Snugpak Rocket Pak 70 Litre Rucksack Review

In depth review of the 70 litre Snugpak Rocket Pak.


Brian Barnett says:

Thanks, man. Great, thorough look for those of us considering investing in one of our own. Perfect presentation

Grey Scout Tactical. says:

Your editing and presentation is fantastic mate. Nice piece of kit these packs. I have one also and one slightly different. The one different has drain holes I the base. It’s worth pointing out that while these packs are water repellent, should you place a pack on wet ground with drain holes it’ll soak up like a sponge and your kit will be soaked. It’s worth putting anything vulnerable (electricals clothes etc) in separate dry bags within. Great review buddy catch you on the next one ATB

Merkel123456 DAC says:

Love Snugpak!! Thanks for showing!  David

LoveLivingLife says:

I knew your voice sounded familiar . if I’m not mistaken your daughter is girl outdoors yes ???

Woodlands North says:

Very nice pack. I’m looking at one of these. How much weight does it carry comfortably.


I have one , very good bag . I have one problem though , the water bladder part has broken the stitches came away from the elastic bit.

Manny Pein says:

Good job Bushwacker Man very detailed review i like the the pack.

Wright says:

Are there different versions of this backpack? Yours looks slightly different to the rocket pak I’m looking at online right now, I’m hearing mixed things about the quality and not sure if I can only seem to find earlier models?

Oregon Mike H says:

Outstanding Bag, Thank you for the review and bringing it to our attention.
regards, … Mike.

Outdoor World says:

I use the Snugpak 100ltr Bergen as my “Go to” pack, always great quality. Nice video mate

thornwarbler says:

Appreciate your time making this ……..Cheers man

South-West-Wilderness says:

Nice review, It looks exactly what I’m looking for. Atb Glenn.

ketcamaro says:

These packs are 40 liters,not the 70 liter you are claiming

Opal Preston Shirley says:

A great looking pack and a good review. How does the pack do on extended hikes? Thanks.

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