Swedish army LK35 rucksack, a review and the modifications I did to mine.

In this video I will show you the modifications I did my LK35 rucksack.


magicdrshoon says:

Good video! You presented very well. The music got on my wick a bit (maybe make it a bit quieter, or none at all) but overall a great video. I’ve liked and subscribed 🙂

I’ve watched most of MCQs bushcraft videos – he puts a lot of effort in and it shows! I’ve chosen a lot of my kit based on his reviews. My LK35 arrived this morning along with the webbing kit from Military Mart. I didn’t realise the Swedish pouches were smaller! I’m pleased I watched you video before I went to the effort of sewing them on! I’ve got the stainless steel water canteen from Pathfinder so it needs to be able to take it!

Thanks for the vid!

ric cartwright says:

good review and mods makes me want to buy one and try me own mod

OldManGlitch says:

good job

wild nestarond says:

Just finished modifying my lk35 Hazzard outdoors sold me. Love the review Simon. Perhaps you. Will see it if you come for another camp some time buddy.

mack tightwad says:

Cracking film mate and well put over, I dissembled mine ( un stitched it)then got it on a sewing machine to mod it..

British Bushcraft says:

I recently purchased an LK35 and due to this video I have ordered two webbing pouches. I really love your videos I’m not entirely sure why, you just have such a happy personality! ATB

Maurice Raphael says:

Hi Simon. I see we a share a passion for drybags! I have not found a suitable brand for my purposes yet. I bought a 5-set of Aquaquest and two of them popped at the seams while stuffing down clothes. I have another one that i put my tarp in and strap on the outside of my backpack, but that one got punctured by branches or something of that nature.Are you satisfied with yours? Is there a brand you’d recommend? Thanks, take care!

Viper says:

Just subscribed, nice video….keep up the good work mate.

51foxy says:

Well done mate. Just got mine today. Unissued £25 absolutely fantastic.

bob taylor says:

Great video I received my own one this morning. love it I do like the idea of the hip belt and padded strap, thanks for sharing.Peace always

De Veelvraat says:

Does Ray Mears use music in the background all the time? No. If we want to hear music all the time… we will go to a shopping mall. And in any case, only a professional could make it sound right if you use background music all the time. An intro with music is fine (I prefer none) but music all the time? Really?

TheToscanaMan says:

Simon… excellent video. You covered the pack well and did some great modifications to it. Looks like it holds quite a bit of stuff and I like the “clean” layout of it. I am finding as the years go by that I am put off now by the overengineered equipment with excessive bells and whistles. Probably how I ended up getting a Karrimor SF Sabre 45. Simple, solid with less to go wrong in the bush. Thank you for review. Some good kit there too. As far as waterproofing the pack, probably a poncho would be a good way to go. Covers you and the pack. I have a US military poncho (heavy but solid and can be a ground cloth or tarp too) and I also have a Snugpak Patrol Poncho (much lighter and it has sleeves too).

TheSixcell says:

Very enjoyable viewing, subscribed.

Ivan Elias says:

hey bud, great job on your first YouTube video….How can I reach you directly to discuss how I can source the same set up you have?

Woodsman Spirit says:

Hello Simon, this is a great video to start your Youtube Channel with. What part of England are you in? I spent most of my life in Yorkshire before relocating to Canada. Good Luck with your Channel!

Mad Jack Tramper says:

LK35 lol. The more videos of yours I watch the more similarity I see in the way of thinking. It seems things that work, work well universally.
I use the LK35 for spring summer and autumn, but go back to the bigger sabre for winter as It gets down to -30c frequently in winter here so I need more space for the extra claggage. One thing I found was sewing flat webbing strips on the sides of the 35 allows me to fit and remove the utility pouches molle style so I can still use them on the hip belt of the sabre. I do tend to use the 35 late into the winter though as its also great for porting firewood when using the frame only.
Nice video all round and very interesting. Thank you.

Smokey Canopy outdoors says:

Nice mod on your pack.

Miloš Milutinović says:

Nice video man, like your modifications to the pack. I was looking to buy LK35 for some time now, and cant find one in good condition. Do you maybe know where to get it? Appreciate it

Focusontrack says:

Great video. Thanks!

Michael says:

Hi Simon Great first video
I too watched Mike’s vid and reviews of the LK35 I’ve ordered one in Cordura A+ quality and the Swedish webbing pouches. Where did you get the Shoulder straps and waist band, please.

Linda from Idaho says:

Great job with the video and with the pack modifications! The music is a little too loud though. Thanks for a quality video to watch!!

Peter Evans says:

Simon – very good first video. Music selection was great as background music. To echo others I’d say adjust the volume so music is quieter in the background and your voice is slightly louder. You have a really nice presentation style and the review had a nice flow to it (whether that’s your editing or on camera style not sure 🙂 anyway have a great week. Have subbed.

Seamus3051 says:

Thanks for sharing. Interesting modifications, will catalog and keep for future reference.. we all learn from one another, that ‘s the wonder of it. A laudable first attempt, keep them coming. Cheers.

P.H. Rankin Hansen says:

Hi Simon, just a FYI: some viewers, including me, cannot handle speech with background music. Some of the tones in the music you have chosen for this video were especially disturbing. I had to close the video at 0:49, as I was getting a headache.

Please consider not using background music when you are talking.

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