the soldier…The low profile “potato bag” would allow for extremely low profile in a disaster situation…almost a beggar / tramp / refugee pack…even though the man wearing it might be somebody very different and with some “stuff” inside this unconspicuos looking bag.

Zero Shima says:

Bought a Mosin a couple months ago and decided to get one of these just because I could, to carry ammo and tools and what-not. The one thing I need to figure out is how to tie it. Never had much experience tying things.

Helsinkipop says:

Congrats on the Mosin! It’s a decent old rifle. Fortunately several videos on youtube how to tie the veshmeshok.

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