Swiss Army M90 Waterproof Rucksack Quick Look Review

A quick look at the Swiss Army M90 Waterproof Rucksack. Decided to sell this bag after owning it for a few months and thought it would be worth sharing my experiences, both positive and negative, after some use in the woods!


Roots Bushcraft & Survival says:

+Darrens Wildcamping Know exactly what you mean mate lol

Bill Johnson says:

I use the Swiss M90 on my motorbike. It’s a great waterproof bag for the money. My other bag an Ortlieb was almost $100 US. I’m using the Swiss bag more often, plus it was $15 US. Can’t beat it.

eugen jigane says:

hy does the side pocket fit 1l nalgene bottle ?
thank you

Stinky Finn says:

the dangly bits on the shoulder straps are to loop round your belt to help surport the load as far as i can figure and add a bit of adjustment on how the pack rides, also the shoulder padding is a joke , if your thinking of buying one get some add on pads if you plan on carrying more than 5kg for any distance,, the bag its self is great and i would like to fit it on to a frame maybe if i come across one, works well with the plce webbing i find

Lee Stephenson says:

Thanks for review. I got this pack year ago for about $14 & I like it. It lends itself well to adding other rubberized small to medium bags to it for organization, but yes not for much weight for long period of time.

Dale Skidmore says:

Nice pros and cons of the pack. It is not easy to find the perfect pack as there are so many designs out there. I have a Dutch day pack which is very comfortable, but has some limitations due to the compartments inside. Bought a, open inside pack, not quite as comfortable and not too keen on it as it has no internal compartments, lol. Some times you just can’t win. I do need to use it more to make my mind up though.

Александр Тертычный says:

Hello Mr!

Channel on YOUTUBE, I saw Your video about the Military backpack (made in Switzerland). Currently, I am a soldier of the Ukrainian armed forces, unfortunately the material support Ukrainian soldiers who participate in armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia in the Donbas from the Ukrainian government at a very low level, shows You on video army backpack is the dream of a Ukrainian soldier.
Under what conditions, can I buy this army backpack?

Thank you!


Pete McPherson says:

That bag reminds me of a jump bag paratroopers used to strap to their chests to carry the gear they would need once they hit the ground,, the helmet harness and alligator style clips is what gives that expression,, the pack would basically be worn backwards while jumping. Nice rig, I like it a lot.

pascalskydrome says:

Hi! In fact, just for a few correction, for having used it for many years in the swiss army, the rucksack is made to be used with a harness.The hooks are differents and you have much more string to attach it,which is much more comfy that the strap that you have here…it is a pain in the neck to find the correct setting, but once it is made, I walked many Km with that.The one you got weight everything on the shoulder. for our soldiers it  is more on the hips and shoulder.nice review by the way…

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